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ACIP committee approves mRNA vaccines for the childhood schedule 15-0

By Steve Kirsch | October 20, 2022

The ACIP committee voted on Thursday, as predicted, to add the COVID vaccines to the childhood vaccination schedule so that the manufacturers will now get full liability protection for the authorized product forever.

Here’s the Reuters story that was just published:

U.S. CDC advisers approve adding COVID shots to vaccine schedules

The last of the public commenters was cut off because they were talking about Nuremberg. They were asking why do you even have a public comment section because nobody listens to the comments.

The ACIP committee voted 15-0 to approve the mRNA COVID shots for the childhood immunization schedule, just as I and others predicted they would.

See Meryl Nass’s writeup on her prediction which just came true a few minutes ago.

This means several things:

  1. The “emergency” can now end. They needed the emergency to be able to create EUA approval which gave them liability protection as long as the emergency existed. The emergency is no longer needed.
  2. The vaccine makers can now manufacture fully “approved” vaccines and have complete liability protection forever.
  3. The ACIP vote is just a recommendation. The CDC must add it to the schedule, but that’s a slam dunk.

How corrupt are these people? Very corrupt.

These people do not want to see any data that shows the vaccines are not safe.

I tried to ask the Chair of the ACIP committee, Grace Lee, if she wanted to see the Israeli safety data showing the vaccines aren’t safe. She refused to answer my Yes or No question on this important data and called the cops on me (even though I didn’t violate any laws). I have it all on video.

That is the level of corruption we are dealing with here: “scientists” who simply look the other way when asked if they want to see the safety data.

My video erases all doubt that they could be honest. The cop handed her my note so I know she got it. She never responded to the offer. They don’t want to look at any negative data.

This means COVID shots will be required in certain states

The Reuters article contained this statement:

“Adding the COVID-19 vaccine to the recommended childhood immunization schedule does not constitute a requirement that any child receive the vaccine,” said Dr. Nirav Shah, an ACIP member and Director of Maine’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

What Dr. Shah failed to point out is that there are many states which adopt the entire childhood schedule as a requirement to attend public school. So sure, the vote doesn’t force anyone to follow it, but the reality is that it will be mandated in those states that require the entire vaccine schedule. That point was conveniently left out.

See it happen

Meryl Nass live commentary


We all knew this was going to happen. I still don’t know of a single healthy kid who died from COVID. We do know of healthy kids who die from the shot. This is insanity and few members of Congress have the guts to speak out about this.

If you haven’t supported Senator Ron Johnson in the past, this would be a very good time to donate to his campaign. It is imperative he win. Please read this article and make a donation using the link in the article. Thanks!

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Laptop From Hell: Watchdog Says Hunter Biden & Partners Committed 459 Legal Violations

By Ekaterina Blunova – Samizdat – 20.10.2022

Marco Polo, a non-profit founded by former Trump White House aide Garrett Ziegler, has released a 630-page analysis of Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.” The report provides a roadmap for GOP Congress deputies and prosecutors to pursue charges against President Joe Biden’s son and his business partners.

A team of cyber detectives brought together by ex-Trump aide Garrett Ziegler has unveiled a report after a year-long examination of Hunter Biden’s infamous “laptop from hell.”

The Ziegler team claims to have found at least 459 legal violations by the US president’s son and his associates.

The one-gigabyte report reviews the laptop’s emails, videos, calendar items, photographs, phone records, financial documents and more, while presenting a huge number of screenshots. Hunter’s alleged crimes include serving as an agent for foreign entities without disclosing so, tax fraud, falsifying business documents, prostitution, non-consensual pornography, and distribution of narcotics, according to the reports’ authors.

“I’ve been focusing on this for 13 months,” Ziegler told The Daily Wire. “It was really a thing of necessity. I recognized how rich the material was. It requires utter focus.”

The Daily Wire pointed out that “the timing of the report’s release, coming two weeks before the midterm elections, has certain symmetry to the laptop’s initial introduction to the public.” The first bombshell concerning Hunter’s laptop was dropped by the New York Post in October 2020, a few weeks before the elections. However, US social media giants suppressed the story while 51 ex-US intelligence officials denounced the exposure as “Russian disinformation.”

However, a lot has reversed since then: the US mainstream media has admitted that the laptop’s files are authentic, while independent forensic investigators confirmed that all the data belongs to Hunter Biden. For his part, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey acknowledged that censoring the laptop story was a mistake.

Marco Polo, a non-profit formed by Ziegler, stated that a goal of the investigation was to provide US Congress deputies and prosecutors a roadmap to pursue charges. The group has already sent its report to every member of Congress.

It is widely expected that the Republicans will retake the House of Representatives and, possibly, the Senate in the aftermath of the forthcoming November midterms. Earlier, GOP lawmakers signaled that the party will intensify investigations into Hunter Biden, his uncle Jim and his father Joe if it wins a majority in the lower chamber. Meanwhile, some congresspersons pledged to initiate an impeachment procedure against the incumbent president which could become a headache for Joe Biden, especially if the GOP takes the Senate.

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Where Are All the Vaccine Safety Reports the MHRA Promised Us, Ask Doctors and Scientists


The Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART), an expert group of medics, clinicians, scientists and academics, has published an article reminding the U.K. drug regulator, the MHRA, that it initially set out a solid plan of how it would monitor the safety of the Covid vaccines it had approved for emergency use. It asks what happened to that plan and all the vaccine safety reports promised under it.

The article starts by setting out the ways in which the MHRA has fallen short in its duty to regulate the vaccines.

The U.K. drug regulator, the MHRA, did not carry out the toxicity, biodistribution and pharmacokinetics studies that are required of new drugs because of the political pressure to approve. However, nearly two years have passed since then and the MHRA has not set a deadline for the pharmaceutical companies to provide these data. The MHRA allowed the treatments to be presented as vaccines like any other when they are a novel class of agents, never before approved for human use despite the technology being around for decades (mostly because they have been dangerous and ineffective in previous human trials).

The trials should have remained placebo controlled and ongoing for two to five years minimum in order to establish an understanding of their safety. Authorisations were based on two months of safety data in healthy people and the MHRA allowed the pharmaceutical companies to vaccinate the placebo control group such that further safety data could not be collected.

Approvals for children were unethical when the trial data did not show evidence of a benefit from the drug to the children themselves when there was already good evidence of short term safety issues and when long term safety data was inevitably unavailable. Approving for younger children after the arrival of Omicron was even less defensible.

The MHRA failed to notice that the total mortality in the trial was higher in the vaccination group than the placebo group, showing no evidence of an overall mortality benefit, and the serious adverse reactions were much higher in the vaccination group such that one in 800 participants were hospitalised for a non-Covid condition, which far outweighed the small reduction in Covid hospitalisations.

Dame June Raine, the head of the U.K. drug regulator the MHRA, appeared to take a unilateral decision to change its role. She said “the Covid pandemic has catalysed the transformation of the regulator from a watchdog to an enabler.”

The regulator receives 86% of its funding from industry fees. In 2005, the House of Commons’ health committee expressed concerns regarding the U.K. drug regulator that pharmaceutical funding could lead the agency to “lose sight of the need to protect and promote public health above all else as it seeks to win fee income from the companies”. Do we want a regulator which sees itself as an enabler of pharmaceutical companies?

At the outset, the MHRA set out an excellent plan for safety monitoring of the Covid vaccines which was required because of the minimal safety data from trials and the planned extensive rollout. It described this as a four part system of “proactive vigilance… to rapidly detect, confirm, characterise and quantify any new risks that were not detected in clinical trials”.

The four parts were:

1. Have doctors report concerns to the Yellow Card system
2. Actively analyse GP data on a weekly basis to look for increases in any suspected condition
3. Proactively survey to follow up a sample of people after vaccination
4. Academic studies of large medical databases

The only publications from the MHRA in the last two years on safety have been the Yellow Card reports and even these do not divulge the number of people affected or the seriousness of the reports.

Where are these weekly analyses of GP data, proactive surveys of the vaccinated and academic studies of large medical databases? We’re approaching two years into the rollout – where are all these promised reports? And why is no one apart from HART and a smattering of others asking these questions?

Worth reading in full.

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Spike Protein Triggers Coronary Plaque Destabilization and Thrombosis

By Dr. Peter McCullough & John Leake | Courageous Discourse | October 20, 2022

As a cardiologist, I have received many reports of cardiovascular events (unstable angina, myocardial infarction) occurring after COVID-19 vaccination. Each vignette is different from an explosive fatal heart attack to rapid progression of coronary disease and the need for stenting or bypass surgery. A study by Gundy, who measured multiple biomarkers before and after vaccination was presented as an abstract at the American Heart Association; it predicted heart attacks would happen with COVID-19 vaccination based upon indicators that atherosclerotic plaque within coronary arteries would destabilize with circulatory Spike protein and cytokines.[i] This inflammatory milieu in combination with the thrombogenic nature of the Spike protein is a recipe for fatal and nonfatal heart attacks in patients with existing coronary disease.

This is different from myocarditis which is direct heart inflammation that can occur in younger people with normal coronary arteries. To the casual observer if a man over age 50 years drops dead a few weeks or a few months after a COVID-19 vaccine, it is possible the mechanism of death may have been a fatal myocardial infarction and thrombotic blockage of a coronary artery to heart muscle as depicted in the figure. The only way to tell if the cause of death was coronary heart disease or myocarditis would be to obtain a limited autopsy. Baronti et al reported on four fatal myocardial infarction cases occurring shortly after COVID-19 vaccination.[ii] All of the patients underwent autopsies and were found to have predisposing factors to blood clots. Patients with prior heart attacks, stents, and bypass surgery are at unacceptably high risk for progression of disease after COVID-19 vaccination and despite the fearful fervor of their cardiologists, they should respectfully decline the shots to keep their cardiovascular system safe. COVID-19 is always treatable and so many heart patients have already had the illness so the next episode will be characteristically mild. Because SARS-CoV-2 respiratory illness can trigger cardiovascular events in the months after hospitalization, recovering patients should consider themselves at equal risk to those who have taken the vaccine and report new heart symptoms to their cardiologist.[iii] Probably the highest risk patients are those who have had severe COVID-19 and have taken multiple injections either before or after the respiratory infection. In these cases, multiply loading the body with long-lasting Spike protein is highly likely to be an ongoing danger to the cardiovascular system and the only way to navigate out of the storm is to decline any further injections and let the body slowly recover.

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Ukrainians Used Electric Shock Torture on Captive Russian Soldiers – Eyewitnesses

Samizdat – 20.10.2022

DONETSK – Ukrainian security forces electrocuted, starved and beat Russian prisoners of war with hammers, two eyewitnesses told Sputnik.

Vladislav Yegilnitsky, a member of the Donetsk People’s Republic armed forces who survived Ukrainian captivity, said Ukrainians routinely beat and maimed detainees at a prison dubbed the Gym.

“They used torture. Their favorite tool was a hammer. They slammed fingers with a hammer and used electric current,” the soldier said.

Mikhail Yanko, a soldier with the Lugansk People’s Republic armed forces, confirmed to Sputnik that he too had seen Ukrainians torture prisoners at the Gym. He said a prisoner’s ration consisted of a piece of bread no bigger than a matchbox.

Captives were held in an unheated room, Yegilnitsky said. They sat huddled under rugs and were called up to a nearby room where they were tortured.

“This went on week after week. They were called up one by one to the adjacent room from where screaming was heard all the time,” he said.

Russian nationals had it the worst, Yegilnitsky added. He said the Ukrainian security agency SBU interrogated Russian soldiers.

“They were treated differently at different stages but, as far as I know, they were always treated very badly… As to the Gym, they said they had nothing else to fear because it was plain hell,” he said.

A UN Human Rights Council commission of inquiry on Ukraine considers both sides of the conflict to be responsible for violations of the international humanitarian law. In several cases, it said, Ukrainian armed forces shot, wounded, tortured and executed Russian prisoners of war, which they consider to be war crimes.

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AOL Reviews and Accepts “Israel Killed JFK” Comment

Then Re-Reviews and Rejects It Four Hours Later


Earlier today, NBC News published a surprisingly fair and informative JFK assassination story. Headlined “‘What are they hiding?’: Group sues Biden and National Archives over JFK assassination records,” Mark Caputo’s piece details the Mary Ferrell Foundation’s lawsuit demanding that the federal government comply with the JFK Records Act and release the 16,000 records that, by law, it was required to release back in 2017.

Since the headline asked “what are they hiding?” I was happy to answer the question in a succinct comment:

Israel killed JFK, using its CIA assets like James Angleton and mob assets like Meyer Lansky, to eliminate an obstacle to its nuclear weapons program, and put its man LBJ in the White House in preparation for the 1967 land grab. Free online book:

I was not surprised when my post didn’t immediately go through, but instead elicited a warning: “Sure about this? Your post is more likely to get published if you keep the conversation civil.” My post was perfectly civil, so I clicked on “post anyway” which elicited “your comment is under review.” About an hour later, I received an email stating that the post had been approved. It appeared beneath the article, garnered a couple of “likes”—and then was taken down shortly before 8 pm. (See screenshot at the top of this article.)

I am reasonably certain that if I had blamed the JFK assassination on Oswald, Ruby, the CIA, the mob, fascists, militarists, the military-industrial complex, Russia, Cuba, French intelligence, Oliver Stone, aliens, or the man in the moon, AOL would not have seen anything less than civil in my comment. But blaming the nation whose intelligence services actually did it is taboo. Why is that? Who made those rules? Who enforces them?

As the headline says: What are they hiding?

Obviously the people who killed both Kennedys (and did 9/11) couldn’t have executed either coup d’état without controlling the media. So ask yourself: What group controls the media to the extent that you can’t even post a comment casting aspersions on their favorite nation?

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UAVs Used in Ukraine Are Manufactured in Russia, West Inventing Fake Pretext – Polyanskiy

Samizdat – 20.10.2022

Drones being used by Russian military forces in Ukraine are wholly manufactured in Russia, Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyanskiy stressed to reporters after allegations surfaced that Iran was providing UAVs to Moscow.

“UAV used by the Russian army in Ukraine are manufactured in Russia,” Polyanskiy said on Wednesday, adding that Western officials are inventing artificial pretext.

The official further added that the United Nations Secretariat does not have a legal mandate to conduct an investigation into the alleged use of Iranian-made drones in Ukraine.

“[The UN Secretariat] has no mandates to investigate anything regarding the UN Security Council resolution 2231,” Polyanskiy said. “Its role as enshrined within note of the Security Council President 2016/44 16 January 2016 is purely technical – to prepare meeting rooms, circulated communications.”

The comments come after the EU spokesperson Nabila Massrali revealed that the block had collected evidence allegedly proving that Iran had supplied Moscow with drones for its ongoing special military operation.

Iran has repeatedly rejected the accusations. Earlier, Iranian UN envoy Saeed Iravani blasted the “disappointing” claims as disinformation being pushed as part of a political agenda.

“We categorically reject the unfounded and unsubstantiated claims that Iran has transferred UAVs for the use in the conflict in Ukraine,” Iravani said on Wednesday.

Allegations regarding the drones first surfaced in July, when they were voiced by US national security adviser Jake Sullivan. The US State Department has since stated that it intends to use sanctions to prevent the transfer of such “dangerous weapons.”

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