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AOL Reviews and Accepts “Israel Killed JFK” Comment

Then Re-Reviews and Rejects It Four Hours Later


Earlier today, NBC News published a surprisingly fair and informative JFK assassination story. Headlined “‘What are they hiding?’: Group sues Biden and National Archives over JFK assassination records,” Mark Caputo’s piece details the Mary Ferrell Foundation’s lawsuit demanding that the federal government comply with the JFK Records Act and release the 16,000 records that, by law, it was required to release back in 2017.

Since the headline asked “what are they hiding?” I was happy to answer the question in a succinct comment:

Israel killed JFK, using its CIA assets like James Angleton and mob assets like Meyer Lansky, to eliminate an obstacle to its nuclear weapons program, and put its man LBJ in the White House in preparation for the 1967 land grab. Free online book:

I was not surprised when my post didn’t immediately go through, but instead elicited a warning: “Sure about this? Your post is more likely to get published if you keep the conversation civil.” My post was perfectly civil, so I clicked on “post anyway” which elicited “your comment is under review.” About an hour later, I received an email stating that the post had been approved. It appeared beneath the article, garnered a couple of “likes”—and then was taken down shortly before 8 pm. (See screenshot at the top of this article.)

I am reasonably certain that if I had blamed the JFK assassination on Oswald, Ruby, the CIA, the mob, fascists, militarists, the military-industrial complex, Russia, Cuba, French intelligence, Oliver Stone, aliens, or the man in the moon, AOL would not have seen anything less than civil in my comment. But blaming the nation whose intelligence services actually did it is taboo. Why is that? Who made those rules? Who enforces them?

As the headline says: What are they hiding?

Obviously the people who killed both Kennedys (and did 9/11) couldn’t have executed either coup d’état without controlling the media. So ask yourself: What group controls the media to the extent that you can’t even post a comment casting aspersions on their favorite nation?

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  1. Agreement and appreciation: Israel was, at the very least, a participant in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The evidence is so overwhelming, so much more than ‘circumstantial’, that it can not be denied. Or, in the case of Israel and its stance on nuclear weapons, “No comment.”

    The no comment will not end the revelations which continue to reveal the Israeli participation.

    How clear, then, that Israel forms a part of the American government, if the American government conceals information about this, about the involvement in the attack on the World Trade Center. On and on. At the time the attack on the American navy ship, the USSLiberty, the survivors were threatened with court marshal, and worse, were they to even question what happened and why the attack had no help from the American military. On and on.

    The point? How clear that Israeli forms a part of the American government. And the American people, by their tax-paid money, is used to finance acts such as those cited above.

    What awaits America, to be brought about, to instigate in the middle east or elsewhere? An example might very well be, that when Israel begins to produce oil and gas to sell, from captured Iraqi land–the Golan Heights–or off shore, through the connections of the Israeli Genie and Gas Company, that American oil companies will be part of it, and thus in collusion to make war to ‘guard’ American ‘vital interests’.

    Want to see your fellow citizens in uniform, in the military, used by Israel to protects its interests? That plan is in effect.

    Treason? By traitors to America? How else to regard any or all of this?

    Israel is not an ally to America. It is the opposite.

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    Comment by michael | October 20, 2022 | Reply

  2. “Israel is not an ally to America. It is the opposite”.

    You keep repeating that, and, of course, you are right. Larry Silverstein actually admitted that He, and the NYFD “Pulled” building 7, and he was never put on trial to explain it. He walks around free today, no problem.
    He admitted he was involved in “9/11” and is free as a bird.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | October 20, 2022 | Reply

    • The NYFD have since clarified that They have NO Controlled Demolition expertise, which leaves Larry looking particularly guilty….But, he’s free as a bird on the wing. What an amazing Legal System the USA has????


      Comment by brianharryaustralia | October 20, 2022 | Reply

  3. and also james forrestal fdr former secretary of navy in the naval hospital of bethesda


    Comment by amenhotep | October 21, 2022 | Reply

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