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Saskatchewan drafting legislation to protect economic autonomy

By Jorgen Soby | The Counter Signal | October 12, 2022

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has begun drafting Alberta-style Sovereignty Act legislation.

Moe says it’s time to defend and assert Saskatchewan’s economic autonomy by “drawing the line.” He wants to take several steps, including introducing provincial legislation to clarify and protect Saskatchewan’s constitutional rights.

The proposal would give the province exclusive use over their resources like electricity and any emissions associated with fertilizer, oil and gas.

Like all provinces, Saskatchewan has exclusive areas of jurisdiction under the Constitution, but Moe’s government is accusing the Trudeau Liberals of infringement.

“Saskatchewan is taking action to unlock our economic potential and defend Saskatchewan’s economy, families and jobs from federal intrusion that could cost our province as much as $111 billion by 2035,” Moe wrote on Twitter.

According to the Saskatchewan government, new climate change policies could cost the province over $110 billion within the next thirteen years.

The Alberta government called proposed federal environmental laws a “Trojan Horse.”

Chief of Justice Catherine Fraser, who spent 30 years serving as the Chief of Justice for Alberta, described the proposal as an unconstitutional legislative scheme. Fraser retired shortly after providing her statement.

Saskatchewan’s SaskPower says the Canadian federal government proposed Clean Electricity Standard is not achievable.

While the Canadian government has debated additional energy costs, many EU countries face an ongoing energy sector supply crisis. Some people in Scotland have been burning their energy bills to protest aggressive energy price increases. Law enforcement in France has been refusing gas station access to some citizens.

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  1. “Like all provinces, Saskatchewan has exclusive areas of jurisdiction under the Constitution, but Moe’s government is accusing the Trudeau Liberals of infringement”.

    From the other side of the Planet, It may be a great idea for Canadians to “Boot Trudeau’s Ass” OUT, come the next election…….”Pretty Boy” Trudeau seems to have well and truly, ‘run his race’…….


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | October 12, 2022 | Reply

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