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Pfizer will Charge Two Billion Dollars per Pound of Covid mRNA Nanoparticles

This is a 12,370% Markup

By Igor Chudov | October 23, 2022

We all know that Pfizer likes to “move at the speed of science”.

Nowhere is the “speed of science” more pronounced, than in raising prices for its products. Pfizer used to charge its only customer in the United States — the Federal Government – $19.50 per dose.

Now Pfizer decided to diversify and sell its Covid vaccine through health insurance companies. It plans to charge $130 per dose. Mind you, each dose costs $1.18 to produce.

The business plan here, of course, is to keep as many vaccine mandates as possible and have health insurers cover the cost of increasingly frequent vaccinations, child vaccinations etc.

For example, right now the CDC recommends getting the bivalent booster two months after a previous booster.

People ages 12 years and older: A 2-dose primary series and 1 bivalent mRNA booster dose (Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech) is recommended. The primary series doses are separated by 3–8 weeks and the bivalent mRNA booster dose is administered at least 2 months after completion of the primary series (for people who have not received any booster doses), or at least 2 months after the last monovalent booster dose.

If you think that two months is too frequent, consider that CDC’s Rochelle Walensky was bivalent-boosted only a MONTH ago, and is now suffering from Covid — the same variant she was boosted for. Ms. Walensky is, of course, vaxxed to the max and is thankful for all the shots she received:

The Price

Most of each dose of Pfizer’s “Covid vaccine” is cheap stuff like water, polyethylene glycol, and other chemicals. The actual active ingredient is the mRNA nanoparticles, and those are given at 30 micrograms per dose.

Do the math:

Price Per gram = 130/.000030 = $4,333,333

So Pfizer is selling us their gene juice for over $4,333,333 per gram.

A pound (454 grams) of Pfizer’s mRNA nanoparticles would cost TWO BILLION DOLLARS.

The cost of making that two-billion-dollar pound of mRNA juice is under one percent of the price.

A pretty good deal for Pfizer, right?

Thank God I have a free immune system!

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