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More “sudden heart attacks” … with a “climate change” twist

By Kit Knightly | OffGuardian | November 15, 2022

Anyone following the news cycle since the Covid “vaccines” rolled out has seen a simply remarkable uptick in the number of things that can reportedly cause sudden strokes or heart attacks.

Cold weather, hot weather, depression, various food, long covid AND short covid, new magical chemicals just found in the atmosphere“post-pandemic stress disorder”undiagnosed aortic stenosis and expensive electricity.

That’s not even an exhaustive list, it just goes on and on and on.

… and now we can add pollution to the rogues gallery, according to this piece from Science Alert, which headlines:

Tiny Particles in The Air May Trigger Sudden Heart Attacks, Study Suggests

On a similar theme, the Daily Mail headlined yesterday:

America’s growing wildfire crisis could lead to a wave of heart attacks, lung disease and cancer diagnoses years down the line, scientists warn

Now, we don’t need to break down these articles piece by piece, it’s perfectly apparent what’s happening here.

The Covid vaccines are either causing more heart attacks, or the people in charge are aware they might, and are prepping fall-back stories accordingly.

We predicted that would be an ongoing story this year back in January, and they haven’t disappointed.

The new wrinkle here is working pollution and wildfires into the narrative, and associating heart attack risk with environmentalism and climate change.

This provides fuel for the metamorphosis of “climate change” from an environmental issue into a public health issue, allowing them to talk about it the same way they talk about “Covid”, and perhaps treat it the same way too (climate lockdowns etc.)

This is classic narrative braiding, the practice of intertwining two separate propaganda narratives together so they reinforce each other.

I coined the term, just this moment, but it’s the perfect metaphor.

It’s beautifully efficient, really. The vaccine-associated heart attacks provide evidence that “climate change” is a public health problem, while “climate change” can be used to conceal the vaccine-associated heart attacks.

Covering up something they caused with something they invented, and propping up something they invented with something they caused.

Clever in theory, but rather transparent in practice.

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  1. I’m no chemist or meteorologist, but the link claims that this “new” chemical morphs into aerosol which we breathe in. It also claims these aerosols reflect the sun and form clouds.
    Well isn’t that strange. Right about the time they began spraying the skies, about 25-30 years ago, they also removed aerosols from the products we used, like hair spray. And its also strange that the testing of Aluminum was stopped when it reached human trials.
    It is a fact that nano-particle aluminum is found accumulated in the brain of Alzheimer deaths. It is a fact that GMO crops have been designed to resist Aluminum. It is a fact that Aluminum, Barium and Strontium are discovered in high concentrations in snow pack and soil.
    Do you think all this horseshit and lies has anything to do with all those “persistent contrails”?


    Comment by raggs12 | November 15, 2022 | Reply

  2. I disagree with you. These new claims about covid deaths due to climate change stimuli are not even a clever new argument, except for the village idiots of every village. I know that some folks will believe and fall for any ridiculous argument or offer, as is manifested by all the calls I get each day from punks who allegedly work for Social Security Administration, the IRS, Expedia, and all sorts of “credit debt relief” organizations who want me to walk away from my credit card debts. They continue in business because they apparently find suckers that believe them. And the tragedy is that no amount of reasoning, no amount of evidence, no amount of pain will pry open their tightly shut eyes.


    Comment by Peter | November 15, 2022 | Reply

  3. All of these infantile explanations for the increase in heart disease and heart attacks post ‘covid’ vaccination are prefaced by the words ‘may, might, could be, etc’, indicating that the proponents of such rubbish are just making it up, preparing, as Kit says, a fall-back story.

    But, instead of accepting each fairy tale meekly, or without comment, we should be ridiculing each and every nonsensical utterance – especially the person or organisation that makes them. What is needed is a book containing the hundred (or thousand) most ridiculous, non-scientific explanations for medical events and natural phenomena. Humour is the best antidote for pompous arrogance and idiocy.


    Comment by Bill Francis | November 16, 2022 | Reply

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