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Melting ice brings Chinese threat closer, warns Armed Forces chief

By Paul Homewood | Not A Lot Of People Know That | December 15, 2022


Melting ice caps will enable China’s military forces to “reach into the Atlantic”, the Chief of the Defence Staff has warned.

At an address on Wednesday, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin urged people to consider what effect climate change would have on the security of the nation.

In his annual Royal United Services Institute address, Sir Tony said: “We also need to consider the melting of the ice caps in the coming decades, which will: unleash a difficult new competition for minerals and resources; halve the time it takes for shipping to travel between Asia and Europe; and surely China’s military forces will start to reach into the Atlantic?”

The High North becoming more open and accessible due to melting ice caps has been worrying military figures for some time.

As the former first sea lord, Sir Tony previously warned that, as the transit time between Europe and Asia inevitably shortens, so too can the West expect to see China sailing its “growing navy” through the shorter route.

Chinese ships may be able to sail through the Northeast Passage for a couple of weeks weeks in summer, but would have a job getting back home again through two meter ice:

In fact this year the Passage was still blocked as late as mid August, and was blocked again by October.

And none of this is going to change for one very good reason. By autumn the sun in the Arctic is already going down over the horizon. And without the sun, the sea quickly refreezes.

It is absurd to believe that China or any other country would send its navy out into the Arctic Ocean in these circumstances.

Which leads to the question why Tony Radakin is making a fool of himself. The only conclusion I can come to is that he is under orders to play the climate card, so as to scare the public.

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  1. “Which leads to the question why Tony Radakin is making a fool of himself. The only conclusion I can come to is that he is under orders to play the climate card, so as to scare the public”.

    Just look at the scare campaign behind the “Covid Pandemic” Total, Full on, scary headlines, every day for 2 1/2 years.

    Keeping “The People” scared, is one of the highest priorities of any government…..First you scare them, and then you offer them the solution, (which you had previously prepared).

    Americans, and the rest of us, CANNOT trust our very powerful MEDIA Oligarchs (particularly, the “Evil American”, Rupert Merde-Och.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | December 16, 2022 | Reply

  2. There are many climate scientists who debunk the hoax that we have an imminent crisis on our hands, with the polar caps melting and polar bears about to block traffic in Los Angeles. But the globalists keep milking this hoax because the masses buy it, just as they bought into the covid hoax, and are using it to tighten the control over mankind. In a way I can’t really blame the globalists for looking down on the rest of us and believing that they are a superior group of humanity who need to reduce population and subject everyone to their will. We give them that vision and the power to manipulate us through our passivity and lack of interest in our own future. So, when it has all been completed, we will have earned it.


    Comment by Peter | December 16, 2022 | Reply

    • BE wary when politician(s) are trying to scare you…….First they scare you, and then they ‘ferk’ you.


      Comment by brianharryaustralia | December 16, 2022 | Reply

      • Well, they have been “ferking” us for many decades, before they kicked the scare tactics into high gear. I don’t worry about politicians, Schwab, Gates, Harari and such. I worry about the sheeple that just go about their business as if nothing threatening is on the horizon. They are the ones who got royally “ferked” and still don’t know it, and have caused the rest of us to get “ferked” by proxy.

        Liked by 1 person

        Comment by Peter | December 16, 2022 | Reply

        • Good word, ‘ferked’……so meaningful, but not offensive…..


          Comment by brianharryaustralia | December 16, 2022 | Reply

  3. Climate change is nothing more than the globalist recouping the cost of purchasing the weather modification technology developed by the US military contractors who own the patents. Climate change is the excuse used to explain the effects of weather modification being used to melt the ice. The poles are rich in minerals


    Comment by raggs12 | December 16, 2022 | Reply

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