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Will Republicans investigate ‘Died Suddenly’?

By Daniel Horowitz – conservative review – December 6, 2022

It’s the 800-pound gorilla in the room and the shot not heard ’round the world: “Died suddenly.” The safety signals from the COVID shots are light-years past the point of no return. Until now, despite the CDC’s own VAERS and V-Safe data, over 2,500 case studies, over 1,000 peer-reviewed studies on vaccine injury, and endless safety signals on excess deaths and disability coinciding with the take-up of the vaccines, nobody in power had interest in investigating it. Will that change with a GOP-controlled House or in any of the numerous GOP-controlled state legislatures?

Our government has promoted and continues to promote these shots and the technology being built from them like nothing our government has ever promoted before. But name the Republican who wants to investigate it? Sure, Senator Ron Johnson, the lone ranger, is interested, but he is in the minority. What about the House majority under Kevin McCarthy? Most assuredly, there are numerous existential crises that require investigation and oversight, but “died suddenly” and the implication of millions of deaths and injuries from a product that continues to enjoy more support and immunity than anything in human history should rank at the top of that list.

According to an analysis of all-cause mortality of over 1 billion people in India, there was barely any excess mortality in 2020 before the vaccines. The mortality then exploded by over 300% in the spring of 2021, according to the analysis published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

This excess mortality coincides almost perfectly with the vaccine take-up period by age in the country:

The typical response will be to assert that this is because COVID got much worse in 2021. But if that is the case, and the shots are so effective against critical illness (and are safe), then why would mortality worsen precisely after the most vulnerable got this amazing protection? The problem is that this trend is noticeable almost everywhere in the world.

Take Vermont, for example. It’s the highest-vaccinated state in the nation, yet all-cause deaths rose in 2021 and then dramatically in 2022, when COVID was already an afterthought.

The same researcher (more about his data, including excess cancers in Vermont, here) who analyzed the death certificate data from Vermont over the past few years found an explosion of organ failure deaths in Vermont in 2022.

But not only are the signals for vaccine injury deaths blaring, but even the COVID deaths exploded. Although it’s hard to determine authentic COVID deaths because of government misinformation, here is a presentation of the death certificate data in Vermont among those who died of both COVID and pneumonia. That is probably the best proxy for an authentic COVID death, because someone who died incidentally of COVID usually would not have pneumonia, which was the main cause of death for COVID. You will immediately notice how deaths were much worse in 2021 and 2022 than in 2020.

Notice how the COVID+pneumonia deaths really took off in Aug.-Sept. 2021, when nearly everyone in the state was vaccinated? And it’s still tracking high even in 2022, with very mild COVID variants. What’s worse is that the oldest age cohort, by far, is doing worse than ever now in 2022 – with the mildest variants and likely after the most shots.

Already as of Sept. 19, 2021, according to the Vermont Department of Health, over 90% of those over 65 and over 80% of those over 31were vaccinated. There is nowhere to run or hide from this myth of vaccine efficacy even against death and critical illness. In reality, we see negative efficacy. Already in March 2022, Vermont had the highest booster rate, so how could the most boosted population experience its worst COVID pneumonia mortality after that point? Or is it precisely because of the vaccines that people are experiencing immune suppression and immune imprinting? As one analyst has shown, this inverse relationship seems to be global:


To quote Polish researchers, “Though mRNA vaccines … have been administered in billions of doses, we know incredibly little about how mRNA vaccines are metabolized in vivo.” Kathrin Jansen, the retired head of research and development at Pfizer, recently observed, “We flew the aeroplane while we were still building it.”

How is it that even with this acknowledgment, our government continues to promote and even mandate the shots in some circumstances? Pfizer just submitted an application for emergency use authorization for its booster shots for babies under 5! Undoubtedly, the company will get its approval. Will McCarthy promise to block that approval in the budget bill? Opposing mandates, while important, is no longer enough. This poison needs to be banned, its victims need to be compensated, and its makers and promoters need to be held accountable.

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  1. I totally agree. After getting two Moderna in March, April, 2021, in August I became ill with a respiratory infection that tested negative for covid. I took antibiotics and after a week it was gone. Three weeks later I came down with another upper respiratory infection. Again I tested negative for covid. I was treated with antibiotics and a steroid inhaler, to no avail. I got worse. I developed asthma-like symptoms and a deep dry cough. Four weeks went by before I had a Cat scan which showed I had pulmonary inflammation of the left lung.ion

    Before I became ill I was aware that the mRNA was experimental even though it was never approved by patent office examiners over a 22-year period it was being developed by Pfizer and Moderna as a countermeasure to SARS.
    I also read a Pfizer alert on Pub Med warning that its mRNA vax could cause Antibody-Dependent Enhancement, ADE. Pfizer explained how the vaccine’s spike protein binds to the Ace2 receptor on the cells, downregulates their function, causing damage to the endothelium cells that line the lung tissue and blood vessels. The auto-immune system is thus supercharged releasing antibodies that attack the spike protein laying on the cells of the lungs, heart, and all the other organs in the body.

    My Pulmonologist gave me something to open up the air ducts so I could get oxygen to my lungs. After a couple of weeks, I recovered.

    The movie “Dying Suddenly” is prima-face evidence that clots are forming in the vessels and veins of the vaccinated, causing deadly strokes. Today it’s Embalmers in Texas who are learning the truth. Tomorrow medical examiners who do autopsies will become aware.


    Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | January 1, 2023 | Reply

  2. The weasel-word excuse of the pharmaceutical industry and compliant governments is ‘correlation is not causation’ – meaning you can’t prove that the so-called vaccine was responsible. However, the converse of that phrase is also true. The pharmaceutical industry and their compliant governments cannot prove that their product DID NOT cause the multiple deaths and injuries we see all around us.


    Comment by Bill Francis | January 2, 2023 | Reply

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