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USA – The United States of Anti-science

TSA extends requirement to be vaccinated to enter the USA

The Naked Emperor’s Newsletter | January 4, 2023

The ‘United States of Anti-Science’ headline is not meant to insult any American readers or the American people in general. However, I have no problem with insulting the priests of anti-science who seem to be making the rules in the country.

Whilst most of the rest of the world opened up last year, the US Transportation Security Administration (part of the department of Homeland Security) still had a Security Directive in force which required that a non-US citizen must be double-jabbed to enter the country.

This was meant to expire on 8 January 2023. Hooray, let’s all book flights to the US!

Not so fast. Yesterday, an Emergency Amendment was approved, continuing the ridiculous rules until 10 April 2023.

This means that unvaccinated non-US citizens will still not be able to visit friends and family. Even if they are fit and well, they are barred from the country, whilst a vaccinated person who could actually have Covid is welcome.

Raging Covid fever but drowning in lipid nanoparticles – Welcome to the USA! Healthy with immunity from a natural infection months ago – Good riddance!

It will probably be claimed that the Emergency Amendment is necessary due to large numbers of cases in China. But vaccinated Chinese people are still allowed into the country with negative tests whilst an unvaccinated person from a country with hardly any Covid is not.

And we all know that being vaccinated does not mean you don’t get Covid or transmit it to others, probably the opposite in fact.

Utter madness. Complete anti-science.

However, when comparing both documents, I did notice that there is a difference in the wording of the text. The original Security Directive used “aircraft operators” whilst the new Emergency Amendment uses “foreign air carriers”.

Is this a loop hole? Maybe unvaccinated non-US citizens can fly in on a US plane but not a foreign one. Maybe unvaccinated travellers weren’t being checked for their vaccination status anyway. But for most people it is a big risk if you might be sent straight back home again.

And over in California, Assembly Bill No. 2098 has gone into effect meaning that doctors can lose their medical licenses if they don’t follow the state narrative.

The bill declares the following state narrative:

  • the amount of people that have died from COVID-19;
  • the unvaccinated risk of dying from COVID-19 is 11 times greater than those who are fully vaccinated;
  • vaccines are safe and effective;
  • misinformation and disinformation have placed lives at serious risk;
  • some of the most dangerous propagators of inaccurate information regarding the COVID-19 vaccines are licensed health care professionals. (Well at least they got one point right!).

If you thought doctors were unable to think critically before this, imagine how bad it will be now.

USA – The land of the free*

(*If fully vaccinated and complying with the state narrative)

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  1. Why would you not want to insult murderous, thieving warmongers and all their enablers? The USAmerican readers etc. are just as guilty as those they allow to rule their benighted land.
    Among other things buried in the text, Agenda 2030 foresees the breaking up of the US of As into 5 permanently feuding sub-states.
    At least one positive outcome for the Global Majority. I personally can’t wait for a world free of these monsters.
    As we all know, whatever hurts the US of As helps Humanity.


    Comment by Victor G. | January 5, 2023 | Reply

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