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Beware doctors bearing drugs

By Liz Hodgkinson | TCW Defending Freedom | January 3, 2023

When people ask whether I have had ‘my’ booster and I tell them no and that I wouldn’t dream of it, invariably the next question is: Are you an anti-vaxxer? While asking this they often back away as if I have some deadly plague.

My answer – although these questioners don’t want to listen to it – is that of course I am in favour of medicines that work and which don’t do harm. But there is ever-mounting evidence that the mRNA vaccines do cause harm, as the tragic stories of severe vaccine damage on TCW attest.

And the jabs don’t even protect you against Covid! Most people I know who have had the vaccine – and some have had up to five jabs – have caught Covid, sometimes badly.

Just last week I was talking to somebody who said that she had refused all Covid vaccines but that her husband had gone along with every one of them. She told me they both caught Covid, and with equal severity. Her husband’s jabs did not protect him in the slightest. I doubt if this couple are an isolated example. Maybe I am just lucky but in spite of never taking a single precaution against Covid or flu, I have remained completely free from all respiratory infections for the past three years; perhaps longer.

Ever since I began studying health and medical treatments in the 1970s I have learned that modern medicine is littered with apparent remedies that either don’t work or which do serious harm.

Thalidomide was a dramatic example but since then there have been many other prescribed medicines that were enthusiastically welcomed and then later found to do more harm than good. I am thinking particularly of benzodiazepine tranquillisers such as Valium and Librium. When I was a young mother in the late 1960s and early 70s most of my contemporaries (although not me) were on them.

How they blessed these ‘mother’s little helpers’ as the pills enabled them to get through the days of screaming babies, abusive husbands, and mourning their lost careers or the careers they were never able to establish. They sailed through their lives in an eerie calm; all seemed fine until they tried to come off these prescription drugs. Then the fun started. Although marketed as non-dependent, these pills were highly addictive and those who took them found that withdrawal was by no means easy.

They reported that they had to wear sunglasses to watch television as suddenly everything was too bright, but even worse, all the pains and mental anguish they had kept hidden with the tranquillisers rose to the surface. The problems had not gone away but had been buried deep by the pills. In some cases the dependence had become so severe that patients had to be hospitalised or go into rehab.

The addictive potential of benzodiazepines was bad enough, but it paled into insignificance beside the effects of OxyContin, a morphine-based slow-release painkiller prescribed to millions of Americans. The full story of this dangerous drug, formulated by Purdue Pharma, a company owned by the Sackler family, is well documented in the book Empire of Pain by Patrick Radden Keefe. It was also aired on the Disney+ channel under the title Dopesick

Doctors were bribed to prescribe OxyContin by slick salespeople offering incentives such as a case of champagne or exotic holiday. The Sacklers tried to redeem themselves by funding art galleries and university departments, much as rich families in Renaissance Italy became patrons of the arts after robbing everybody blind.

What made the OxyContin story particularly dreadful was that many of the Sackler family were doctors. Profit was all and the Sacklers netted many billions from their aggressive promotion of what was basically heroin.

The point I am making here is that it is very difficult to trust medicines which yield profits beyond most people’s imagining. In my lifetime I have never known a medical treatment to be so intensively pushed as the highly lucrative Covid vaccine; not just by doctors and scientists, but by most branches of the media as well. Anything that is so relentlessly plugged should be arousing suspicion, but so far we dissidents are in the minority.

If I wanted to book a face-to-face GP appointment just now, it would probably be impossible and yet I have received endless texts to go for my vaccine. In vain do I reply that I am not interested. They simply don’t hear. Perhaps the reason for their sudden deafness is that they get paid extra for administering the jab: £12.58 per injection per patient, and this is on top of their salary of £81,000 a year on average. If a GP surgery administers 60 jabs in a day – easily done as they only take a minute – that adds up to a handy £754.80. In a five-day week this bonus comes to £3,774.

TCW has published some excellent explanatory articles about what is in the Covid vaccines and how they can wreak havoc throughout the body. Many of these have been written by my former husband Neville Hodgkinson; I take notice of what he says as he has studied vaccines for decades in his capacity as a national newspaper medical and science correspondent, in the days when journalists took pride in telling the truth.

History, and especially medical history, has shown us time and again that when enormous sums of money and profit are involved, we must be very much on our guard and treat extravagant claims and endless reassurances with the scepticism they deserve.

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  1. Don’t be discouraged, my fellow antivaxxer. I am a healthy, active 85 year old who has received no vaccination, since my induction into the army, some 53 years ago, when we all had to accept those mandatory induction shots. I rarely eat prepared foods, never CAFO meats and GMOs, drink raw milk and love sushi, eat some fermented vegetables every day and caught covid in November of last year, as I had hoped I would. It was more like a strong flu, which I treated at home with Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and lots of rest. Since I have developed some pretty strong immunity to almost all pathogens, and I trust it to take care of me, regardless of what the “one world” crowd releases next. I try to educate those rare individuals who will enter into dialog, but most people have joined the covidry religion and are devoted disciples, come hell or high water.

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    Comment by Peter | January 5, 2023 | Reply

    • I, like you, took NO vaccines, and after 2 years of the “pandemic” I contracted Covid. I took Ivermectin, and was ok after about 3 days.
      My Brother had 5 Covid vaccines, and then contracted Covid. The Vaccines gave him NO protection at all.
      Covid 19 has been a monumental “MEDICAL FRAUD”, and after appearing daily on our TV screens, promoting the Covid Scare, Imbeciles like Fauci, Gates, Kreepy Klause, etc etc, they have vanished from our TV screen…….Hiding, probably, because we now know, they were lying to us, with NO SHAME at all.


      Comment by brianharryaustralia | January 6, 2023 | Reply

  2. The Sackler family were, unsurprisingly, jewish.. as is Bancel, as is Bourla… keep pussy footing around this elephant and history will keep repeating itself.


    Comment by Richard Jones | January 5, 2023 | Reply

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