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US to arm Ukraine with ‘longer-range’ missiles

RT | February 1, 2023

President Joe Biden’s administration has reportedly decided to send longer-range rockets to Ukraine, giving Kiev’s forces the capability to hit targets farther behind the frontlines, just as a top Ukrainian intelligence official threatened more strikes deeper inside Russia.

The gift of Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) rocket artillery munitions with a range of 150 kilometers (94 miles) will be part of an upcoming military aid package for Ukraine valued at more than $2 billion, Reuters reported on Tuesday, citing two unidentified US officials familiar with the plans. The package will also include additional Javelin anti-tank weapons, mine-resistant vehicles, multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS), and support equipment for Patriot air defense systems.

The GLSDB rockets will give Ukrainian forces further reach, nearly doubling the range of the MLRS and HIMARS munitions that Washington and its NATO allies have previously been provided. Biden had been reluctant to send weaponry that could strike Russian soil, risking escalation into a wider conflict with Moscow, but he has authorized increasingly provocative aid in recent weeks.

Washington approved plans to send M1 Abrams tanks to Kiev last week, even after Biden initially claimed back in March that the US wouldn’t provide tanks or planes saying, “That’s called World War III.” While the US-made tanks are expected to be delivered to Ukraine by the end of this year or even in 2024, the first batch of previously approved 60 Bradley Fighting Vehicles is already en route, US Transportation Command confirmed on Monday.

The GLSDB is being developed by US defense contractor Boeing Co. under plans to quickly get new weapons into production for Kiev. It combines the GBU-39 small diameter bomb with the M26 rocket motor, both of which can be drawn from existing US weapons stocks. Washington will reportedly stop short of fulfilling Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s oft-repeated requests for the MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS), which has a range of some 300 kilometers, double the GLSDB’s reach.

While US officials have claimed that they don’t intend for weapons given to Ukraine to be used for strikes into Russian territory, Kiev’s forces appear to have no compunction about such attacks. US State Department spokesman Ned Price reiterated Washington’s stance earlier this month that Kiev is free to select its own targets, including in Crimea, which he claimed is still Ukrainian territory.

Ukrainian intelligence chief Kirill Budanov vowed on Tuesday that “until the territorial integrity of Ukraine is restored, there will be problems inside Russia.” He also said Kiev aims to retake Crimea by this summer.

The Kremlin has insisted that any threats to Russian territory, including Crimea and the territories that voted to join Russia in September, will result in the use of “more powerful weapons” by Moscow. Duma chairman Vyacheslav Volodin warned earlier this month of possible “global tragedy” for humanity if Western nations continue to provide weapons that Kiev could use to strike civilian cities and attempt to seize Russian territories.


Ukrainian intelligence chief threatens attacks in Russia

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  1. The Americans are acting like spoiled, petulant children who always want to get their way. Their sanctions don’t work and Ukraine is losing badly and all they do is double down on their stupidity.


    Comment by papasha408 | February 1, 2023 | Reply

  2. Comparisons are difficult to make this war. Even defining elements of the war are difficult.

    First, it is a war. Are there two sides to the war? Are there allies or combined combatants? Who are they?

    When does an ally change from a “sympathetic” ally to a an ally, militarily? When does that become an enemy?

    The United States has become a partner to the Ukraine, hasn’t it? Regardless of what the United States claims, or says. What bullshit, then, by ‘giving’ armament to the Ukraine. In doing so, America is a partner. It is part of the war, again, regardless what it says. Lies. Or, bullshit.

    An example is the American partnership with Israel. Israel labels its Israeli elements conducting a war on non-jewish, non-citizens of equal status, to label them as “settlers” is a misnomer: they may be off-duty ‘police’, soldiers or any ‘official’ designation and to even label them as “settlers” is a misnomer. Invaders, land-thieves, could just as well be used.

    But they are Israeli and Israeli combatants. They are part of the war against non-jewish, “non-citizens”. Non-jews are not equal in citizenship. Unless lies are believed. Bullshit.

    Their actions are criminal, protected by how well-armed they are, how defended by the Israeli military. That defense is proclaimed by Israel as its ‘right to self defense’. And echoed by the likes of the American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, himself a jew. And, he may as well have dual citizenship for how well he makes and states the Israeli claims.

    Bullshit. And America is a partner in that war. That can only be bullshit propaganda.

    Now, when will American participation be called a partnership, America a partner to the Ukraine?

    Eventually, bullshit is recognized as such. When that happens, war can be declared. Even if a war waged by deception is never admitted by the country conducting a war using deceptive bullshit to the world. Like the Israeli war on its non-jewish, non-citizen citizens. Enlisting a non-war-declaring partner as a partner.

    As in the second to the last paragraph, how and what and when will Russia react to the ‘non-partnered’ partners?

    That’s where you are being led, America. As Israel has led you, always for its own benefit, in its war upon its non-jewish, ‘non-citizen’ citizens, its neighboring countries and even upon America. Or were the attacks upon America all “…a terrible mistake…” as Israel said of its attack on the USSLiberty, non-attacks?


    Comment by michael | February 1, 2023 | Reply

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