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US announces first transfer of seized Russian assets to Kiev

RT | February 4, 2023

US Attorney General Merrick Garland announced on Friday the first transfer of assets, confiscated as part of anti-Russia sanctions, to Ukraine to pay for the country’s reconstruction.

The measure affects $5.4 million expropriated from Russian businessman Konstantin Malofeyev on charges of sanctions evasion, according to the top official.

“With my authorization today, forfeited funds will next be transferred to the State Department to support the people of Ukraine,” Garland said, adding that the funds were confiscated following an indictment against Malofeyev, issued last April.

Earlier this week, a federal court in New York allowed prosecutors to confiscate $5.4 million belonging to Malofeyev, paving the way for the funds to be used to help rebuild Ukraine.

In June, millions were seized from a US bank account belonging to Malofeyev, against whom the US Treasury Department announced sanctions in April “for having acted or purported to act for or on behalf of, directly or indirectly” the Russian government.

The businessman, who owns Russian Orthodox Christian channel Tsargrad TV, has been on the US sanctions list since 2014. Malofeyev previously claimed that he had no holdings in the West since then.

In December, US President Joe Biden signed legislation allowing the Department of Justice to transfer some forfeited assets to the State Department to aid Ukraine. US law restricts how the government can use such assets.

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  1. Hi,

    I wonder why the U.S. Government, now under Joe Biden, do not go after those U.S. Billionaires (i.e. Walmart, among other U.S. Corporations) who have billions of dollars deposited in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Andorra, Gibraltar, Bermuda among other tax haven Countries, that have evaded the IRS, and do the same, that is, to seize those undeclared funds to rebuild Ukraine, because after all, it was the U.S. along with NATO / EU, who started provoking Russia. It was Washington and NATO who started moving next to Russia’s borders (under then USSR / President Mikhail Gorbachev (rip) and clearly lied to the USSR. Whoever think that Russia is the only Country to be blamed, is simply an ignorant of the facts!


    Comment by Frank Bette | February 4, 2023 | Reply

  2. The illegal actions of the US “Just Us” Dept. should stand out as a warning to every nation. That if nations put their faith and trust in United States, they must be made to be aware that their investments are theirs as long as they are allied with the United States in word and deed. Or else the US may see to it that sanctions are imposed followed by the potential theft of national assets.

    What’s happened to the United States? Bankers and other powerful financial interests have come to power in the United States with the complicity of public and private institutions. Congress and the “Just Us” Dept, have allied with the Intelligence Community, Multi-media complex, and Military-Industrial complex. The American people have been abandoned by the very institutions that were established to protect and promote the general welfare of our nation.
    After the Kennedys and ML King were disposed of, the financial oligarchy began to effect the greatest transfer of wealth from the productive sectors of the US and European economies to Wall Street and the City of London.
    Nixon advisor George Pratt Schults effectively cancelation the Bretton Woods fixed exchange rate, gold-backed system in August 1971. Schult’s nation-killing action on behalf of London and Wall Street was followed by the creation of the oil spot market and what became the Petro Dollar. This was a deregulated oil market that had a spot price that changed almost hourly depending on the speculative purchases of a barrel of oil at any given moment. It also took away the ability of non-oil-producing nations to work out state-to-state contracts with oil producers. Instead, the global oil market was now in the hands of speculators in the City of London and Wall Street.
    Whats more, the 1976-80 Carter presidency was used to shut down independent oil producers in the US, shifting US reliance from domestic oil production to imports. The Seven Sisters oil companies that were owned by financial holding companies located in the City of London and Wall St. were the beneficiaries. The price of a barrel of oil shot up under Carter while his Fed Chairman Paul Volcker raised interest rates to 25% in response to Carter’s 16% inflation rate. All of this had the effect of putting US manufacturing out of business causing mass unemployment. The American people responded by unanimously voting for Ronald Reagan. The oligarchy responded to that with an assassination attempt on Reagan’s life.

    Wall Street speculators and the US Congress acted to deregulate the US commercial banking system during the 1980s. The Garn-St Germain legislation was passed in 1980 and the big bank holding companies on Wall St. wasted no time moving in to dominate the retail end of the commercial banking industry. Long-term investment in the productive sectors of the physical economy and what we call infrastructure today, was put in a straitjacket thanks to the Graham-Rudman legislation. The US economy was turned inside out. Speculative investment took priority over investment in physical production. Investments in Wall Street and the City of London’s financial instruments increased dramatically while US investment in capital-intensive, energy-intensive development all but collapsed!

    Following the repeal of FDR’s Glass-Steagall Act in 1999, derivatives took off from 1 trillion in trades per year to where it is now trading at 2 quadrillion annual turnover! This is the bubble bankers are determined to protect.

    I must mention Henry Kissinger’s role in negotiating away America’s tariffs at the Uraguay round of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. What he got in return was a total capitulation to British/WTO buy cheap, sell dear trade, in which the US promised to be the consumer country of last resort. The WTO must be replaced with a New Bretton Woods credit system of fixed exchange rates, backed by the commitment of sovereign nation-states to foster win-win trade among nations. We must put all our efforts into rebuilding the former centers of production located in European and American cities, and as quickly as possible help the undeveloped nations in the Global South develop their nations. A new paradigm in which Credit for development and the commitment to develop nations peacefully is being born with the help of China and Russia. and America What’s needed is a global Glass-Steagall Act that will cancel the derivatives and regulate prudent banking policy that prioritizes long-term low-cost investment in physical production. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank of China is an example of what must occur in every nation.
    So what is to be done:
    1. Prevent Nuclear War
    2. Create a new international architecture with security and development guarantees and
    a New Bretton Woods Credit System Guided by Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s Ten Principles.
    3. Global Glass-Steagall
    4. Implement Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery worldwide.


    Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | February 4, 2023 | Reply

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