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Maryland Considering Bill That Would Allow The Vaccination Of Children Without Parent’s Consent

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge | February 8, 2023

The State of Maryland has introduced a bill for consideration (Senate Bill 378) that would allow healthcare workers to vaccinate a child who is deemed “able to understand the benefits and potential consequences of getting vaccinated” without parental consent. The determined age of consent for a child to “choose” to be vaccinated is 14, though, such laws are often a slippery slope as guidelines and goalposts can be adjusted once a bill is passed to include even younger people.

It should be noted that Maryland law prevents children of 14 or older to refuse vaccination ordered by parents. In other words, they are considered competent enough to get vaccinated without parent’s knowledge, but not competent enough to refuse vaccination with parent’s knowledge. The push among some states to provide or legalize medical procedures on minors without advising parents has been growing in multiple sectors of healthcare the past few years, from abortions to gender affirmation surgeries.

It sounds like a remnant from two years ago when Democrat run states like New York were talking seriously about the forced internment of people who were “potential dangers” to public health. The concept of constitutional rights were going out the window and the US barely dodged an Orwellian end. Parental rights are often considered a vital barrier to state interference with vulnerable children who are easily manipulated into accepting procedures that could affect their rest of their lives.

The potential consequences are obvious – Schools and other government institutions could very easily exploit medical personnel to convince children that they MUST submit to vaccination. They could also influence minors to believe it was “all their idea.” The same scenario could involve overzealous doctors or nurses in a hospital setting. With the informed parental shield removed, the sky is the limit in terms of what the state can do to the younger generation.

Though the bill mentions that decisions by minors be made “without coercion”, a child may not be able to identify coercion when it happens. Not all manipulation requires open and obvious threats.

Democratic State Sen. Cheryl Kagan introduced Bill 378 on Wednesday. The bill is set to go before a hearing in the Senate Finance Committee on Feb. 22. The language is broad and seems to include all possible vaccinations rather than a set list.

Even in the case of a child voluntarily asking for medical treatments without deception, it is the job of parents to sometimes protect their kids from themselves. Without developed critical thinking skills minors require guidance to avoid rash decisions. When pressure is coming from officials with perceived authority, children are less likely to say no. The Maryland bill ignores these factors and opens the door to a wide range of abuses.

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  1. Does such idiocy not wake up the population to the clear fact that it is not a matter of protecting children’s or anybody else’s health, but obviously to grab power. If the world is pulling back from the fear of covid, having realized that it is not the serious pandemic that was sold as, if the shots have been shown to be useless (and they have) what other motive could possibly propel those who want to make the shots mandatory, come hell or high water?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Peter | February 9, 2023 | Reply

    • The “So called” Freedom and Democracy that we outside the USA never stop hearing about, appears to be turning into a Nightmare for the American people. America’s elected politicians, once elected, immediately forget about their supporters, and begin looking after their DONORS instead.
      God only knows where the USA is headed, but, I’m glad I live on the Far Side of it, in the beautiful South Pacific.


      Comment by brianharryaustralia | February 9, 2023 | Reply

      • I certainly envy you and wish that I could live elsewhere around the Padific, away from the fires of hell that are licking up all around me.

        Liked by 1 person

        Comment by Peter | February 10, 2023 | Reply

        • Lots of people migrate to Australia every year…..and, if this War in Ukraine really gets ‘out of hand’ there’ll be millions of Europeans lining up to get out of Europe, when the “Weapons of mass destruction” have had their day.


          Comment by brianharryaustralia | February 10, 2023 | Reply

          • Perhaps so, Brian, but I still carry thoughts and mental pictures of the police spraying women and clubbing people who were in the streets protesting, as well as the strictest and most destructive lock downs in the world. Same with New Zealand. At my age, such a move does not make a lot of sense. If I get killed by the US government, I am prepared for the next life that many seem reluctant to believe and trust in. But it would be nice to live out my days in a different environment.

            Liked by 1 person

            Comment by Peter | February 10, 2023 | Reply

              • Thanks for that, I posted it on Facebook. As a friend of mine has said, “when I leave Australia and go overseas, Australia “vanishes”…..They don’t know we’re here…….I like that thought.


                Comment by brianharryaustralia | February 10, 2023 | Reply

              • You see, this is the problem. For those who do not believe in a Creator of the Universe, his purpose for creation and the ultimate end of all things, there is really no place on earth to seek safety and avoidance of man’s criminal foolishness. But for those of us who do believe, especially those of us in the final decade of life, we look for a place not made with hands, that the Bible speaks about. The whole Universe is slated for ultimate destruction, according to 2 Pet 3, and Christ promised eternal life to those who hear and believe him. John 6:40. It seems illogical for people to not take a look into the scriptures, which might give insight that these are real information and truth.


                Comment by Peter | February 10, 2023 | Reply

  2. Stop pushing this poison. These clot shots are killing people, you effing idiots.


    Comment by papasha408 | February 10, 2023 | Reply

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