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Soros’ Strong Support Of Lula Discredits The Brazilian Leader’s Multipolar Credentials

By Andrew Korybko | February 17, 2023

Brazilian President Lula was already suspected of recalibrating his worldview a lot closer to the US’ strategic interests ever since the start of his third term in office, including after he condemned Russia in his joint statement with Biden earlier this month, but Soros’ strong support of him removes all doubt. That liberal-globalist Color Revolution mastermind praised Lula during his speech at this year’s Munich Security Conference, which completely discredits the latter’s multipolar credentials once and for all.

In Soros’ own words as shared on his official website:

“There are many other regional powers that can influence the course of history. Brazil stands out. The election of Lula at the end of last year was crucial.

On January 8th there was a coup attempt much like January 6th, 2021, in the US. Lula handled it masterfully and established his authority as president.

Brazil is on the front-line of the conflict between open and closed societies; it is also on the front-line of the fight against climate change. He must protect the rainforest, promote social justice, and reignite economic growth all at the same time.

He will need strong international support because there is no pathway to net zero emissions if he fails.”

Quite tellingly, Lula hasn’t distanced himself from this strong support and almost certainly revels in it.

After all, Soros stands in full solidarity with Biden so disrespecting one would be disrespecting the other, which Lula would never do after traveling to DC to kiss the second’s ring as thanks for fully supporting his re-election. The Brazilian leader is so heavily under his US counterpart’s influence right now that he even tweeted that he’s partnering with Biden partially in “defense of democracy” despite him having been Vice President during Ukraine’s “EuroMaidan” and Brazil’s “Operation Car Wash” regime changes.

Lula seemingly no longer cares that Biden played a role in undemocratically overthrowing him through lawfare-driven Hybrid War means so it therefore follows that he also wouldn’t care about Soros’ Color Revolution spree across the world either. In complete contradiction to everything that Russia has said thus far about the US indefinitely perpetuating its proxy war on it in order to fight until the last Ukrainian, Lula then tweeted that “I think Biden is clear that the war has to stop.”

His political love affair with Soros’ allies goes beyond Biden and extends to fellow faux leftists Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), both of whom met with Lula during his trip to DC. Lula was so enamored with AOC after their meeting that he responded with a heart emoji under her retweet of their pics together, while Bernie predicted that “the United States and Brazil will build a stronger partnership” as result of the Brazilian leader’s re-election.

As can be seen from Soros’ strong support of him, his enthusiastic praise of Biden, as well as the mutual shoulder-rubbing between him and Sanders-AOC, Lula has surrounded himself with the world’s most infamous liberal-globalists. This confirms the prior assessment from last November that the US’ Democrat Party has infiltrated Brazil’s Workers’ Party through these means, though it couldn’t have been known until now that this infiltration literally reached the height of its leadership.

Considering these “politically inconvenient” factual observations about Lula’s new ideological allies in the US, there’s no doubt that his multipolar credentials are discredited once and for all. This doesn’t mean, however, that he can’t continue helping to make gradual progress in that direction amidst the ongoing global systemic transition. Rather, it simply reinforces the perception hyperlinked in this analysis’ first sentence that whatever he does might inadvertently or deliberately advance US interests.

The abovementioned insight shouldn’t be misinterpreted as implying that Lula is “controlled” by Soros, Biden, or Sanders-AOC, but just that he’s definitely their “fellow traveler” since the Brazilian leader indisputably shares their worldview nowadays to a large extent. Even though he still shouts socialist slogans, Lula’s priority during his third term is less about improving the living conditions of his country’s impoverished and more about geostrategically realigning Brazil with the US-led West’s Golden Billion.

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  1. In a REAL Democracy, “Old Scrotum Face” (Soros) would not be allowed to Buy Politicians……But, just like in the USA, first you buy them(politicians) and then you OWN them.
    And it matters not, who the sheeple vote for…….See how it works?


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | February 17, 2023 | Reply

  2. Is it surprising that Gyorgy Schwartz aka George Soros the Hungarian fascist who worked for the Nazi occupiers of his country during WWII, is speaking as what he is, a fascist? The former Rothschild banker and British special agent of influence who emigrated to the US in the 50s is more than just a currency trader. Soros has a long history of acting on behalf of the British foreign office to regime change political leaders who do not fit into the geopolitics of Britain’s Great Game. His NGOs have been utilized on many occasions to run color revolutions in countries where the duly elected President or Prime Minister has refused to go along with imposing brutal austerity on his nation’s people. Or in the case of Ukraine, where it is estimated that Soros was the source of the 5 billion that was spent to overthrow Ukraine’s, President Viktor Yanukovych.
    And there he was in Munich spreading his lies and tales of a future no one would want to be in. ime

    As for Lula, time will tell which way he’ll tend to lean toward. He has to keep in mind that he does not have a mandate. If he goes along with the US and its plans to deindustrialize South America by cutting emissions of fossil fuels by shutting down mining and energy exploration, he will not get far.


    Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | February 20, 2023 | Reply

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