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The FDA’s Paxlovid Pandemonium

By David Gortler | Brownstone Institute | February 27, 2023

Back in August of 2022, I wrote a piece on Pfizer’s Paxlovid approval. I talked about how the White House awarded Pfizer billions of taxpayer dollars before producing conclusive findings of safety or efficacy to the FDA.

In approving Paxlovid, the Biden White House and the FDA also seemed to deliberately ignore hundreds of clinical trials conducted on hundreds of thousands of patients detailing the established safety and efficacy of IVM and HCQ.

Like many other things the Biden White House implements, they force through a multitude of ideas, concepts and public health mandates which “seem” like they could work, but without the requisite conclusive scientifically obtained evidence that they will work.

On top of that, the White House doesn’t seem interested in learning. They repeat their mistakes in establishing America’s policies time and time again. Emergencies or not; there is no excuse for foregoing the scientific method (or using poor testing methodologies) thereby placing the Americans at risk – especially when it comes to public health.

Paxlovid is just one of dozens of examples of public health mendacity (too many to list here) pushed by the chaotic Biden White House and its ethically pliant partisan marionettes at the FDA. In the case of Paxlovid, not only was evidence of failure deliberately ignored; prospective testing methodologies were altered mid-trial to favor a positive outcome when it became apparent that the Paxlovid trial results would not meet their original endpoints. In fact, Pfizer had already opted to stop its Paxlovid trial, but then changed their minds after the FDA intervened via the White House.

Even worse: Its not the first time the FDA has forsaken science under Biden (I warned this would be a repeating theme in early 2021). Paxlovid was a failure, but the White House had foolishly already paid Pfizer $5.3 Billion in advance. Rather than admit failure and epic waste, the FDA then stepped in and with zero transparency, altered the established clinical trial parameters mid-trial to make Paxlovid’s findings seem better than they were. Pfizer then completed the trial, declared Paxlovid a success and the White House doubled-down on its $5.3 Billion investment, spending a sickening total of $10.6 Billion on Paxlovid.

That moral and scientific decision was approved by America’s insufferable, self-righteous taxpayer-funded civil servants who proclaim the left is “the party of science” and celebrated that when Biden was elected, “the adults are back in charge.”

Following the science” is their tired jingle, but not their actual policy.

Even more outrageous were the number of nurses, pharmacists and physicians who witnessed – and fully recognized the scientific misconduct – but remained (and continue to remain) silent, inexplicably choosing to follow clinical recommendations from politicians, bureaucratic hospital administrators, mainstream news or social media.  It is impossible to overstate the cowardliness, conformism and malpractice of these professionals in betraying their oaths to protect patients.

In reality, Americans still don’t have answers form the White House, FDA or any other HHS officials on:

1) The White House’s logic of purchasing $10.6 Billion of Paxlovid, and without concrete evidence of safety and effectiveness;

2) How many unused Paxlovid doses remain that will ultimately expire and be thrown away due to non-use, milder disease making it epidemiologically unnecessary;

3) Disclosure of the real-world incidence of “rebound” Paxlovid infections (which would be hard for drug safety epidemiologists to uncover because the White House, Pfizer and FDA have every reason in the world to under-report it, plus “rebound” is not an official [MedDRA] adverse event reporting term);

4) The current/historical prescribing and rates and other Paxlovid adverse event updates;

5) A full disclosure of communications with Pfizer, the White House and FDA officials with a scientifically legitimate explanation of why altered critical parameters of the Paxlovid were made mid-trial and in lieu of starting a completely new trial;

6) An official pharmacologic, mechanistic explanation of “Paxlovid rebound” ;

7) Why the Paxlovid trial was compared to placebo only, and had no IVM / HCQ / other comparator arms.

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  1. Documenting medical malfeasance and crimes committed by all parties involving the Covid-mRNA-Paxlovid crime of the century is absolutely necessary. For there must certainly be a future trial where this evidence will be presented either before a Nuremberg Tribunal or before the International Criminal Court at the Hague.

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    Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | February 28, 2023 | Reply

  2. Thank you for setting out this branch of the malfeasance in public offices of the White House FDA and other trusted agencies over the pandemic. Yes, roll on the Tribunal and the Trial at the ICC. Unfortunately, under current law, I believe the companies are protected by immunity agreements and no doubt the civil servants and politicians would find some device to absolve them, too. We can at least learn one lesson; not to be fooled again.


    Comment by jbthring | March 1, 2023 | Reply

    • Big Pharma companies, Pfizer, Moderna, J&J can be tried for conspiring with the FDA, Fauci, UNC laboratory where Ralph Baric directed much of the gain of function research into producing the covid bio-weapon. Proving that it was not a bat in a live market but a Chimera created with the purpose to kill human beings. The Wuhan lab is funded by the Chinese military. It joined Ralph Baric’s UNC lab around 2016 in the bio-weapon research that produced covid-19.
      The US Patent Office has the records of all applications for mRNA and SARS CoV2. They are a matter of public record. You can look them up yourself. For instance, Patent No. 7220852 was submitted on 4/25 2003 by the CDC to get a patent for SARS. But on 4/28 2003 Sanofi Pharmaceutical applied for a patent for their mRNA vaccine countermeasure for the very SARS that CDC was trying to patent. Three days only means both CDC an Sanofi were in collusion to create a virus and a countermeasure to it simultaneously. Why? We have to find out the truth and that will only happen if they are sued or brought to trial for attempted murder and profiteering. It’s a case of RICO, racketeering!

      I have copies of all the US government agencies that gave grants for covid bio-weapon research totaling almost 100 million dollars of taxpayer money. BTW, the mRNA was never, ever granted a patent by the patent office after many attempts, because they all failed to meet the definition of a vaccine.

      The spike protein in the mRNA is a computer generate carbon copy of the manufactured covid-19 bio-weapon. In other words, both carry the same spike protein that is doing all the damage to the heart, lungs, brain, and cardio-vascular system. I came down with pulmonary inflammation after the second shot of Moderna. According to Pfizer’s warning which is published on NIH’s PUB MED website, I had ADE. Antibody-Dependent Enhancement which was caused by the S1 Spike Protein. They knew what they were doing could cause damage to human organs but they did it anyway for profit. Phizer has been paid more than 13 billion. Moderna 9 billion.

      This is a crime against humanity regardless of the level of collusion between government and private corporations. They were in it together.

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      Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | March 1, 2023 | Reply

      • Thank you for your well-informed and positive retort to my somewhat pessimistic comment. You set out several pieces of evidence, including personal experience, which give hope for a successful prosecution. Sorry you have suffered in the meantime and wish you full recovery.


        Comment by jbthring | March 11, 2023 | Reply

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