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Kiev’s Security Chief Is Freaking Out That A Growing Number Of Ukrainians Want Peace

By Andrew Korybko | March 10, 2023

Head of the National Security and Defense Council Aleksey Danilov claimed that the growing number of his compatriots that want peace with Russia supposedly constitutes a dangerous trend. In his own words uttered during his latest appearance on the TV show “Greater Lvov Speaks”, “One should] bear in mind that those [people advocating talks with Russia] are growing in numbers. It is a very dangerous tendency when even people in western Ukraine are starting to talk about such things”

It’s been very difficult for observers to get accurate information out of Ukraine ever since Zelensky exploited Russia’s special operation over the past year to impose a full-blown dictatorship by banning independent media and opposition parties. Prior to Danilov freaking out about this trend and thus inadvertently confirming that it veritably exists, all such claims were dismissed by the West as so-called “Russian propaganda”, but now there’s no denying it any longer after what he just revealed.

His fascist regime’s secret police obviously have their finger on the population’s pulse, hence why he became aware that a growing number of people want peace with Russia, including those that reside in Ukraine’s traditionally hyper-nationalist western regions like Lvov. The SBU, which also runs the troll network known as “NAFO” that wages information warfare aimed at manipulating Western perceptions about this proxy war in Kiev’s favor, brutally suppresses even the mildest expressions of dissent.

It should therefore be taken for granted that the secret police’s assessment about the growing number of people that want peace with Russia is derived from the information fed to them by their informants as well as what they themselves surmised upon spying on their own people’s digital communications. The SBU can’t slaughter everyone, nor do they want to since it’s in their regime’s interests to force dissidents into fighting on the front line against Russia as cannon fodder.

The fact that this trend towards peace still remains in effect despite the secret police’s efforts to brutally suppress it proves that it’s a powerful force reverberating throughout Ukrainian society, one which was clearly shaped by recent developments. In particular, Russia’s gradual on-the-ground gains around Artyomovsk/“Bakhmut” and Zelensky’s candid admission last month that he’ll abandon that geostrategic city in the worst-case scenario likely played a major role in this.

He later walked back the aforementioned remark in an exclusive interview with CNN where he claimed that Russia might roll through the rest of Donbass if it successfully captures that city, but the damage was already done. Moreover, in spite of the regime’s denials, their side’s losses are likely astronomical by this point and many Ukrainians probably already know someone who died in this conflict. That also must have certainly played a major role in shaping popular perceptions in the direction of peace.

Russia made it clear on many occasions that the resumption of peace talks is predicated on Kiev recognizing the new ground realities related to Ukraine’s former regions reunifying with their historic homeland, which the population in that rump former Soviet Republic presumably isn’t against. After all, if they were truly opposed to this sort of compromise, then they wouldn’t still be in favor of peace and their country’s security chief therefore wouldn’t have just freaked out about this trend on TV.

Skeptics can’t claim that the population is ignorant of Russia’s requirement since it’s repeated this multiple times over the past few months, which in turn prompted Ukrainian officials to publicly reject its offer to recognize the new ground realities in return for resuming peace talks. Kiev’s refusal to do so thus goes against the rising trend in their society, which impressively remains strong in the face of the SBU’s brutal suppression of anyone who expresses even the mildest form of dissent.

So-called “Russian propaganda” has been rooted out of Ukrainian society as a result of their fascist regime’s fierce censorship so skeptics also can’t dismiss the aforesaid trend as supposedly stemming from a “foreign influence operation”. It’s truly the will of the Ukrainian people, and those Westerners who insisted over the past year that “everyone needs to listen to Ukrainians” should therefore remember what they themselves demanded and finally start warming up to the scenario of peace talks.

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