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Analysis of Mortality Among Transgender Individuals

British Study Reveals Alarming Risks of Suicide and Homicide

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH | Courageous Discourse | April 9, 2023

Many of us have been struck by the rapid rise in clinical interest and reported studies on transgender persons. The main clinical indication for gender change medication and or surgery is gender dysphoria. This means that individuals are afflicted with a syndrome in which they are not happy with their natural gender from birth. While changing biological gender the opposite is associated with a modest improvement in gender dysphoria scores, one may wonder if there is a price to pay for such a substantial and and relatively permanent intervention for a psychiatric illness?

Jackson et al, recently reported on the outcomes of total of 1951 British transfeminine (male at birth) (mean [SE] age, 36.90 [0.34] years; 1801 White [92.3%]) and 1364 transmasculine (female at birth) (mean [SE] age, 29.20 [0.36] years. The normal control group was matched to 68,165 cisgender men (59 136 White [86.8%]) and 68,004 cisgender women (57 762 White [84.9%]). Compared with cisgender men, there was an increased risk of overall mortality for transfeminine (MRR, 1.34; 95%CI, 1.06-1.68). Compared with cisgender women, there was an increased risk of overall mortality for transmasculine (MRR, 1.75; 95%CI, 1.08-2.83) adults.

Jackson SS, Brown J, Pfeiffer RM, Shrewsbury D, O’Callaghan S, Berner AM, Gadalla SM, Shiels MS. Analysis of Mortality Among Transgender and Gender Diverse Adults in England. JAMA Netw Open. 2023 Jan 3;6(1):e2253687. doi: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2022.53687. PMID: 36716027; PMCID: PMC9887492.

The most notable relative risks for those who changed genders was suicide and homicide as shown in the table. These data suggest that psychiatric and behavioral determinants arising from background gender dysphoria and the transgender process contribute to death at a relatively young age among those who have chosen to change from their original biological gender to the opposite.

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