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May 14, 2023 - Posted by | Science and Pseudo-Science, Timeless or most popular, Video

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  1. YOUTUBE: Unbelievable!! – First full autopsy on covid vaccinated death after 13 billion doses!
    Vejon Health
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    357,890 views Streamed live on Apr 16, 2023
    Unacceptable is a mild description. There is no “follow the science” without autopsy. Novel disease, novel vaccine technology, but limited autopsy data. Can any scientist justify this position? Esposito, Massimiliano, et al. “Death from COVID-19 in a Fully Vaccinated Subject: A Complete Autopsy Report.” Vaccines 11.1 (2023): 142. Reviewed the first autopsy series in April 2022 on covid vaccinated deaths. It took a year for another case! Watch on Substack:… Called for the mandating of autopsies across the world. Listen to the candid interview with a pathologist here:
    Mandating autopsies is the way out of the pandemic!
    Dr Philip McMillan
    23 Oct 2022

    Probably my most significant interview done this year. Dr Rory Donnellan (pathologist – South Africa) shared his open and frank opinion on the lack of autopsies throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Watch on Streamyard here >

    An autopsy in the medical world is the equivalent of a financial audit in the corporate world. This involves an official examination of an organisation’s accounts, verifying inputs and performance, and focusing on significant risks.

    Autopsy with associated histology (microscopic examination) is our only way to get detailed analysis of the immune responses in severe COVID-19. Histology is especially important to exclude type II hypersensitivity responses which were a complication from prior vaccines for SARS-COV.

    Currently, I have only been able to find one published paper from vaccinated deaths looking at autopsy findings. This is after over 12 billion vaccine doses have been delivered.
    Vejon COVID-19 Review
    Review of lung changes in vaccinated autopsies
    Watch now (25 min) | Sharing my presentation on lung pathology for the vaccinated autopsy cases. Hirschbühl, Klaus, et al. “High viral loads: what drives fatal cases of COVID-19 in vaccinees?–an autopsy study.” Modern Pathology (2022): 1-9. Read paper here > Looking at the causes for death to occur quickly…
    Read more
    a year ago · 6 likes · 3 comments · Dr Philip McMillan

    “The lack of well-developed animal models for experimental pathogenesis studies further supports the need for additional autopsy studies in humans.”
    Layne, Scott P., et al. “More autopsy studies are needed to understand the pathogenesis of severe COVID-19.” Nature medicine 28.3 (2022): 427-428.

    Summary of guidance from the WHO on autopsy

    Quote from Dr Eric Wargotz M.D. (pathologist)

    “I like to believe that most of us in healthcare believe the autopsy still has value. The “why” is mostly centered on the fact that many infectious disease, including viruses such as COVID-19, do not necessarily lead to radiologically detectable changes, particularly early in the disease, thus histological evaluation through biopsy and autopsy examination, and analyses of body fluids is essential in seeking to understand the disease processes.”

    Further question to Dr Wargotz – Thoughts on the limited number of autopsies in vaccinated individuals that were published?

    “Putting aside the real possibility that political and economic interests have been at play, one could also make the argument that the focus as been on diagnosis the disease, treating , and preventing death and complications. The evaluation of unvaccinated has taken precedence as the vaccine and limited treatment modalities have been presumed to have helped in preventing hospitalization and death from COVID-19. The following recently published article on autopsies of the vaccinated may be of interest:”
    Kaimori, Ryo, et al. “Histopathologically TMA-like distribution of multiple organ thromboses following the initial dose of the BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine (Comirnaty, Pfizer/BioNTech): an autopsy case report.” Thrombosis Journal 20.1 (2022): 1-9.

    Based on the information derived from the analysis of autopsy data, prevention of disease may be possible and treatment can be identified and targeted most appropriately.

    Autopsies need to be mandated immediately.


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