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Rohani vows to pursue a moderate foreign policy based on detente


Tehran Times | June 29, 2013

TEHRAN – Iran’s President-elect Hassan Rohani has said that he will pursue a moderate foreign policy based on detente and constructive interaction with the world to help resolve the problems facing the country.

“Moderation in foreign policy is neither surrender nor conflict, neither passiveness nor confrontation, but rather is interaction,” Rohani said in Tehran on Saturday during his first live televised speech since winning the election on June 14.

“Moderation in foreign policy should be achieved through realism based on idealism, values, self-esteem, reliance on national might, domestic capacity, and effective and constructive interaction with the world. But interaction and dialogue should take place on equal terms,” added Rohani, who has repeatedly emphasized that the tension between Iran and the West over the country’s nuclear program should be defused only through logical dialogue and active interaction.

The West suspects Iran’s nuclear program may have military dimensions. But Iran says it is entirely for peaceful purposes, such as electricity generation and medical uses.

Rohani added that engagement with the world should be based on “mutual respect, mutual detente, and interaction with the aim of building trust, but mutual confidence-building based on the rights of all Iranian people and national demands and dignity.”

Enemy seeking to portray Iran as a police state

Elsewhere in his speech, Rohani, who will take office in August, also said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran, as a great regional power or the greatest regional power at this juncture, should play its role efficiently, and this necessitates moderation.”

“The enemy is seeking to portray the Islamic Republic of Iran as a police state to the world, and we should scuttle the enemy’s plan, and we need prudence and planning and firm but fundamental steps,” he added, referring to what he had previously called a “securitized atmosphere” in the society.

Rohani promises to form an extra-factional cabinet

Commenting on the composition of his cabinet, Rohani said, “My cabinet will be completely extra-factional, and its reliance will be on merit. And given that the administration has given no commitment to any party or faction, it is not indebted to any party or faction.”

On the freedom of the press, the new president said, “A government which has its roots in the people’s support and derives its legitimacy from the participation of voters, not only is not afraid of a free press but also becomes stronger by a free press that obeys the law.”

Rohani hailed the high voter turnout in the presidential election, saying, “The election provided a unique opportunity for all. Everyone should get the message of the election, respect it, and act based on it.

“Parties, groups, the people, each and every person, and others outside Iran in other countries, should properly appreciate the message of the election and respond to it appropriately.”

The people chose a new path in the election, he said, adding, “The people said that they love their country (and care about its) destiny and national goals. The people said in the election, ‘We want change and evolution.’”

Rohani also said, “The next administration will honor the promises it has made.”

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Iran roundly denies role in Afghan bombings

Tehran Times | August 20, 2012

TEHRAN – Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast emphatically rejected claims on Sunday that Iran engineered a series of suicide bomb attacks earlier this week that killed at least 28 people in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s spy agency, the National Directorate of Security (NDS), killed two alleged insurgents and detained three more this week for what they said was their involvement in the bombings this week in Afghanistan’s Nimroz province.

The NDS claimed the five were Iranian citizens, and that they had been trained for suicide bomb missions in Iran, which borders Afghanistan to its west.

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Japan bans U.S. Osprey war planes over safety concerns

Tehran Times | July 24, 2012

Japan’s prime minister says that he will not allow the U.S. military to fly its newest transport aircraft in his country until safety concerns are first addressed.

Yoshihiko Noda told parliament on Tuesday that no flights of the MV-22 Osprey aircraft would be allowed to take place until investigations into two recent crashes were completed.

The crashes took place in April and June, and Japan says that it will not allow them to operate over its airspace and from its soil until the government is satisfied that safety checks have been completed.

The deployment of the MV-22s to a U.S. military base on the island of Okinawa has become a political headache for the Japanese government due to intense local opposition.

Okinawa hosts more than half of the roughly 50,000 U.S. troops in Japan. The deployment of the aircraft has become an issue for anti-U.S. protesters to rally around.

The first 12 Ospreys headed for Okinawa arrived in Japan on Monday.

The Osprey is a hybrid aircraft with rotors that allow it to take off like a helicopter and engines that can tilt forward, enabling it to fly like an airplane at higher speed than helicopters.

The aircraft’s development was plagued with issues in its early years in the 1990s, but U.S. officials say the technical glitches have been cleared up.

It is used by the U.S. marines, primarily as a troop transport aircraft, allowing soldiers on the ground greater range than current transport helicopters offer.

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