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Kuwait Emir Opens Gulf Summit with Call to End Syria War

Al-Manar | December 10, 2013

Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad Al-Sabah opened an annual Gulf summit on Tuesday with a call for an end to the “human catastrophe” in Syria and announced support for the nuclear agreement between Iran and World Powers.

Kuwait hosts Tuesday and Wednesday the thirty-fourth Gulf Cooperation Council summit amid serious divisions among its members.

The summit witnessed exacerbated disputes among the member states that concentrated their discussions on the new American attitude towards Iran.

Although many of the Gulf countries viewed the nuclear agreement between Iran and the world powers positively, Saudi Arabia revealed surging rage as it is concerned that the Iranian-American agreement may weaken its role in the region.

The augmenting strategic role of Iran in the region and the decline of the American dependence on the Gulf sources of energy intensified the concerns of the GCC states.

Analysts emphasized that the Gulf Union was proposed to compensate the strategic losses, yet Oman’s threat of withdrawing from the council tackled the proposal and deepened the rift among the its states.

Qatar’s concerns about being subjected to the Saudi influence also represented a main obstacle facing the union.

Economically, the disputes between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates thwarted the efforts to establish the custom union.

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