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Russian Embassy Says Hacking Accusations Coming From US Have ‘Nothing to Do With Reality’

Sputnik – 20.10.2020

WASHINGTON – The Russian Embassy in Washington has refuted US claims of alleged Russian involvement in a major cyber attack targeting officials and various large-scale events, with an embassy representative telling Sputnik that Russia has no intention to engage in destabilizing operations.

On Monday, the US charged six alleged Russian military intelligence officers with a major cyber attack, claiming that they targeted large-scale events, such as elections in France, Ukraine’s power grid and American medical facilities.

“It is quite obvious that such information has nothing to do with reality and is aimed only at stirring up Russophobic sentiments in the American society, at launching a ‘witch hunt’ and spy mania. All this has been a distinctive feature of Washington’s political life for several years now. The US authorities are consistently destroying the once pragmatic Russian-American relations and artificially imposing a toxic perception of Russia and everything connected with it on their population,” a Russian embassy representative told Sputnik.

The representative of the embassy in Washington added that “Russia does not and has not had any intention of engaging in any kind of destabilizing operations around the world. This is not in line with our foreign policy, national interests, as well as our understanding of how relations between states are built. Russia respects the sovereignty of other countries and does not interfere in their affairs.”

The Russian embassy in Canada has also dismissed all allegations concerning Russia’s alleged cyber activity, calling them “absurd and baseless.”

Global Affairs Canada and the Communications Security Establishment issued a statement on Monday saying that “Canada is concerned over reports of a series of global malicious cyber activities, as detailed in today’s statements by the United States and the United Kingdom.” According to the release, the activities “are examples of the willingness of Russian military intelligence, GRU, to target critical infrastructure and international organizations.”

The Russian embassy in Canada said on Twitter on Monday that Ottawa was damaging its relations with Moscow by issuing such groundless statements.

“Another absurd and baseless Canada allegations on Russian ‘malicious cyber activity’ copycat US-UK intelligence disinformation as part of psychological war against Russia. Ottawa is further damaging Canadian-Russian relations following its Russophobic narrative,” the embassy said.

According to the indictment, unveiled on Monday, six alleged Russian military intelligence officers have used “the world’s most destructive malware to date,” including NotPetya, which wreaked havoc globally and caused nearly $1 billion in losses to victims identified during the probe.

US authorities alleged that in December of 2015 and 2016, the conspirators launched destructive malware attacks against the electric power grid in Ukraine. In the US, hospitals in Pennsylvania were allegedly attacked with malware. US authorities claimed that the suspects also tried to undermine the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and attempted to meddle in elections in France, as well as tried to compromise the Georgian parliament network and a major media company in the post-Soviet Republic. The group also allegedly conducted “spearphishing campaigns” against investigations by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the United Kingdom’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory into the Novichok nerve agent poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, according to the indictment.

A source at the Russian Foreign Ministry told Sputnik on Monday that the accusations are groundless, aim to create anti-Russian sentiments, and are addressed to the internal audience within the context of the upcoming presidential election in the United States.

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  1. Noted. Can’t but have major concurrence with this report and its major findings and implications. (Glancing at the broad outlines of the indictment [who brought it?–Barr’s inner DoJ circle itself or some outlying agency?…I didn’t check out the link], I was amused that, to anyone grounded in reality and intrigue and gamesmanship, “spearphishing” has taken on new dimension(s)….)

    How much of this sh*t (I can’t get my head around the potential confines/scope of it all in America, much less Europe-Canada…) might be engineered as a false-flag event by the Zionist horde intent on subverting and taking over all rational discourse in the US — all in the name and interests of the Zionist colonial ideology and its platform/locus in the “holy” land? They have the espionage-type experience, cleverness, focus/obsession, hatred, amorality, victimization mentality-turned-psychosis, etc. (did I mention power, across the spectrum of money, politics, media…?), to do anything they want — and dumbed-down Americans will continue to be deliberately fenced off, by omission or commission, from essential national-security imperatives. Writing those last few words reminds me of the ultimate patriot Phil Giraldi and his Council for the National Interest, as he cries in the wilderness…also Alison Weir and her IfAmericansKnew. If only…(because the *truth* would set us free).

    Feeling kinda depressed this morning. Does it show?

    I wish we had a minimum of 20 contributors/commenters to this Aletho News forum’s every posting….

    (As much as I fear a second Adelson/Trump/Pence/Pompeo admin and the off-the-rails bully’s continuation, I fear even more the dementia-ridden Biden, the DemParty-of-Fools’ fixation on taking out Russia…and, uber alles, the waiting-in-the-wings KHarris and her Godmistress Killary….)

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    Comment by roberthstiver | October 20, 2020 | Reply

  2. WASHINGTON – “The Russian Embassy in Washington has refuted US claims of alleged Russian involvement in a major cyber attack targeting officials and various large-scale events, with an embassy representative telling Sputnik that Russia has no intention to engage in destabilizing operations”.

    I’m not in the USA but, it seems everyday there are new claims of ‘evil’ Russian spying on poor defenseless USA.
    There’s plenty of evidence of Israeli spying on almost every sector of the USA, but it never gets “blown up” in the American Media. Isn’t that strange??

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by brianharryaustralia | October 20, 2020 | Reply

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