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‘Safe vaccine’ pledges are on ever shakier ground

By Neville Hodgkinson | The Conservative Woman | June 22, 2021

DOCTORS, scientists, politicians, pharmaceutical companies and media promoting the experimental Covid vaccines as being safe and effective are rapidly being confronted with a stark choice: to save face or save lives.

As fresh evidence mounts supporting long-standing claims that the entire system of counting Covid ‘cases’ is bogus, grounds for repeatedly telling the public that the vaccines are safe are also collapsing.

The latest bombshell comes from Dr Robert Malone, an American vaccine specialist who invented the mRNA technology which is the basis of most Covid jabs, including Pfizer, Moderna, and Oxford AstraZeneca, allowing them to deliver the genetic code for the coronavirus spike protein.

The vaccine instructs body cells to produce small quantities of this toxic protein, so that the immune system can deal with it more effectively when it encounters the virus itself. Trials showed fewer patients who received the jab developed Covid-19 than those who received a placebo injection, though the numbers in both categories were very small.

But as reported here earlier this month, an unexpected and potentially lethal problem has arisen, in that the protein produced by the vaccine does not just act at the site of the jab. Animal studies using radioactive tracing have shown that it is carried through the blood to many other body sites, including the adrenal glands, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, ovaries, pancreas, pituitary gland, prostate, salivary glands, intestines, spinal cord, spleen, stomach, testes, thymus and uterus.

Once in the blood, the protein is also now known to bind to cells that line blood vessels, causing both blood clot formation and abnormal bleeding. It seems that such cases are rare, though the crazy climate of government-driven fear surrounding Covid has made many doctors reluctant to report ill-effects.

The discoveries have led some researchers to say the risks arising from the jab may be greater than those from the actual virus, since a healthy immune system deals with the virus successfully. Young people, especially, are at minimal risk of Covid-19 disease regardless of their vaccinated status.

The jab, on the other hand, has a device which protects the spike protein mechanism against immediate destruction by the body, in order to promote the immune response. At present, no one knows how much toxin is produced, nor how long it lasts in the body.

In a social media tweet posted yesterday, Malone declared: ‘The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is cytotoxic [it poisons body cells]. That is a fact. Who says so? Multiple peer-reviewed references. The Salk Institute. It is the responsibility of the vaccine developers to demonstrate that their expressed version is not toxic. Show us.’

And in a long interview with evolutionary biologist Dr Bret Weinstein, Malone says he warned US regulators many months ago that the vaccine could be dangerous. But proper evaluation of the risks is still not being carried out, he says, despite thousands of reports of deaths and disease associated with the vaccination drive.

Malone has issued a warning to public health experts, researchers and vaccine developers that if they fail to carry out rigorous, fact-based and transparent safety evaluations, ‘we play right into the hands of anti-vaxxer memes and validate many of their arguments. The suppression of information, discussion, and outright censorship concerning these current Covid vaccines which are based on gene therapy technologies cast a bad light on the entire vaccine enterprise.’

Writing in TrialSite News, an independent news and information platform dedicated to clinical research transparency and biomedical research, he says a Canadian primary-care physician told him recently of six cases of post-vaccination adverse events, all highly unusual in his own experience, after his patients received the Pfizer product.

‘What was most alarming to me was that each of these cases were reported as per the proper channels in Canada, and each was summarily determined to not be vaccine-related by the authorities, without significant investigation.

‘Furthermore, he reported to me that any practising physician in Canada who goes public with concerns about vaccine safety is subjected to a storm of derision from academic physicians, and potential termination of employment.’

Malone goes on: ‘What are official public health leaders afraid of? Why is it necessary to suppress discussion and full disclosure of information concerning safety risks?

‘Let’s analyse the vaccine-related adverse event data rigorously. Is there information or patterns that can be found, such as the recent finding of the cardiomyopathy [heart muscle damage] signals, or the latent virus reactivation signals? We should be enlisting the best biostatistics and machine-learning experts to examine these data, and the results should – no, must – be made available to the public promptly.’

Because of the experimental nature of the vaccines, the public receiving them are basically research subjects, and ‘fundamental bioethical principles for clinical research’ are being violated through the suppression of information and debate. ‘I believe that this must stop,’ Malone says.

He also has a warning – which should perhaps be heeded by UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who this week floated the idea of lifting Covid isolation rules for those who have had two jabs – against public health policies involving coercion in medical research.  (Currently, anybody told by NHS Test and Trace that they are a contact of somebody who has tested positive for the virus must self-isolate for ten days.)

‘The Geneva Convention, the Helsinki Declaration, and the entire structure which supports ethical human subjects research requires that research subjects be fully informed of risks and must consent to participation without coercion. Has that bright line been crossed?’

In the same video featuring Malone, Bret Weinstein also interviews Steve Kirsch, an entrepreneur who recently published an article in TrialSite News describing how he has changed his mind over the Covid vaccines after researching their adverse effects. He and his three daughters all received two doses of the Moderna shot. He writes:

‘I recently learned that these vaccines have likely killed over 25,800 Americans (which I confirmed three different ways) and disabled at least 1,000,000 more. And we’re only halfway to the finish line. We need to PAUSE these vaccines NOW before more people are killed.

‘Based on what I now know about the minuscule vaccine benefits (approximately a 0.3 per cent reduction in absolute risk), side effects (including death), current Covid rates, and the success rate of early treatment protocols, the answer I would give today to anyone asking me for advice as to whether to take any of the current vaccines would be, Just say NO.

‘The current vaccines are particularly contraindicated if you have already been infected with Covid or are under age 20. For these people, I would say NO! NO! NO!’

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  1. People want to feel safe, but they don’t want to do the necessary research to see what “safe” is


    Comment by Aeneas Precht | June 22, 2021 | Reply

  2. According to my Concise Oxford Dictionary, the definition of ‘safe’ is: “secure, out of or not exposed to danger”. With the recorded number of deaths and adverse reactions, these experimental gene therapies can, in no way, be described as safe. Those who promote them as such are homicidal liars, and that includes the pharmaceutical companies, governments and the medical profession.


    Comment by Bill Francis | June 22, 2021 | Reply

  3. Any clown that is stupid enough to imagine that the drug cartels, the pedovore scum we call politicians, their presstitutes and the satanic elitist filth that own them all give a damn about the health of the pathetic ovine bleating herd deserves to be shot full of mRNA toxic filth and shipped straight to the bone yard. Stupidity will always pay the price coz evolution is a messy business.

    Pfizer macht frei
    Same as it ever waZ


    Comment by Martillo | June 22, 2021 | Reply

  4. After what I now know and putting it together from prior Flu Shot years where I did get sick after and they said then they simply didn’t get the right strain that time I already was concerned it was hogwash and to me, this has just confirmed to me I was right all along and while there are 7 CORONAS what happened to them and there yearly rise did they vanish and get replaced By COVID 19 a or is it proof we been BSed for many years


    Comment by wteach64 | June 22, 2021 | Reply

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