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Your child’s education will be safeguarded by common sense, facts, political will and a new bill.

By Laura Dodsworth | November 5, 2021

This is a rapid response to a video released on Twitter by the Department of Health and Social Care which states that “Your child’s education will be safeguarded by them being vaccinated.”


This video is an example of logical fallacy. Here are few facts to support alternative reasoning:

  1. Locking down schools was a political decision. The UK had the second longest school closures in Europe. In contrast, Sweden only closed upper secondary schools (16 years+).
  2. Schools did not play a significant role in driving transmission of Covid-19, but rather they reflect the level of transmission in the community.
    According to Dr Shamez Ladhani, Consultant Paediatrician at PHE, the latest results of the School Infection Survey show that infection and antibody positivity rates of school children did not exceed those of the community. Dr Ladhani commented, “This is reassuring and confirms that schools are not hubs of infection.”
    This was also indicated by the PHE study from England’s school re-opening in August 2020, which concluded that “infections in the wider community likely driving cases in schools.”
  3. The vaccines do not stop transmission or infection, although they may reduce the risk of transmission, and they reduce the severity of symptoms and the risk of hospitalisation. There are too many conflicting reports and papers to offer one definitive link, but there is broad consensus for these points.
  4. Covid is not a serious illness for children and young people and symptoms are normally very mild.
  5. The key point: Three quarters of children aged between five and 14 have already been infected with Covid, and as a result cases are now falling. Overall, Covid cases are falling.
  6. Closing schools was incredibly damaging to children and young people, and there’s now a proposed ‘triple lock’ bill, The Schools and Education Settings (Essential Infrastructure and Opening During Emergencies) Bill, to prevent such a terrible disaster befalling the younger generation again.

Vaccination should be chosen by parents and their children for the medical benefits it confers, and based on an informed consideration of the benefits and risks. Parents and children should not be subtly threatened with further school closures.

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  1. I agree almost lockstep with this moderate and reasonable commentary. I would only remark mildly re “Locking down schools was a political decision.”: Well, yes, and it almost/precisely *had to be* a political decision in the extant political/societal environment. But at the same time, wasn’t it ineluctably and inseparably a *”health-sector”* decision? Can’t I justifiably equate it to a *personal/individual* decision, to wit: If one is experiencing a virulent infectious disease — it need not only be CoVID; how about head lice or a nasty skin rash? — wouldn’t one automatically *”lockdown”* oneself, isolate, get over the damned condition with rest, rigorous cleansing, medication as needed, rapt attention et al, and emerge from isolation when transmissible symptoms of the scourge are vastly reduced or eliminated? Is it incongruous to expand the scope and common-sense reality of such a “micro”-level process to the larger/”macro” world that surrounds all of us?


    Comment by roberthstiver | November 5, 2021 | Reply

    • Yes Robert, in public health policy until COVID it was always “isolate the sick never the healthy”. Nobody has demanded that sick children attend school.

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      Comment by aletho | November 5, 2021 | Reply

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