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Hamas slams UK’s intention to label it as a ‘terrorist organization’

MEMO | November 19, 2021

The Palestinian Hamas resistance movement, on Friday, decried the British intention to label it as a “terrorist organization”Anadolu News Agency reports.

In a statement, the group said Britain continues “favouring the (Israeli) aggressor at the expense of the (Palestinian) victims.”

“Resisting the occupation with all possible means, including armed resistance, is a guaranteed right by the international law for the people under occupation,” Hamas statement said.

It added: “The (Israeli) occupation is terrorism. Killing the indigenous people, expelling them by force, demolishing their homes and detaining them are terrorism.”

The statement urged the international community, including Britain, to stop the “double standards and the grave violation of the international law.”

UK Home Secretary, Priti Patel, is expected to outlaw Hamas for “links to terrorism and anti-Semitism against Jewish people.”

Since 2001, the UK has been calling the Hamas armed wing—Ezzeddin Al-Qassam Brigades—a terrorist organization, but did not include the Hamas political bureau within the designation.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, on Twitter welcomed the decision by Britain, claiming: “Hamas is a terrorist organization.”

“I welcome the UK’s intention to declare Hamas a terrorist organization in its entirety because that’s exactly what it is,” he added.

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  1. Congratulations for speaking out and making very valid points, dispassionately, despite the one-sided, unjust, hypocritical and illegal conspiring of the Home Secretary with the terrorist state. Also, it is the height of hypocrisy for Israelis to call Hamas ‘anti-Semitic’ when the Palestinians are largely Semitic, while the illegal occupiers are not Semites but largely Khazars,

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    Comment by jbthring | November 19, 2021 | Reply

  2. We Hamas, the legitimate gov’t of Palestine declare both
    Yid and Cocksucker to be terrorist entities.

    Anything you have to say to or about us is of no interest is illegitimate.

    Go before your lord, Satan, and receive mega doses of more horse shit.

    F–k off.


    The Palestinian People


    Comment by 5 dancing shlomos | November 19, 2021 | Reply

  3. Priti Patel is just another one of Israel’s paid Political Whores who is protected by tghe Jews in the UK and Israel despite the fact she is a BULLY being sued by her fellow Colleagues who all branded her a Bully but BOJO cannot get rid of her because his Israeli Handlers will not allow it. Patel I suspect is being primed, groomed and mentored to become the next Consertaive PArty Leader and even Prime Minister once Bojp serves his purpose and is discarded, as they all have their expiry date, surplus to requirement
    Priti Patel is a political whore who will sleep with whoever it takes to get to the top as she is a brutal Opportunist just like Kamala Harris.
    As for terrorist tags, ISRAEL was created by TERRORISTS- Haganna, Stern Gang Irgun and many of its terrorist leaders became Presidents and Prime Ministers of the Terrorist Military Israeli Entity occupying Palestine. In fact these Terrorist Gangs who killed many British personnel at the King David Hotel and assassinated Count Bernadotte, MORPHED into what we now know as MOSSAD with their ‘Torah based By way of deception, thou shalt do war. I dont think Israel is in any moral position to talk about Terroris with its own Zionist BRANDTHE FATHER OF TERRORISM – Menachem Begin, the terrorist founder of Israel’s ruling Likud party, bragged about being “the father of terrorism in all the world.” The Likud party is now headed by Benjamin Netanyahu.
    “How does it feel, in the light of all that’s going on, to be the father of terrorism in the Middle East?”
    “In the Middle East?” he [Begin] bellowed, in his thick, cartoon accent. “In all the world!”
    – Russell Warren Howe interview with Menachem Begin, January 1974 […/]
    Under the Geneva Convention Charter, any people whose Nation is Occupied have a moral right to RESIST.
    Just as the Europeans set up Resistance Movements against Nazi Germany, Palestinians have their Resistance Groups to fight against the Terrorism and occupation by Israel, number one world Terrorist State that branches into so many countries carryiong out assassinations, Coups and Terrorist attacks – USS Liberty, 9/11, 07/07, Mumbai [with Hindu terrorist BJP] and many others throughout Europe.
    Funny how Europeans only accept their Freedom Fighters and Resistance Movements but will not extend the moral and just courtesy to Occupied Palestinians and other Arabs/Muslims they helped Occupy and colonise.

    ZIonism IS TERRORISM a fabric of Israelli Society, inbred in them

    Lebanon too had their Resistance Movement Hezbollah that freed their country from Israeli occupation.
    Anyone who resists and opposes Israel is FALSELY tagged as Terrorists and as for the Anti Semitic claptrap so over used ad nauseum, the real Anti Semites are the majority of today’s NON SEMITIC Khazarian Jews who have zero genetic Semitic blood in them whereas ARABS are ALL Semites and Israel and Jews continue to be Anti Semitic against them..
    So the Political BITCH and whore Priti Patel should take a good hard look at her ugly image in her Zionist whore house mirror that reflects what a racist Hindu Opprortunist she is, especially as she is the draling of that other Zionist anti Muslim Racist BJp Modi. So they both keep good company with their Israeli darlings.
    You can take your Terrorism tag and your anti Semitism claptrap and shove it where the sun dont shine

    time to permanently retire
    those bogeyman terms “anti-semite” and “holocaust denier” –
    the Jews no longer have any higher moral ground to stand on, and for far too
    long, they have got away with using these terms to harass and intimidate
    people, and destroy people’s careers and lives. [Elena]
    Forget the anti-Semitism fallacy, let’s focus on the Palestinians
    ‘Often when there is dissent expressed in the United States against policies of the Israeli government, people here are called anti-Semitic. What is your response to that as an Israeli Jew?
     former Israeli Minister of Education Shulamit Aloni: Well, it’s a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country people are criticizing Israel, then they are anti-Semitic. And the organization is strong, and has a lot of money, and the ties between Israel and the American Jewish establishment are very strong and they are strong in this country, as you know. And they have power…” (Video and full transcript)

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    Comment by Maisoon | November 19, 2021 | Reply

  4. The British Parliament, just like the American Congress, has a very large Jewish representation within it, and, of course, they will fall in behind the Americans in ‘siding’ with their Jewish kin, in Palestein……


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | November 19, 2021 | Reply

  5. Well said, Maisoon – apart from a few indelicacies! But nothing is delicate about Israeli occupation and their dirty tricks. They shame the entire Jewish diaspora which does little to remonstrate and censure their co-cultists. Their tacit endorsement of the torture and Genocide of the Palestinians must garner public antithesis which will result in outrage presaging a final solution.

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    Comment by jbthring | November 20, 2021 | Reply

  6. Apologies for the spelling errors in my comment


    Comment by Maisoon | November 20, 2021 | Reply

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