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Palestinians’ life under Israeli occupation: Israeli soldiers describe their actions in Hebron

If Americans Knew

Israeli soldiers describe their actions in the Palestinian city of Hebron in the West Bank, and of Israeli settlers living there – from the film by Israeli director Rona Segal, “‘Everyone’s a Suspect.’ Six Former Israeli Soldiers Speak on Their Time in Hebron.” See the full film at…

Segal says: “I joined the army when I was 18 years old. Military service is mandatory in Israel (with few exemptions) and we’re instructed to never doubt its necessity. But I wanted to make films, so I maneuvered my way into the Israel Defense Forces’ film unit. “The army is where I learned the craft of filmmaking, and making the short documentary above allowed me to go back to those years. But now, as an independent filmmaker, I have a different perspective, a perspective that most 18-year-olds simply don’t have. “Here, ex-soldiers share their accounts of day-to-day operations on the ground in Hebron, the largest Palestinian city in the West Bank. They offer a view that has rarely been seen by the public.”


U.S. politicians from both parties vote to give Israel over $10 million per day of Americans’ tax money. For more information on this issue see

An Israeli rubber-coated metal bullet cost Izzuddin, 14, his right eye

Defence for Children Palestine

On April 9, 2021, Israeli forces shot 14-year-old Izzuddin al-Batsh in the right eye with a rubber-coated metal bullet while he was working at his uncle’s vegetable market in the old city of Hebron in the southern occupied West Bank. Several months later, Izzuddin recounts the difficulties he faced to receive treatment and what his life is like now with an artificial eye.

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  1. This story brings tears to the eyes, as do so many stories of the innocent victims of Izraeli aggression. The ‘rubber-coated’ steel bullet was uncovered by MP David Mellor when he visited Palestine in the 1960’s. For the IOF to call its bullets ‘rubber-coated’ echoes the deceit used to cover up their criminal persecution of Palestinians by libelling Hamas as a ‘terrorist organization’ when it is heroically working to save the lives, health and welfare of the inmates of the besieged Gaza open air prison. And the insidious attacks on children echo the terrorist Irgun and other Jewish gangs who murdered Palestinians in the early chapters of Zionist ‘colonialism’, hoping the World would not notice. Unfortunately for Judaism these atrocities are known, are ingrained in their despicable history and will stand to condemn its adherents.


    Comment by jbthring | November 22, 2021 | Reply

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