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MSNBC Misinfo: Zeke Emanuel Peddles Fear, Says Unvaxxed Children ‘Likely To Get Serious Case Of Covid’

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge | February 5, 2022

Dr Ezekiel Emanuel – former Biden Covid-19 adviser and brother of former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (and the real ‘Ari Gold’ from Entourage) appeared on MSNBC Wednesday, where he proceeded to peddle the lie that unvaccinated children are ‘likely’ to get a ‘serious’ case of Covid.

“This repeats what we’ve seen in older kids, five and above, where we know the vaccine does protect very well. And there we still have under 50%, I believe, of the children vaccinated, and that’s a serious problem for the country,” Emanuel told host Kristen Welker after she asked about parents’ willingness to vaccinate their children. “Parents have to be more willing – I think they hear some of these rare side effects and think they’re very common.”

With the omicron variant, kids are either going to get the vaccine or they’re likely to get a serious condition of omicronHaving omicron with the vaccine is almost invariably going to be better and safer for children,” Emanuel added. “I am confused about parents’ attitudes. Five and above seems like a no-brainer. Two to five, I understand some hesitancy. Two and under with the small dose, I think probably a very good idea.”

It’s been widely established that Omicron is a relatively mild strain of Covid – from which children face an extremely low risk.

Another recent study cited by economist Emily Oster also reiterated the extremely low risk young children face of severe COVID-19 outcomes. “What we can say is that based on everything we know, the risks to small children from COVID-19 are extremely small,” she wrote. –Fox News

MSNBC faced harsh criticism over Emanuel’s statement.

The network even tweeted (and then deleted) the easily debunked misinformation, receiving a serious ratio of comments to ‘likes.’

Intentional? Or…

Following the backlash, Emanuel issued a Saturday tweet in which he says he “misspoke.”

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  1. If it’s your child who gets myocarditis or becomes paralyzed, it doesn’t matter how “rare” it is. The point that every pusher of these covid “vaccines ” dances around is that there is no informed consent. The risks of sustaining a severe vaccine injury or dying are not being openly discussed. Almost everyone should know by now that even with other covid variants, the risks posed to children of severe illness is extremely low and it is practically non-existent with Omicron. Why is Ezekiel still a thing?


    Comment by Fran | February 6, 2022 | Reply

  2. Just another spokesman for the global paedophile network, supported by paedophile loving media.


    Comment by Bill Francis | February 6, 2022 | Reply

  3. 64 yrs polluting life along with brother
    following his own ethics
    zeke will gladly remove himself at 75.
    11 years wait way too long to say good riddance
    to rubbish.


    Comment by 5 dancing shlomos | February 6, 2022 | Reply

    • Next time he needs medical attention, maybe they will still be incentivized to give him remdesivir. Happens all the time.


      Comment by aletho | February 6, 2022 | Reply

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