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90% Have No Intention Of Buying Electric Cars

By Paul Homewood | Not A Lot Of People Know That | February 28, 2022

imageMaybe somebody might explain one day why the AA President, who traditionally was supposed to look after members’ interests is so determined to get rid of the cars that the vast majority of his members want to drive?

Meanwhile, the fact that only 10% plan to buy an electric car by 2027 is a disaster for both the government’s plans, as well as motor manufacturers who who will need to invest billions before then to set up assembly lines and retool. As they will also have to drastically cut back on production of conventional cars at the same time, many drivers will be forced to buy imported cars.

I simply cannot see how the car industry can go from selling 300,000 cars a year, to 3 million in the space of a couple of years.

Also interesting to see that one in five are planning to buy a hybrid, double the number of plug in electrics. Given that all hybrids will be banned by 2035 anyway, this surely is a dead end sector. Why on earth would manufacturers spend billions developing hybrid technology and production lines, when hybrids have no long term future?

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  1. Electric cars self-combust (L-ion battery), are not allowed in some condo parkades and as more buildings catch fire from these wasteful cars, they’ll not be allowed in any buildings. They are not practical in large countries such as Canada where being stuck in the snow in the ditch will quickly run down the battery and frozen L ion batteries are hard to start. Now they are making fusion energy, the electric cars – fueled by a diesel generator somewhere in the background at a charging station, are fast becoming obsolete. Fusion, not fission, is the cheapest energy and will be powering everything in the near future.


    Comment by D. Clarke | February 28, 2022 | Reply

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