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One Word Sums Up “Public Health” in 2022

By James Lyons-Weiler |  Popular Rationalism | February 15, 2022

There are a lot of words that could characterize “Public Health” in 2022.

Some that come to mind:

-Not credible




The one word that sums up “Public Health” in 2022?


“Public Health” has suffered from increasing and now severe vaccine myopia since the “prevention” program rose to power in the CDC.

Their one-sided thinking was fairly restricted to pediatrics but now has infected allopathic medicine.

Why are they untrustworthy?

For me, it’s because they willfully ignore evidence that challenges their policy positions. Worse, they work to destroy it (targeting papers for retraction, and peoples’ reputations).

They lie to themselves.

Their disdain for evidence that runs counter to their narrative places them outside of the demarcation zone of Science.

Here’s an example:

In the UK, the triple vaccinated now account for the majority of Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations & deaths (See ).

This should be on the front page of Public Health England’s webpage. Oh, wait, that’s right, PHE was “Public Health England was replaced by UK Health Security Agency and Office for Health Improvement and Disparities”.

And they want us to accept school mandates in places like Washington State.

The public trusted public health with their lives and their livelihoods. There are still people in “Public Health” defending lock-downs.

And they want us to trust them and support them in their quest for a “Universal COVID Vaccine” – one that targets “all variants” – an impossible task given the rate of evolution of RNA and how widespread SARS-CoV-2 is across the globe (See: Washington Post ).

They are untrustworthy because have turned a blind eye to the full balance of the data.

Here are some synonymous that might help you in your communications today

Dishonest, deceitful, not to be trusted, double-dealing, treacherous, traitorous, two-faced, janus-faced, unfaithful, duplicitous, dishonorable, unprincipled, unscrupulous, corrupt, shady, shifty, underhanded.

See how many of the following characteristics apply to “Public Health” from an article on five characteristics of untrustworthy people from (5 Ways to Tell if Someone Is Untrustworthy):

1. They lie to themselves

2. They project behaviors on you that are clearly not ones you are exhibiting

3. They breach confidentiality

4. They show a lack of empathy

5. Their emotional state is volatile, and they have a pattern of inconsistency and fickleness in their decisions

The byline of the article reads “Trust is the superglue of relationships, but if you spot these behaviors, it’s time to find a new partner to do business with.”


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