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Russia’s ruble payment plan leaves European gas buyers confused

Samizdat | March 23, 2022

German gas industry group Zukunft Gas said on Wednesday it was confused by the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the switch of payments for Russian natural gas supplies to rubles.

“We took the message that Russia wants [us] to pay for gas supplies only in rubles with great confusion,” Timm Kehler, the director general of Zukunft Gas, told DPA agency. “We can’t predict at this moment what specific implications this will have for the gas trade,” Kehler said.

Meanwhile, Austrian OMV said it was going to continue to pay for Russian gas in euros. According to the head of the company, they have no other contractual basis.

President Putin announced earlier in the day that Russia will now accept payment for gas exports to “unfriendly countries” in rubles only.

The measure is the first serious response from Moscow to sanctions imposed on Russia by the US and its allies over the conflict in Ukraine. A number of mostly Western countries have taken steps to isolate Russia from their financial systems. Major Russian banks have been cut off from the SWIFT payment network, making it difficult for the country to continue transactions in euros and US dollars.

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  1. Just as Saudi Arabia will only accept payment for Oil in American Dollars(giving rise to the name “Petrodollars”) Putin, by insisting of payment for Russian Gas, only in Russian Rubles, (meaning that those countries will have to purchase Rubles to pay for gas will/May give rise to the term “Petro-Rubles”………Two can play this evil game…….Putin is “Rat Smart”…….


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | March 23, 2022 | Reply

  2. The IOU fiat filth petroscrip toilet paper dollah and its gimp basturd €urodollah is getting flushed from the clogged ponzi sewer in the Wall St shitter of the anglozionazi empire of shit. Watch the tsunami of toxic derivative filth sweep away all pretension of power in the diseased “West”.

    Poke the Bear and you get your extremities ripped to bits. Time for the oligarch owned EuroPeons to send their snaggle-toothed Pentacon legions home to Slumville USSA for their fast approaching “civil” war kick off. The future of Urupp, if indeed it has one, is with the East as Bismarck tried to explain to the retards more than a century ago.


    Comment by Not you either | March 25, 2022 | Reply

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