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Vietnam to introduce vaccine passports

By Ken Macon | Reclaim The Net | April 4, 2022

Despite some countries finally starting to sour on the idea, Vietnam’s Ministry of Health has announced it will start rolling out vaccine passports this month. 99% of the country’s adult population has received two doses of the Covid vaccines and yet the country is still planning to introduce a checkpoint society.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health’s Department of Information Technology said that the vaccination status of people would be confirmed at the local level beginning April 8 and the vaccine passport will start rolling out on April 15.

The spokesperson said that those who are not fully vaccinated and those whose vaccination information is wrong would not get vaccine passports, keeping them locked out of parts of society. The ministry encouraged people to re-check their vaccine information and report errors.

The vaccine passport, which will be available as a QR code, will contain a person’s name, date of birth, the disease they have been vaccinated against, the number of doses, and dates of vaccination.

Citizens will be required to show their ID cards when presenting the vaccine passport.

The vaccine passport will expire after one year, after which one will be notified and provided with another QR code, if applicable.

The vaccine passport will be available through the Digital Health or PC Covid-19 apps. Those without the apps will get their passports through a government website that will be made available before the end of this week.

As of April 1, Vietnam had administered over 200 million shots of Covid-19 vaccines. 100% of its adult population has received one shot, 99% have received the second shot, and 50% have gotten a booster shot. 99% of the 12 to 17 age group have received one shot and 94% have received the second shot.

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