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Kiev Plans False Flag Missile Strikes on Mass Gatherings in Western Ukraine on 8 May – MoD

By Tim Corso | Samizdat | May 7, 2022

The Russian Defence Ministry has stated that Ukrainian forces are planning a false flag operation involving missile strikes at gatherings of civilians in the Lvov and Volyn regions in Ukraine’s west. The ministry said that the goal of this operation is to falsely accuse Russia of causing civilian deaths.

“The Kiev regime plans to carry out yet another sophisticated provocation involving the death of civilians in the western regions of the country on May 8 during the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation celebrated in Ukraine instead of the Victory Day […] It will be carried out in order to accuse the Russian Armed Forces of indiscriminate missile strikes”, the ministry said.

The ministry elaborated that Ukrainian forces will be using Tochka-U missiles for this purpose. Kiev has repeatedly accused Moscow of firing these missiles at Ukrainian civilian targets, but Moscow strongly denied these accusations, noting that the Russian Armed Forces stopped using Tochka-U missiles a long time ago, unlike its Ukrainian counterpart.

Russia has repeatedly stressed that its forces are only targeting military installations in Ukraine as they carry out the special military operation. Moscow accused Kiev’s forces of hitting civilian infrastructure to delay Russian forces’ advance and later accuse them of damaging these targets.

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  1. YOUTUBE Proof Zelensky REJECTED Peace With Russia in 2019 and in 2022
    Apr 5, 2022
    Reporting from the Wall Street Journal as well as recently unearthed video footage of an interview with a top lieutenant of President Zelensky reveal that Ukrainian leadership was not only well aware of the risk of a Russian invasion, but that Zelensky and company rejected a possible peace deal and instead allowed Russia to be pressured by the US and NATO to launch that invasion. Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté discuss the options faced by Ukraine prior to the Russian invasion.
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    YOUTUBE: Irish Politician EVISCERATES Pro-Ukraine Warmongers & NATO
    Apr 9, 2022

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    Clare Daly is an Irish representative in the European Parliament, and among the few willing to speak out against NATO, call out the organization’s lengthy history of aggression around the globe and criticize western nations’ role in fomenting the Ukraine crisis.

    Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss Daly’s recent fiery pro-peace speech in front of her fellow members of the European Parliament.

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    YOUTUBE: Sean Penn Pushes Using Nuclear Weapons In Ukraine War
    Apr 9, 2022

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    Academy Award-winning actor and acclaimed director Sean Penn recently appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Channel show to discuss the Ukraine war and the options available to NATO in assisting with the Ukrainians’ cause. Surprisingly, the noted “leftist” Penn expresses concern that the United States might be “intimidated” by Russia into NOT deploying nuclear weapons and launching World War III.

    Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss the Hollywood icon’s bizarre sideways call for nuclear annihilation.

    YOUTUBE: Guess What Putin Just Did – MASTERFUL Move!
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    Google: Klaus Schwab.
    This is the Nazi who is going around picking politicians to put into power.
    YOUTUBE: Video: Trudeau & Cabinet Trained By Global Economic Cabal – Admits WEF Chairman
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    Ukrainian Police Said They Conducted “Clearing Op” in Bucha a Day Before Dead Body Videos Emerged
    Narrative fail
    By Paul Joseph Watson | Summit News | April 4, 2022
    Ukrainian police posted on Facebook that they had conducted a “clearing op” in Bucha the day before videos emerged showing dead bodies scattered around the settlement, as the war of words over the alleged “war crime” continues.

    NATO powers and pro-Ukraine commentators have seized upon the alleged atrocity in a bid to escalate the war, with MSNBC hosts and guests even asserting that it justifies directly attacking Russia and putting American boots on the ground in Ukraine.
    MSNBC host Ali Velshi demanded “direct military involvement,” something that would almost inevitably kick off World War III, in response to the alleged incident.
    Former Army Major John Spencer also appeared on the same show to demand American “boots on the ground” in Ukraine.
    Moscow has vehemently denied involvement, claiming Ukraine shelled the city after Russian troops had already withdrawn.

    The only evidence offered so far pointing to Russian responsibility is the claims of Ukrainian authorities, with are being breathlessly amplified by the mainstream media without an ounce of skepticism.

    Margaret Brennan of CBS admitted that Ukrainian President Zelensky’s team had “handed” her the videos and they were broadcast, as journalist Michael Tracey wrote, with “zero independent corroboration.”
    The notion that Ukrainian authorities, who have been caught staging innumerable incidents already in a bid to lobby for more NATO military involvement, would lie about this is seemingly not even a consideration.
    A timeline provided from reporting by the New York Times suggests that pro-Ukrainian Azov neo-nazi militants entered Bucha after Russian troops left and after the Mayor of Bucha had announced the town’s liberation with no mention of any atrocities.
    One member of Azov was reportedly heard asking if he could shoot individuals who weren’t wearing blue armbands.
    Another report asserts that Ukrainian national police posted on Facebook how they had conducted a “clearing operation” in Bucha before the alleged atrocities occurred accompanied by a video of their men walking around the town.
    “Today, on 2 April, in the liberated city of Bucha, Kiev region, special units of the Ukrainian National Police began clearing the area of saboteurs and accomplices of Russian troops,” the Facebook post said.
    As ever, with propaganda on both sides, it is virtually impossible to know what happened in Bucha, but to claim it’s an open and shut case of “war crimes” as the western media proclaims without any independent evidence is clearly ludicrous.


    Comment by Pip | May 7, 2022 | Reply

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