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NYC to Close “Toddler COVID Vaccine Sites” — due to NO DEMAND

By Igor Chudov | August 13, 2022

Great news! New York City is closing “Infant COVID Vaccination Sites”, citing lack of demand, next week!

In effect, New York is really forced to do the same thing as DeSantis did in Florida — it is closing vaccination clinics for infants, which DeSantis never even opened. While in Florida it was done thanks to the Governor, in New York it happened because parents refused to give their children the Covid vaccine.

The ridiculous explanation NYC gave, is that they are “pivoting to monkeypox”.

This is a huge win for New Yorkers and for people everywhere.

This also means that our anti-Covid-vax activity, broadly speaking, is NOT a waste of time. Mind you, the media keeps lying, as usual. The New York Times, the most important newspaper in New York, is mum about this closure. Google does not show any articles about it except the one I quoted, either.

But people noticed and the public opinion has turned from most people wanting COVID vaccines a year ago to 90% not wanting any extra doses. It did not just happen by itself. We made it happen.

I want to thank my readers who shared my anti-Covid-vaccine-for-babies articles like crazy. That helped, perhaps to a very tiny extent, to warn parents of the danger of giving their kids Covid vaccines.

If people like us did not spread it, nobody would know the truth!

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  1. Anyone who hasn’t woken up to this Covid 19 Bull’sheet’ by now is living in denial. The “Pushers” of these vaccines have been discredited, and are now looking like what they actually are…..DRUG PUSHERS, with an array of new Vaccines, to pump into your children’s bodies….If you let them.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | August 14, 2022 | Reply

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