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Did the BBC unwittingly reveal the true proportion of unvaccinated as at least 20%

Norman Fenton | August 12, 2022

In the BBC2 documentary “Unvaccinated” it was claimed that only 8% of the UK adult population is unvaccinated.

This is the ONS figure and we challenged this:…

But for the programme itself the BBC commissoned a large survey which, we show, revealed that 26% were unvacinated.

To understand why it is so critical to get an accurate estimate of the proportion of unvaccinated see this 2 minute accompanying video:

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  1. The ‘reported results’ of that British survey are clearly wrong and have been presented to LIE about Covid 19 vaccines(and the lie(s) have been repeated around the World, presumably to scare people into getting the vaccinated UP to the highest point possible. We are being LIED TO, and this is the common thread of the Covid “story” all around the World.
    Stir up mass panic, and if it succeeds most people around the World will get vaccinated. Presumably, there is a high percentage of people who will no ‘swallow the lies”(such as myself).
    We cannot believe EVERYTHING that governments tell us, and we have very good reasons in NOT TRUSTING Them.
    It is our Governments that use the MSM to keep us in a state of permanent anxiety, about the reality.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | August 14, 2022 | Reply

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