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Disappearing YouTube Misinformation Prevention Policies on Masks and Social Distancing

The Naked Emperor’s Newsletter | August 23, 2022

Earlier in the year YouTube’s COIVD-19 medical misinformation policy wouldn’t allow you to post content which contradicted the WHO’s or local health authorities’ guidance on various issues including:

  • Social distancing;
  • Claims that wearing a mask is dangerous or causes negative physical health effects;
  • Claims that masks do not play a role in preventing the contraction or transmission of COVID-19

Now, it’s perfectly fine, signalling that those claims are no longer misinformation. Too bad if you previously had your account cancelled for questioning those policies. You should know by now when it is ok to question The Science™ and when it is verboten. Do keep up.



August 25, 2022 - Posted by | Full Spectrum Dominance, Science and Pseudo-Science | ,

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