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Forty-Two Volunteers Snort AstraZeneca Intramuscular Vector Vaccine, Fail to Develop Mucosal Immunity

eugyppius – October 11, 2022

Attempts by Oxford University and AstraZeneca researchers to induce mucosal immunity by introducing their adenovirus vector product directly to the mucosal membranes of 30 unvaccinated and 12 double-vaccinated volunteers, have gone down in flames. Only a minority of participants developed mucosal immunity at all, and serum-antibody levels were worse than those elicited by intramuscular injections.

From the Financial Times, we learn that the trial involved no new vaccine product at all, and that participants were merely asked to snort the AstraZeneca intramuscular formulation:

Oxford’s Sandy Douglas, chief investigator on the trial, said the spray, which used the same formulation as the intramuscular version of the vaccine, did not perform as well as researchers had hoped.

“We believe that delivery of vaccines to the nose and lungs remains a promising approach, but this study suggests there are likely to be challenges in making nasal sprays a reliable option,” said Douglas. He said the weaker result was possibly the result of the majority of the spray ending up being swallowed and destroyed in the stomach, although targeted delivery into the lungs could avoid that.

If you can’t just spray vaccine up your nose and hope for the best, then I guess all those nasal spray flu vaccines with frightening names like FluMist Quadrivalent and Fluenz Tetra are equally pointless. Probably the entire influenza vaccination project is a top-to-bottom pharmaceutical scam. Otherwise, companies like AstraZeneca are clearly struggling to find a market for all the obsolete spike protein juice they’ve spent the last two years brewing. The bivalent mRNA doses are one way to get rid of that excess product. It looks like remarketed nasal sprays aren’t going to fly, though.

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  1. “Snorting” a vaccine?….The world vaccine and the World drug trade may be in bed with each other….truth is stranger than fiction.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | October 13, 2022 | Reply

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