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Von der Leyen presented with Great Reset award

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has singled out Ursula von der Leyen for her “extraordinary commitment” to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Free West Media | October 23, 2022

The Gates Foundation named Von der Leyen as one of the four winners of the so-called Goalkeepers Global Goals Awards. The other winners are Radhika Batra, co-founder of Every Infant Matters; Zahra Joya, a journalist from Afghanistan; and Vanessa Nakate, a climate activist from Uganda.

Until recently, the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset was called a conspiracy theory. This week, the EU Commission president received an award for her commitment to the same Great Reset.

The award ceremony, presented by Bill Gates and his ex-wife Melinda French Gates, was not supposed to be satire: Von der Leyen was praised for her role in the purchase and distribution of Corona vaccines. Her husband Heiko, is the director of Orgenesis, which is owned by Pfizer – the same company that Ursula signed a secret 71 billion euro contract with.

“It is a great honour to receive this award,” the EU boss said. She dedicated the award to the millions of Europeans who “helped us all get through the pandemic”. “From the scientists, who developed the life-saving vaccines, to the healthcare workers on the frontline. This award is also for them.”

Meanwhile the European Public Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation into the EU’s procurement of Corona vaccines. There has long been criticism of the secrecy surrounding the European Commission’s billion-dollar contracts with vaccine maker Pfizer.

And Von der Leyen has refused to clarify her negotiations with Pfizer boss Albert Bourla.

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  1. She is a hybrid of Nimrod and Jezebel residing in the corridors of the Tower of Babel in Brussels


    Comment by charles allan | October 23, 2022 | Reply

  2. “Until recently, the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset was called a conspiracy theory. This week, the EU Commission president received an award for her commitment to the same Great Reset”.
    The World Economic Forum, is a private enterprise, run by a Creepy, “Hollywood” like “Dr Evil” who has no political base, but portrays itself as an International organisation, but in fact, has as much international recognition as the “World Wrestling Federation”, only the WWF is hilarious entertainment.
    Creepy Klaus Schwab, should be treated with the Contempt that he richly deserves.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | October 23, 2022 | Reply

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