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Australian Media: “Majestic Princess cruise with 800 COVID-19 patients set to dock in Sydney”

Three years later and the press is still reporting cruise ship outbreaks like they matter. I just want everything to stop being so stupid.

eugyppius: a plague chronicle | November 11, 2022

Somehow cruises are still a thing, which people are still somehow doing.

Specifically, around 4,600 people are currently aboard the Majestic Princess as she approaches Sydney. Among the amusements provided them by the wise administrators of Princess Cruises is apparently a rigorous antigen testing regimen, doubtless because passengers and crew alike believe this is hygienic and responsible, even though none of them, if challenged, could defend their bizarre compulsion or explain its benefits in any way at all. Alas, idiocy has consequences, and suddenly around 800 testees turn out to have SARS-2 antigens in their mucus. This is now a newspaper story in multiple languages, because everything has to be extremely, unbearably stupid all the time now.

According to press reports, some of these 800 people feel mildly unwell, while others feel totally healthy. Nobody is dying or seriously ill in any way. Regardless of anybody’s actual medical condition, all 800 have been confined to quarters, while the rest of the passengers have been required to don masks, and – I swear this is real – “crew members have been advised to wear full PPE.”

Australian news also notes that “The Majestic Princess has been ranked by NSW Health as a tier three risk level,” which sounds extremely terrible. They report further that “there are no plans to prevent any unwell passengers from disembarking” when the ship arrives at port tomorrow morning, and if you can detect a little regret behind those words, perhaps it’s because 800 positive passengers represents a staggering 4% increase in the current case count of New South Wales.

Some days I am very optimistic that the pandemic at least is behind us, and then I stumble across a story like this one, and I basically want to abandon all of civilisation and take up residence by myself on a desert island somewhere. While the most intrusive pandemicist policies have died an ignominious death, the toxic and idiotic cultural attitudes that supported them are still alive and well, and waiting – just waiting – to seize the levers of policy once again.

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  1. Cruise ships, carrying people (and cheap foreign workers) from all over the World, are basically Germ cruises where people exchange exotic maladies from their home countries. with YOU.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | November 11, 2022 | Reply

  2. Today I went in to see my doctor, on my 6 month routine follow up. The hospital requires the wearing of the “coffee filter” over your mouth and nose, the use of sanitized pens and social distancing. But when the doctor came into the room his mask was under his nose so I jokingly asked him what sort of protection he was expecting. He explained that he hasn’t shaven and the mask keeps slipping down past his mouth. So I echo your question “when are we going to end sheer stupidity at the highest levels?”


    Comment by Peter | November 11, 2022 | Reply

    • It sounds like the Doctors (who have been coerced into prolonging the FEAR) are fed up with the “Bullsheet” themselves. Gates and Fauci have gone to ground, but the fear is still being ‘pushed’ on the people.


      Comment by brianharryaustralia | November 11, 2022 | Reply

  3. Recently was required to undergo a procedure in Hospital. On arrival was told mask neccessary. (Mind you, the regs for mask wearing was supposed to be withdrawn at midnight that day.) Anyway, mask had to stay on until I was wheeled into the Prep room, there they took it off, and it stayed off all the way to the operating theatre, and even later in the recovery room, then the room I was wheeled into to rest, and then later get dressed and exit the Hospital. No one approached me demanding me to wear a mask. Yet when I passed the offices for admitees, everyone there was wearing masks ???? W.T.F. duh>


    Comment by Edgar Schmid | November 11, 2022 | Reply

  4. I fully understand that, after three years of covid scam, many people want to get away on holiday, even on much maligned cruises. But who, in their right mind, would pay for a cruise that includes regular testing for covid and mask wearing? Hardly my idea of a good time.

    And given that nobody has actually isolated the so-called covid-19 ‘virus’, what are they being tested for? Obviously a computer generated part-genome sequence based on the common cold or similar respiratory complaint, which is going to yield positive results no matter what.

    My first thoughts about the Australian ‘health’ system, especially the CMOs and CHOs, was that they are all scientifically deficient and wilfully ignorant, but as I thought further, it is apparent that they are minor bureaucrats who have been given too much power, and who seek to justify their existence and extend their moment of importance for as long as possible. Their role is not fighting disease, but maintaining fear and anxiety in society. Hence the continuing unsubstantiated prognostications about new covid waves, etc.


    Comment by Bill Francis | November 12, 2022 | Reply

    • Bill, Whilst I completely agree (never got quite as far as Australia), I love the sea, and sailing – my son ended up with a sailing boat – cos his customer wouldn’t pay.

      “But who, in their right mind, would pay for a cruise that includes regular testing for covid and mask wearing? Hardly my idea of a good time.”

      I have never taken a covid test, and only wore a mask for 4 hours in a UK NHS A&E – where they saved my life.

      The idea of going on a Cruise Ship, unable to escape for days, if not weeks, seems even worse than booking yourself into a mental hospital, or even being arrested and going to jail.

      I have seen “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”, but never fancied it myself.


      Comment by tonyopmoc | November 12, 2022 | Reply

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