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German Statesman Slams EU Leaders’ Spinelessness, Demands NATO’s Dismemberment, Closure of US Bases

By Ilya Tsukanov – Samizdat – 28.11.2022

Germany has found itself reaping the consequences of the crisis in Ukraine, facing skyrocketing energy and food costs, recession and the danger of permanent deindustrialization as Washington and Brussels continue to call for more and more sanctions against Russian energy to try to “punish” Moscow for its military operation in Ukraine.

The United States and its allies have spent the entire period since 2014 preparing for a confrontation with Russia in Ukraine, Oskar Lafontaine, a veteran German statesman with over forty years of political experience under his belt, has said.

“Of course, I also mean the conflict in Ukraine, which began with the Maidan putsch in Kiev in 2014. Since then, the US and its Western vassals have been arming Ukraine and systematically preparing it for confrontation with Russia. Ukraine thus became a de facto, if not de jure, member of NATO. This backstory has been studiously ignored by Western politicians and the mainstream media,” Lafontaine told Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten in an interview published Sunday.

“For more than 100 years, it has been the declared aim of US policy to prevent German business and technology from merging with Russian raw materials at all cost. It is perfectly clear that, if you take this history into account, we are dealing with a US proxy war against Russia which has been prepared for a long time,” Lafontaine said.

Crop of Spineless Leaders

Lafontaine, who has worked under Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt, Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schroder, and served as president of the Bundesrat, minister president of Saarland, minister of finance, and leader of Die Linke and the SPD, blasted the current crop of German and European leaders for going along with policies which have brought Berlin to the brink of disaster.

“It is unforgivable that the SPD in particular betrayed the legacy of Willy Brandt and his policy of détente, and did not even seriously insist on compliance with the Minsk Agreements,” the politician said, referring to the 2015 peace agreements meant to restore peace to the Donbass.

Lafontaine slammed the German government over its limp-wristed response to the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, which he characterized as a “declaration of war on Germany.” It was “pathetic and cowardly” of the federal government to try to “sweep incident under the carpet,” despite evidence that “the USA either carried out the attack directly or greenlit it,” the politician said.

“It was a hostile act against the Federal Republic, and not only against us, and once again makes clear that we must free ourselves from American tutelage,” Lafontaine stressed. The politician pressed his country’s leaders to force the removal of all US military bases and nuclear weapons from German soil, and called for the creation of a European security architecture with France, separate from NATO, which he called an “obsolete” alliance that acts as a “tool to enforce the US’s claim to remain the sole power in the world.”

Lafontaine admitted that freeing Germany from Washington’s grip wouldn’t be easy, but stressed that he can’t see “any alternative” to such a radical step. “If we and other European countries continue to remain under US tutelage, they will push us over a cliff to protect their own interests,” he said.

“To use a hackneyed expression: We are experiencing the birth pangs of the transitional phase from a unipolar to a multipolar world order. And the question arises whether we will have a place of our own in this new world order, or be drawn into Washington’s conflicts with Moscow and Beijing as American vassals,” the politician emphasized.

Recalling his decades of experience in politics, Lafontaine lamented in decades past, German leaders, “at least in some conflicts, had German interests in mind, and did not throw them overboard in anticipatory obedience” to Washington. “You need to have a backbone when you are the head of a country. The image of Chancellor Scholz standing like a schoolboy next to President Biden when he announced that nothing would come of Nord Stream 2 was humiliating.”

Ukraine Disaster

Asked whether he believed Washington has achieved its aims in Ukraine, Lafontaine said that the answer was both “yes and no,” with the principle successes being the ruined relations between Russia and the European Union, and the “sidelining” of Berlin and Brussels “as the US’s potential geostrategic and economic rivals, for the time being.”

“They are setting the policies of EU states even more than before the Ukraine conflict (thanks also to compliant politicians in Berlin and Brussels). They can also sell their dirty fracking-derived gas, and the US defense industry is doing great business,” the politician said.

“On the other hand, they have not succeeded in ‘ruining Russia’, as [German Foreign Minister Annalena] Baerbock put it… overthrowing [Vladimir] Putin and installing a puppet government in Moscow to get better access to Russian raw materials, as was the case in [Boris] Yeltsin’s time,” Lafontaine said.

“And I have the impression that Washington has now realized that they are biting on granite here. Despite massive arms deliveries to Ukraine and the dispatch of numerous ‘military advisors’, Russia, which is a nuclear power, cannot be defeated militarily. In addition, Western sanctions are proving to be a boomerang: they hurt Western states more than Russia and will cause deindustrialization, unemployment and poverty. Working people in Europe are paying the price for the world power ambitions of a mad elite in Washington and the cowardice of European leaders,” Lafontaine concluded.

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  1. About time someone in Europe, besides Hungry and Italy, has the balls to stand up against the US. I hope these fractures continue and we see the eventual destruction of the EU, NATO and hopefully the UN. The American people need the worlds help to eliminate at least one form of manipulation/control called the Military Industrial Complex. Carry on Germany

    Liked by 2 people

    Comment by raggs12 | November 28, 2022 | Reply

  2. It is very encouraging to read such an eminent German statesman speaking the simple truth on these matters.

    Liked by 3 people

    Comment by coinherencecoinherence | November 28, 2022 | Reply

  3. Wow….how much more accurate can you be than to hit the bullseye with each and every observation? This even makes me wonder if it is not God’s hand toward defeating the globalist totalitarian and transhumanist agenda. Humanity is far too stupid and salivating for money and power to really see the big picture. We are easily distracted by “climate change”, “Putin”, “plandemics”, “masks and vaxxines”,”Hollywood expertise on everything”, “transgenderism” and a host of other foolishness, and therefore cannot see that we are paying through the nose for our own misery, while making the few self appointed elitists wealthier than could ever be imagined. I am certain that they are “busting a gut” laughing at us behind closed doors, as they enjoy the finest delicacies and
    drinks on yachts and private jets, planning to use us even more completely after they have put the implant into everyone. Think of it! We have been paying through the nose for our own demise, believing that we are doing the right thing!

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Peter | November 28, 2022 | Reply

  4. There was a time, not so long ago as all that, when Germans were facing and defeating Americans on the field of battle. It’s time to remember those glorious days, chaps! What you did once, you can do again.

    Liked by 2 people

    Comment by traducteur | November 28, 2022 | Reply

  5. Hear, hear! (May I use “Heil, heil!” here in a hugely positive, cheering, appreciative context?)

    Statesman Oskar Lafontaine is right-right-right on!!

    [Another play on words: instead of — or in addition to — “…blasted the current crop of (spineless) German and European leaders…” I suggest “…blasted the current crap of (spineless) German and European leaders….”]

    Will statesman Lafontaine’s acerbic wisdom be duly noted, and heeded, by the “crappers”? IMamateurO, no chance…sigh.

    As I conclude my read of this right-right-right on report that was interrupted along the way by my above observations, I must give it, and of course President/Minister Lafontaine, a grade of “stunningly, word-perfect superlative!” (And I then ended by perusing, and “Liking,” each of the three above comments!)

    My day has been made….

    Liked by 2 people

    Comment by roberthstiver | November 28, 2022 | Reply

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