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New Book: Edward Dowd Asks Why So Many Healthy, Young People Are Dying Unexpectedly

The Defender | December 13, 2022

What is behind the rise in sudden fatalities among young, healthy Americans? According to Edward Dowd’s book, “‘Cause Unknown’ – The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022,” there was an increase in deaths in America in 2020, though it was less severe than you might expect during a pandemic. Some of these deaths were linked to COVID-19 and ineffective initial treatment methods.

However, in 2021, the statistics that many had anticipated went in an unexpected direction. The CEO of OneAmerica, Scott Davison, publicly disclosed that during the third and fourth quarters of 2021, death in people of working age (18–64) was 40 percent higher than it was before the pandemic — and the majority of the deaths were not attributed to COVID-19.

A 40-percent increase in deaths is earth-shattering. Even a 10-percent increase in excess deaths would have been a “1-in-200-year flood.” An increase that high, Davison said, “is just unheard of.”

And therein lies a story with obvious questions:

  • What has caused this historic spike in deaths among younger people?
  • What has caused the shift from old people, who are expected to die, to younger people, who are expected to keep living?
  • What accounts for the astounding 84-percent increase in excess mortality among millennials between the ages of 25 and 44 in the second half of 2021?
  • What is causing an ominous pattern of media stories reporting sudden deaths of fit young athletes?
  • Why would healthy, young athletes be dying suddenly, often on the playing field, despite having on-site EMTs trained in resuscitation?
  • Why have there been hundreds of cardiac deaths in athletes since June 2021, when a Swiss study documented an average of 29 per year prior to that?
  • Were the sudden deaths related to the known risk of myocarditis (heart inflammation) associated with mRNA COVID-19 vaccinations?
  • Why did the term “sudden adult death syndrome (SADS)” start appearing often in the media in 2022 to describe the rise in cardiac occurrences among young people, causing them to be advised to “go and get their hearts checked?”
  • Since young people are not dying from COVID-19, could the excess deaths be caused by the COVID-19 vaccines?

Dowd presents a compelling argument for his catastrophic thesis in his short yet shocking crucial book: Young individuals in the best health who were, for the most part, never at risk from COVID-19 itself, were tragically affected by a wave of death and disability as a result of COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

“‘Cause Unknown’ – The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022,” by Edward Dowd, was released Dec. 13 by Children’s Health Defense Publishing/Skyhorse Publishing. Foreword written by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr and afterword written by Gavin De Becker.

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  1. Sure, that’s a really hard one to figure out. Can you spell, m.R.N.A. c.l.o.t. s.h.o.t.?


    Comment by papasha408 | December 15, 2022 | Reply

  2. The first mRNA SARS countermeasure application with the US Patent Office was made by Sanofi on April 28, 2003. Three days earlier, the CDC applied for a patent on SARS. Was this proof there was collusion between the two? God only knows. In 2008 CDC was awarded a patent on its invention. Sanofi’s patent was denied. It was after the patent approval that the Defense Department became interested in the SARS virus as a bioweapon.

    Years went by and work on the SARS bioweapon continued at the UNC-Chapel Hill lab under the direction of Ralph Baric. I have heard his name mentioned only once and that was in an interview with Stew Peters.
    Then in 2015 the Defense Dept gave a 15 million dollar grant to Ralph Baric’s work involving gain-of-function research to create a killer-virus bioweapon. In the meantime Sanofi was purchased by Pfizer.

    It was during this period that the Wuhan Lab became involved. One of Wuhan’s researchers traveled to UNC to work with Baric on the bioweapon project.
    Fauci was involved in this work through his association with NIH and his own NIAID organization. Almost $100 million in grants were given to researchers to come up with an effective bioweapon using the SARS CoV1 virus that had been worked on since at least 2003.

    Soon after 2016, work was being shared between Baric’s lab and the L4 Lab in Wuhan. Peter Daszak of Eco Health Alliance reportedly gave 15 million of a 45 million dollar grant he received from NIH, to the Wuhan Lab for gain-of-function research on SARS . Sometime in the spring of 2019, the plan Peter Daszak laid out earlier in 2017 began to take root.

    Daszak gave an interview to a science journal in 2017 in which he laid out a plan of action that involved producing a countermeasure to a pandemic that the whole world would call for. “We need to increase public understanding of the need for a medical countermeasure such as a pan coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.”

    Whether SARS CoV2 virus was leaked or was deliberately released is still an open question. Based on Fauci’s informing President Trump in 2017 that a Pandemic will occur during his term in office, and Peter Daszak’s leaking his manifesto to a science journal, signals that these two men were up to no good.


    Comment by Thomas Simpson | December 15, 2022 | Reply

    While reading THE NAZI DOCTORS, by Robert Jay Lifton, I was struck by how many Jews reacted to being separated from parents, wives and children. In page 168 a doctor relates that a type of Freudian Selbsterhaltungstrieb, or Lebenstrieb {“Instinct of self-preservation,” or”life instinct,” came over them. A type of brainwashing caused by fear.
    The fact that they were selected to work, made them ready to do it.
    Fauci and Gates used the media, doctors, politicians to brainwash the people, just like the Nazis brainwashed the Jews into thinking they were going into showers.
    The end result is the same EUTHANASIA. People will be dying for years with health complications. Those who die suddenly are like those Jews who were gassed with Zyklon B.
    Isn’t it strange that the top people in Big Pharma, who are pushing the bioweapon jabs, are EDOMITE/JEWS.

    EDOX, IDUMEA ( , ‘Ιδονμάια):
    By: Richard Gottheil, M. Seligsohn
    ©2002-2021, All rights reserved
    Edom is the name which was given to Esau, the first-born son of Isaac, on the day he sold his birthright to Jacob for a mess of pottage, the reddish color of which gives it its name—”Adom” (Gen. xxv. 30). The country which was subsequently inhabited by Esau and his descendants was called “the field of Edom” (Gen. xxxii. 3, R. V.) or “the land of Edom” (Gen. xxxvi. 16; Num. xxxiii. 37). “Edom” in the Bible is also used as an equivalent for “Edomites,” though the expression “the children of Edom” occurs but once (Ps. cxxxvii. 7). The country had before that been called “Mount Seir” (Gen. xxxii. 4 [Hebr.], xxxvi. 8), from “Seir” the progenitor of the Horites, who lived there previously (Gen. xiv. 6; xxxvi. 20, 21). According to Josephus (“Ant.” i. 18, § 1), the name “Seir” is due to the fact that Esau was hairy (Gen. xxv. 25), but according to Gen. xiv. 6, the mountain was called “Seir” long before Esau’s birth. The boundaries of Edom are very concisely defined: The country stretched along the route followed by the Israelites from the Sinaitic peninsula to Kadesh-barnea, that is, along the east side of the valley of Arabah. Southward it reached as far as Elath, which was the seaport of Edom (Deut. i. 2; ii. 1, 8). On the north of Edom was the territory of Moab (Judges xi. 17, 18; II Kings iii. 8, 9). The boundary between Moab and Edom was the brook Zered (Deut. ii. 13, 14, 18). The ancient capital of Edom was Bozrah (Gen. xxxvi. 33; Isa. xxxiv. 6, lxiii. 1, et at). In the time of Amaziah (838 B.C.), Selah (IIέτρα) was its principal stronghold (II Kings xiv. 7); Elath and Ezion-gaber its seaports (I Kings ix. 26).

    Contrary to the promise of Isaac that Esau’s dwelling would be of the fatness of the earth and of the dew of heaven (Gen. xxvii. 39), Edom was a rocky and calcareous country. Esau is described as a man who subsisted by hunting (Gen. xxv. 27 et passim), as his descendants, the Edomites, did, living amid rocky fastnesses and mountain heights (Jer. xlix. 16; Obad. 3, 4). The name “Mount Seir” or “Mount of Esau” shows that Edom was a mountainous country, and therefore it was called by later writers “Gebalene” (the mountainous).

    According to the Bible, immediately after Isaac’s death Esau settled in Mount Seir (Gen. xxxvi. 6, 8), where he had lived before (Gen. xxxii. 3). The Edomites soon became powerful enough to extirpate the Horites, the former inhabitants of the country (Dent. ii. 12), whose ways of life they adopted. As among the Horites, each tribe was ruled by a prince or chief ( ), whose position resembled probably that of an Arab sheik (Gen. xxxvi. 15-19, 29-30). Later the Edomites organized themselvesinto a kingdom, and had had eight kings when the first king in Israel began his reign (ib. xxxvi. 31-39). However, a list of chiefs given after that of the kings (ib. xxxvi. 40-43) shows that subordinate chiefs ruled under the sovereignty of the king. In the time of Moses both chiefs and king are mentioned (Ex. xv. 15; Num. xx. 14). When the King of Edom refused to allow the children of Israel to pass through his land on their way to the land of Canaan the Israelites were expressly ordered not to wage war upon the Edomites, but to go round their country (Num. xx. 14-21; Deut. ii. 4-6). Neither did the King of Edom attempt hostilities against the Israelites, though he prepared to resist aggression.

    Nothing further is heard of the Edomites until their defeat by Saul four hundred years later (I Sam. xiv. 47); forty years later David overthrew the Edomites in the “valley of salt,” and his general Joab slew all their males (II Sam. viii. 13, 14; I Kings xi. 15, 16). Hadad, one of the royal family, fled to Egypt, and after David’s death returned and endeavored to excite his countrymen to rebellion; failing in which he went to Syria (ib. xi. 14-22; Josephus, “Ant.” viii. 7, § 6). From that time Edom remained subject to Israel. David placed over the Edomites Israelite governors or prefects ( : II Sam. viii. 14), and this form of government seems to have continued under Solomon. When Israel divided into two kingdoms Edom became a dependency of Judah. In the time of Jehoshaphat (914 B.C.) a king of Edom is mentioned (II Kings iii. 9, 10, 13, 26), who was probably a Judean appointed by the King of Judah. It is stated further (II Chron. xx. 10-23) that the inhabitants of Mount Seir invaded Judea in conjunction with Ammon and Moab, and that the invaders turned against one another and were all destroyed. Edom revolted against Jehoram, elected a king of its own, and afterward retained its independence (II Kings viii. 20-22; II Chron. xxi. 8). Amaziah attacked the Edomites, and slew 10,000 in battle; 10,000 more being dashed to pieces from the cliffs. Their stronghold, Selah, was taken, but the Israelites were never able to subdue Edom completely (II Kings xiv. 7; II Chron. xxv. 11, 12).
    In the time of Nebuchadnezzar the Edomites took an active part in the plunder of Jerusalem and in the slaughter of the Jews (Ps. cxxxvii. 7; Obad. 11, 13, 14). It is on account of these cruelties that Edom was so violently denounced by the Prophets (Isa. xxxiv. 5-8; Jer. xlix. 7-22; Obad. passim).
    Edom is mentioned in the cuneiform inscriptions in the form “Udumi” (u); three of its kings are known from the same source: Ḳaus-malaka at the time of Tiglath-pileser (c. 745), Malik-rammu at the time of Sennacherib (c. 705), and Ḳaus-gabri at the time of Esarhaddon (c. 680). According to the Egyptian inscriptions, the “aduma” at times extended their possessions down as far as the borders of Egypt (Müller, “Asien und Europa,” p. 135). After the conquest of Judah by the Babylonians, the Edomites were allowed to settle in southern Palestine. At the same time they were driven by the Nabatæans from Idumea. In southern Palestine they prospered for more than four centuries. Judas Maccabeus conquered their territory for a time (B.C. 163; “Ant.” xii. 8, §§ 1, 6). They were again subdued by John Hyrcanus (c. 125 B.C.), by whom they were forced to observe Jewish rites and laws (ib. xiii. 9, § 1; xiv. 4, § 4). They were then incorporated with the Jewish nation, and their country was called by the Greeks and Romans “Idumea” (Mark iii. 8; Ptolemy, “Geography,” v. 16). With Antipater began the Idumean dynasty that ruled over Judea till its conquest by the Romans. Immediately before the siege of Jerusalem 20,000 Idumeans, under the leadership of John, Simeon, Phinehas, and Jacob, appeared before Jerusalem to fight in behalf of the Zealots who were besieged in the Temple (Josephus, “B. J.” iv. 4, § 5).
    From this time the Idumeans ceased to be a separate people.
    Knowing the end from the beginning, the All-Wise Creator was aware that reliable character could only be produced by testing and adversity, even as gold is tried in the fire. So admittedly created opposition – “The Lord hath made all [things] for himself; yea, even the wicked for the day of evil” (Proverbs. 16:4) and again “I make peace and create evil” (Isaish. 45:7) (evil is not sin; sin comes in when Law is broken). We do not question His authority or wisdom.
    Before Jacob and Esau were born, Lord told Rachel that she would bear progenitors of TWO nations and the “Elder shall serve the Younger;” so enters divinely directed opposition!
    Esau was bold, self-willed and stubborn; Jacob was plastic enough to be shaped into the path God laid out him. Of course this aroused envy in Esau when he realised that he had lost Birthright “The days of mourning for father are at hand, then will I slay my brother Jacob” (and regain the birthright)! (Genesis. 27:41) This threat has never been rescinded; from then onwards Esau and his descendants have continually striven to kill Jacob and his descendants.
    The following extracts will help make this clearer:- Gen. 27:41 – “and Esau hated Jacob”
    Genesis. 36:43 – “he is Esau, the father of the Edomites”
    Numbers. 20:18 – “And Edom said unto him, (Moses) Thou shalt not pass by me, I come out against thee with the sword”
    Genesis. 36:12— “Timna was concubine to Eliphaz, Esau’s son; and she bore… Amalek”
    Deuteronomy.25:17— “Remember what Amalek did unto thee by the way, when ye came out of Egypt; how he met thee by the way and smote the hindmost of those behind thee, all (that were) feeble behind thee, when thou (wast) faint and weary; and he feared not God.”
    Exodus. 17:8 – “Then came Amalek and fought with Israel in Rephidim.”
    Exodus. 17:14,16 — “And the Lord said unto Moses, Write this (for) a memorial in a book and rehearse (it) in the ears of Joshua; for I will utterly blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven;… the Lord (will have) war with Amalek from generation to generation.”
    Note the continuance, and the importance of this declaration!
    I Samuel. 15:1,3— “Samuel also said unto Saul, … go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not.”
    I Samuel. 15:9 – “But Saul and the people spared Agag…”
    (who was an Edomite)
    I Samuel. 15:23 – “Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath also rejected thee (Saul) from (being) king.
    II Samuel. 8:13-14 – “And David gave (him) a name when he returned from smiting of the Syrians its in the valley of salt, (even) 18,000 (men) … and ALL they of Edom became servants to David.”
    II Kings 8:20, 22 – “In his days (Jehoram) Edom revolted from under the hand of Judah … unto this day”
    Passing on to the captivity of Judah and Benjamin in Babylon, the story of Esther tells us how Haman, the Agagite of Edom, sought to destroy all the Judeans that were throughout the kingdom and only the inspired intervention of Esther forestalled his intention.
    Psalm. 137:7— “… the children of Edom, the day of Jerusalem who said, Rase (it), rase (it, even) to the foundations thereof.”
    Following the offer of Cyrus for who-ever was willing and god-fearing to return to the land, 42,370 with 7,200 servants came back. This small company were the descendants of Judah, Benjamin and some of Levi. King Nebuchadnezzar had given name to the united territories of Judah and Benjamin, calling it Judea and occupants Judeans. From this name word JEW is a recent corruption.
    But the returnees (Nehemiah 13: 3) found the land partly occupied by a mixed multitude from Ammon, Moab (not Babylon) including a number of Edomites.
    The Edomites with their numerical superiority became the dominant in the land.

    The Scriptures refer to a class of persons who were not of Israel nor Judah: they are called “the inhabitants of Jerusalem” and in a number of cases contrasted with Judah and Israel; the following; Isaiah 5:3, 8:141 22:21; Jeremiah 17:25, 35:13; Ezekiel 11:15, 15:67; Zechariah 12:7-10.
    “– According to famous historians like Josephus the Jewish people of the Bible were destroyed during the Jewish Roman war. The only Jews that survived were the few Christians and slaves that remained, and they were sold throughout the world. No one knows what happened to them. The modern-day Jews admit they are just Gentile/Khazars that converted to Judaism in the seventh through 10th centuries. This leaves futuristic dispensational teachings as false doctrine. There aren’t any Jews to return to. God’s people are any race that believe in him and have a relationship with him regardless of race.
    – Jewish Almanac 1980 p.3- the Jews admit that they are not descendants of the ancient Israelites. It’s under the heading a brief history of the term to Jew. Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or Hebrew. Jewish Almanac 1980 p.3.
    – Jewish encyclopedia- 1925 edition volume 5 page 41 Edom is modern Jewry.
    – Encyclopedia Americana (1985):
    “Khazar, an ancient Turkic speaking people who ruled a large and powerful state in the steppes North of the Caucasus Mountains from the 7th century to their demise in the mid 11th century A.D… In the 8th Century it’s political and religious head… as well as the greater part of the Khazar nobility, abandoned paganism and converted to Judaism… (The Khazars are believed to be the ancestors of most Russian and Eastern European Jews).”

    – Encyclopedia Britannica (15th edition):
    “Khazars, confederation of Turkic and Iranian tribes that established a major commercial empire in the second half of the 6th century, covering the southeastern section of modern European Russia… In the middle of the 8th century the ruling classes adopted Judaism as their religion.”

    – Academic American Encyclopedia (1985):
    “Ashkenazim, the Ashkenazim are one of the two major divisions of the Jews, the other being the Shephardim.”

    – Encyclopedia Americana (1985):
    “Ashkenazim, the Ashkenazim are the Jews whose ancestors lived in German lands…it was among Ashkenazi Jews that the idea of political Zionism emerged, leading ultimately to the establishment of the state of Israel… In the late 1960s, Ashkenazi Jews numbered some 11 million, about 84 percent of the world Jewish population.”

    – The Jewish Encyclopedia:
    “Khazars, a non-Semitic, Asiatic, Mongolian tribal nation who emigrated into Eastern Europe about the first century, who were converted as an entire nation to Judaism in the seventh century by the expanding Russian nation which absorbed the entire Khazar population, and who account for the presence in Eastern Europe of the great numbers of Yiddish-speaking Jews in Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Galatia, Besserabia and Rumania.”
    – The Encyclopedia Judaica (1972):
    “Khazars, a national group of general Turkic type, independent and sovereign in Eastern Europe between the seventh and tenth centuries C.E. During part of this time the leading Khazars professed Judaism… In spite of the negligible information of an archaeological nature, the presence of Jewish groups and the impact of Jewish ideas in Eastern Europe are considerable during the Middle Ages. Groups have been mentioned as migrating to Central Europe from the East often have been referred to as Khazars, thus making it impossible to overlook the possibility that they originated from within the former Khazar Empire.”

    – The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia:
    “The primary meaning of Ashkenaz and Ashkenazim in Hebrew is Germany and Germans. This may be due to the fact that the home of the ancient ancestors of the Germans is Media, which is the Biblical Ashkenaz… Krauss is of the opinion that in the early medieval ages the Khazars were sometimes referred to as Ashkenazim… About 92 percent of all Jews or approximately 14,500,000 are Ashkenazim.”

    – New Grolier Encyclopedia:
    Khazars {kah’z-ars} The Khazars, a Turkic people, created a commercial and political empire that dominated substantial parts of South Russia during much of the 7th through 10th centuries. During the 8th century the Khazar aristocracy and the kagan (king) were converted to Judaism. The Khazars established their capital at Itil (or Atil), in the Volga delta, and for four centuries thereafter this Jewish empire held the balance of power between the Christian Byzantine Empire and the Muslim Caliphate. The fortified Khazar city of Sarkil on the lower Don River was built with Byzantine help and served as a crossroads to central Asia. The Khazars controlled many of the trade routes to the Orient; some of the Radhanites (Jewish merchants from Gaul), for example, were accustomed to crossing the Khazar empire while traveling to and from China and India. During the late 10th and early 11th centuries an alliance of Byzantines and Russians broke the power of the Khazars in the Crimea. In 965, Svyatoslav I, duke of Kiev, decisively defeated the Khazar army. Further to the east new waves of Turkic invaders overran the remains of the Khazar state.

    – The Bible:
    Relates that the Khazar (Ashkenaz) Jews were/are the sons of Japheth not Shem:

    “Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth: and unto them were sons born after the flood. The sons of Japheth;…the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz…” (Genesis 10:1-3)

    Therefore, the Bible proves that the Ashkenaz Jews [Khazars] are not the descendants of Shem and cannot be Semite.
    – Two Scientist that are Modern Jews and geneticist proved the Jews are genetically not who they say they are. In 2001, Dr. Ariella Oppenheim, of Hebrew University, a biologist, published the first extensive study of DNA and the origin of the Jews. Her research found that virtually all the Jews came from Khazar blood. Not only that but Oppenheim discovered that the Palestinians—the very people whom the Jews had been persecuting and ejecting from Israel’s land since 1948—had more Israelite blood than did the Jews. In sum, the vast majority of the Jews were not Jews; some of the Palestinians were. Some of the Palestinians even had a DNA chromosome which established that they were “Cohens”—workers at the ancient Temple and synagogues of the Jews.

    – The Definitive DNA Study
    Dr. . Areilla Oppenheim of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, conducted the first extensive DNA study of Israelis and Palestinians in 2001 . He concluded that the emigrants on ships to Palestine before it became Israel were 40% Mongolians and 40% Turks . There was no Semitic blood associated with the original Middle East Hebrews 4000 years ago in Jerusalem or biblical area .
    This was confirmed by another DNA project by Dr. . Eran Elhaik at the McKusick-Namans Institute of Genetic Medicine at John Hopkins University School of Medicine, 2012. His conclusions were the same!
    – Now comes the ultimate, definitive DNA study, by Dr. Eran Elhaik and associates at the McKusick-Nathans In-stitute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Entitled, The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses, and published by the Oxford Jour-nal on behalf of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, the study confirms Oppenheim’s research and the many scholarly books.

    – Dr. Elhaik and the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine conclude in their report: “The Khazarian Hypothesis suggests that Eastern European Jews descended from the Khazars, an amalgam of Turkic clans that settled the Caucasus in the early centuries CE and Converted to Judaism in the eighth centu-ry…Following the collapse of their empire, the Judeo-Khazars fled to Eastern Europe. The rise of European Jew-ry is therefore explained by the contribution of the Judeo-Khazars.”

    – So DNA science has proven that the findings of many historians and anthropologists is correct. The “Jews” of Is-rael are not Abraham’s descendants but, instead, come from the subjects of King Bulan of Khazaria. ”
    The so called Jews of Askenanzi never immigrated from the Middle East! *
    At the same time, extensive DNA evidence showed that the Palestinians had more or less Semetic blood in their ancestors, which therefore made them the true Israelis.
    White Jews whose ancestors went on ships to Palestine in 1882 before calling it Israel, are not Israelis. The truth hurts again .


    Comment by Pip | December 16, 2022 | Reply

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