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Biden & Nuland Are Leading US Into Nuclear Armageddon, Former FBI Agent Says

Sputnik – 22.02.2023

WASHINGTON – US President Joe Biden and senior White House and State Department officials are leading the United States and the world into nuclear annihilation, former FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley told Sputnik.

Russian President Vladimir Putin officially announced Moscow was pulling out of its long-running talks with the United States for a new START treaty during his Tuesday address to the Federal Assembly. He also accused the United States of developing new types of nuclear weapons and considering new nuclear weapons tests.

“The neocons’ hell-bent plans for ‘full spectrum dominance’ have been a long time in the making, having even been publicly announced decades ago, but now… we’ve truly reached the eve of destruction,” Rowley, a Time magazine Whistleblower of the Year, said.

In addition to Biden, senior State Department official Victoria Nuland, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and White House security aide Jake Sullivan, are leading oblivious Americans right into “nuclear Armageddon,” Rowley added.

The United States was far closer to catastrophic global war than the American people realized, Rowley said.
“The situation is just so 11th hour and 59 minutes’ bad,” she warned.

Earlier in the day, Biden described Russia’s decision as a “big mistake” as the presidents of Romania, Slovakia and Poland greeted him at the Bucharest Nine meeting. This came after Biden earlier in the week delivered a fiery speech in Poland intended to rally NATO to back Ukraine against Russia.

New START, in effect since February 5, 2011, is the last remaining legally binding arms agreement between the United States and Russia – the two countries with the largest nuclear capabilities.

Under the treaty, the United States and Russia have been required to reduce their nuclear arsenal to a total of 700 missiles, 800 launchers, and 1,550 deployed warheads.

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  1. Well I’ll be … Blinken, Nuland, Sullivan, etc. all have the same religious heritage.
    When the US of As’ nukes start flying you can be sure a good number will be sent to the enemies of a small, extremely aggressive country on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.
    Maybe that’s why the neo-cons want to launch them ASAP?


    Comment by Victor G. | February 23, 2023 | Reply

  2. It’s ludicrous to think US inspections of Russian military sites would be carried out but Russians wouldn’t be allowed to inspect US sites because of sanctions.
    The US is in a precarious situation in Ukraine. Ukraine cannot possibly win a war with Russia. To bolster what everyone knows, Russia is about to launch a massive offensive that has the potential of forcing Ukraine to unconditionally surrender. That is after Zelensky is denied Nukes for the umpteenth time. The US must be diligent and on the alert to UK covertly supplying tactical nuclear weapons to Ukraine. Baring that, NATO/US forces will have to decide whether or not to get out of Ukraine and face an embarrassing defeat by Russia. Or escalate the war by attacking Russia in its own name, which will almost immediately develop into thermonuclear WW3


    Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | February 24, 2023 | Reply

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