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West is a ‘partner’ in Israel’s crimes against Palestinians, rights group says

MEMO | May 15, 2023

The UK-based Arab Organisation for Human Rights (AOHR UK) has accused Western countries of being “partners” in Israel’s crimes against Palestinians and demanded the United Nations General Assembly adopt the “United for Peace” resolution forcing all countries to prevent the supply of lethal weapons to Israel.

In a statement issued yesterday, the AOHR said the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip which lasted five days resulted in the killing of 33 people, including six children and three women, and wounded 147 others. Infrastructure in the besieged enclave was also badly damaged in the strikes.

The organisation said the human and material losses caused during this short period of aggression show that the Israeli occupation uses lethal and internationally prohibited weapons against civilian targets, without any regard for the rules of war, deliberately inflicting the greatest losses on civilians.

According to the statement, most of the weapons used by Israel against the Palestinian civilians are manufactured in Western countries such as the United States, Canada, Britain and European countries, led by Germany, which is the second largest exporter of weapons to Israel after the United States.

“These countries continued to export weapons to the occupation despite the strong international condemnations of exporting weapons to the occupation,” AOHR UK said in the statement.

Such immoral policies that violate the rules of international humanitarian law cannot be tolerated anymore, especially with the overwhelming evidence that confirms the occupation’s continuous use of these weapons to kill the Palestinians without any deterrence.

It stressed that countries that supply the Israeli occupation with these weapons are partners in the crimes committed against the Palestinians, and that time has come to hold them accountable.

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  1. Certainly the UK is, disgracefully, culpable in aiding Zionist lethal attacks on innocent civilians and has been since we were terrorized out of the country in 1948. The immediate and existential danger to the Palestinian people make it a prescient case for desisting and interdicting arms to a rogue state. It also warrants compensation more urgently and accountably than, for example, victims of the slave trade.


    Comment by jbthring | May 18, 2023 | Reply

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