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Video: 9/11 Mysteries

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911 Mysteries Part 1 – Demolitions (Full – 1ed.)

When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

– Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr., creator of Sherlock Holmes.

If it’s important to you to believe that Western society is structured such that “good” always triumphs – at least in ‘big’ matters, that Kojak always ‘gets the bad guy’, and that the evildoers are a small minority of bad eggs eagerly exposed by the valiant press, this a critical principle to keep in mind.

911 Mysteries demolishes the ‘official’ 911 conspiracy theory more graphically than any movie previously released.

See for yourself what really happened in the 3 demolished buildings in the weeks before 9/11.
Since 9-11 the American public has shown a “remarkable indifference to being deceived” (George Soros).
But this is changing.

As Hugo Chavez put it:

“The world is waking up. It’s waking up all over. And people are standing up.”

Millions around the world are realizing that they are being lied to – not in a small, lazy way, but in a big way.
It’s time to ask hard questions, many of which 911 Mysteries helps to answer.

90 minutes of evidence and analysis, filled with eyewitness testimonials.
Point-by-point review of the official story set alongside clear science.
The question is not one of politics or nationalism or loyalty, but one of strict and simple physics.

Does steel melt in open air fires?
What caused the core to vanish in seconds?
No agenda.
No finger-pointing.
Just the facts and the questions.

A story of people:
Willie Rodriguez’s strange recollection of noises on the 34th floor.
Who was up there, bumping around?
Scott Forbes’ similar story, weeks before the towers fell.

Here’s how shaped charges slice through steel beams to control the way they fall.

For greater clarity, download the movie – or buy a DVD online at
Finally, make sure you don’t miss the ending – minutes 1:26-1:30.
Absolutely the best part.

911 is a Keyhole into Consciousness.
If you make it through to the other side, everything looks different.
Do Not Be Afraid. Follow your curiosity, like Alice in the rabbit hole. You are becoming free.

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December 2, 2009 - Posted by | Deception, False Flag Terrorism, Science and Pseudo-Science, Solidarity and Activism, Video

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  1. Here’s how deep the rabbit hole is:

    “Apocalypse” is a Greek word meaning “the lifting of the veil between you and God,” (or Knowledge of Reality).

    The Internet is the vehicle through which the Apocalypse is now leaking knowledge, and the leaks are out of control

    By Tom Dennen, author of ‘Grand Theft, Planet or Heidi’s Free Bar & Grill’.)

    It’s becoming clear how the ‘matrix’ – the system – works, and how the Internet is the leaky bucket out of which the truth is flying.

    Since the early goldsmiths discovered fractional lending and made money out of thin air (predatory lending), they have been thrown out of every courntry they set up in, after which those countries returned to resource-based economies and went through several decades of economic recovery.

    Until the sixteenth century, in Holland.

    Then and there, when the goldsmiths were discovered, the already wealthy government and merchant classes joined them in their usurious detours, the first full “collusion among corporatocracy, authoritarian government, and controlled media and education.”
    Add bankers to that list and you have the recipe for the last three hundred years of fascist fiscal theft through market manipulation.

    Holland was the site of the first experiment in money market manipulation, today called ‘Tulip Mania’, also a generic phrase given to an ‘out-of-control’ Bull Market.

    ‘Tulip Mania’ is however, just the opposite – it’s a controlled boom situation; controlled by those who run the Great Wealth Shift every generation, starting with the South Sea Bubble crash in 1720.

    Every fifty years or so since then, the markets have peaked – and exactly nine years later, crashed – followed by a depression during which, bracketed by expensive wars, vast amounts of properties were foreclosed and the ‘masters’ transfered huge amounts of the wealth accumulated by the working class – “all wealth is created by work” (Adam Smith) – who were left to starve.

    Just like today.

    Later, both Lincoln and Kennedy were assassinated after introducing sovereign currencies, which were quickly removed from circulation after the killings.

    What happened to Schwartzenegger’s IOUs? They were de facto sovereign currency paid back on maturity by the state at a 3.75% interest.

    The American Colonies, with their debt- and interest-free sovereign currency called Colonial Scrip were doing very prosperously in the 1700’s until the British Banking Act of 1775 forbade its use. Two years later the colonies were in a depression and declared independence from Great Britain’s financial oppression.

    The most significant leak in Ellen Brown’s ‘Web of Debt’ is coming from the Global Warming lies now out in the open.

    The Bilderbergs / governments / banks / merchants / landowners / fake scientists / Big Pharma and the rest are now too big to fail at keeping their secrets.

    Solution? This will set us free.

    Return to resource-based economies. Do not borrow unless it’s from a state bank that does not charge interest. Gather together and itemize all the resources of your community and barter.

    Keep your wealth to yourselves.

    Above all, don’t listen to snake oil salesment like Obummer and Al Bore who are just stealing while callously killing your children for money.

    (Required reading:, Tacitus, “The Annals of Rome”, Book Six).



    Comment by Tom Dennen | December 16, 2009

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