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Who is responsible for the anarchy in Afghanistan?

Afghan Resistance Statement | December 5, 2009

Obama’s new strategy which is the result of the same mentality that wants to continue the occupation of Afghanistan by military means, will add to the anarchy prevailing in the country. In fact, Americans are responsible for the chaotic situation. They handed over power to notorious warlords, venal officials and mafia-linked governors;

But still, they claim that they want a clean government in Kabul while their convoys of logistics are escorted by some murderous militias involved in kidnapping and the extortion of arbitrary taxes. There are hundreds of private unregistered militias in Afghanistan under the guise of security guards who carry heroin in official vehicles. These militias have links with warlords who have a hold over high government positions. They carry out their criminal activities with impunity.

The warlords usurp government and people’s lands and buildings. No one can ask them why. A government land in Shirpur, located to the north-east of the Kabul city is a good example at hand. Once a property of the Ministry of Defense, now it is a posh area usurped by the warlords who have built luxurious houses there. Karzai himself has granted 6000-7000 acres of lands to his favorites. Many drug-smugglers who had been sentenced to prison by court have been released by decrees of the President.

General Khudaidad, Minister of the Narcotic Campaign of the the Kabul Administration has acknowledged in a press conference that US military officers had hands in the drug trafficking. Abdul Jabbar Sabit, former attorney general of the Kabul Administration, says he was not able to lay his hand on some notorious governors involved in drug trafficking and bribery because they were protected by high-ups in the government. Ultimately, Abdul Jabar Sabit was forced to resign. US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, many times has referred to Afghanistan as a Mafia State but she did not disclose that the Mafia State was their own handiwork.

Independent analysts around the world believe that USA wants to keep a corrupt government installed in Kabul because this will provide a justification to maintain American military presence in the country. Similarly, on the one hand, the White House Security Advisor James Jones says there are fewer than 100 Al-qaeda members in Afghanistan and on the other hand, Obama sends 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. This high gap between words and deeds shows that America has other colonialist objectives in Afghanistan and in the region, ostensibly under the name of the so-called War on Terror. Furthermore, they claim that they want to resolve the Afghan issue through negotiation and reconciliation; but practically, they want the Mujahideen to lay down arms and accept the Constitution conceived and framed by America and want to keep their bases in Afghanistan for a longer period. Thus under the ploy of negotiation, the White House wants to find a pretext to continue their occupation of Afghanistan.

The Afghans, particularly the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, have no agenda of meddling in the internal affairs of other countries and is ready to give legal guarantee if the foreign forces withdraw from Afghanistan. But the Mujahideen are not ready to allow foreign bases in Afghanistan or trade on the independence of the country. Ironically, after American invasion of Afghanistan, the country has been turned into a battle ground of rival intelligence agencies which are linked with the regime in Kabul and have hidden agendas against surrounding countries.

Bomb blasts in public places are the work of these agencies. The more the foreign troops stay in Afghanistan, the more such gruesome events will take place. At the present time, the Mujahideen are the only force which wants to release the Afghans and the country from being hostage in the cobweb of foreign agencies. With the victory of Mujahideen in Afghanistan, the whole region will take a breath of relief and the current bloodshed will come to an end. But it is the responsibility of all who have free conscience to morally help the Mujahideen to free the region from the vortex of the colonialist machinations.

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  1. Great stuff!


    Comment by poorrichard | December 7, 2009

  2. what a sorry state fo affairs for the innocents in those countrys afghan and pakistan. thieves,murderers,killers,international crooks, swindlers to name a few!
    all concerned should read the prophecys of nematullah shah wali from 900 years ago who stated what will happen to these colonial forces and they agents especially india which will start a war against pakistan with their allies who supposedly seek freedom and democracy for all and how it will end by the capture of delhi and other areas !!
    plus the defeat of the forces of the cross will begin from here too in the land of khorasan.
    it is unimaginable to think that muslims enemies would anything to help better your lives in anyway!!!


    Comment by abubaqar | December 8, 2009

  3. Who’s responsible for the anarchy in Afghanistan .. why the cabal that’s who, but their rain of terror is coming to an end … The Event is near …
    The Event

    Earth and the inhabitants have been in 25,000 years of imprisonment and quarantine (black hole). We have been controlled and manipulated by the dark side – or as we call them, The Cabal. We are now to exit the black hole after 25,000 years of prison. Our planet is the last one in the galaxy to be liberated. This exit is the EVENT HORIZON, or THE EVENT. THE EVENT will be a moment of breakthrough for the planet which will be physical and non physical.

    THE EVENT is when the rising of the planetary frequencies will be accompanied by the planned mass arrests of the worldwide criminal cabal, politicians, big bankers and others who have committed numerous crimes against humanity. This will happen in a legal manner, and the accused will be given fair trials. As a result of this legal action there will be a worldwide reset of our financial system, or our energy and food production, our media, and the whole structure of society in general

    On the physical plane there will be:
    · The arrest of the Cabal (already started).
    · The re-set of the Financial Systems.
    · Disclosure – the release of ET information.
    · The beginning of a new, fair financial system with prosperity funds for all humanity.
    · NEW Government/Political system, Education system, Health care system, etc.
    · Awakening of humanity slowly and gradually to the existence of positive non-terrestrial races and our galactic connections.
    · Introduction of new advanced technologies.
    · The release of spiritual growth and healing for every human being on the planet.
    · There is much, much more to look forward to.


    Comment by Donna Free | November 13, 2015

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