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UK drops terrorism charges against Libyan

Press TV – December 21, 2009 17:32:13 GMT

A Libyan national who has been under restriction for the past six years in the United Kingdom on terrorism charges has won his long court battle against the UK Home Office and Security Services.

Faraj Hassan told Press TV over phone on Monday that his solicitors tried hard and finally succeed in convincing a High Court judge that he is not a terrorist threat to the United Kingdom.

“They couldn’t manage to fight this case. All the allegations they had against me were based on suspicions,” he said.

Hassan, 28, was arrested in 2002 shortly after he entered Britain. He spent 15 months in detention without trial before eventually being charged in 2003 under the UK Terrorism Act. He has been subject to a control order ever since.

“After spending months in detention I was told that they wanted to extradite me to Italy. I fought this case for approximately five years,” Hassan said.

“After my acquittal in absentia in Italy, the Italian government was not interested in me anymore, therefore I was released under strict conditions,” he told Press TV.

“Myself and my family were for two-and-a-half years isolated from the community, we were not allowed to use the basic things that any human being is entitled to such as mobile phones and internet,” the Libyan said about his lifestyle in the UK.

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