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Is the Global Warming Myth Part of Advancing a Dystopian Nightmare?

By Stephen Lendman | November 7, 2021

What’s gone on since last year is an unprecedented — made-in-the-USA — plot against humanity with mass-extermination of unwanted people and transformation of global nations into ruler/serf societies in mind for survivors.

Is the global warming myth part of the diabolical scheme?

Are rising fossil fuel prices a plot to make them unaffordable for countless millions worldwide?

Is the same going on for food and other essentials of life to make them increasingly unaffordable?

Do US/Western and partnered dark forces want countless millions to perish from malnutrition, starvation, lack of healthcare, medical malpractice and other forms of neglect?

Eminent Physics Professor Denis Rancourt, an expert in his field, earlier argued the following:

“(G)lobal warming (climate change, climate chaos, etc.) will not become humankind’s greatest threat until the sun has its next hiccup in a billion years or more (in the very unlikely scenario that we are still around),” adding:

“(G)lobal warming is presently nowhere near being the planet’s most deadly environmental scourge.”

“(G)overnment action and political will cannot measurably or significantly ameliorate global climate in the present world.”

“(T)here are strong societal, institutional, and psychological motivations for having constructed and for continuing to maintain the myth of a global warming dominant threat” with diabolical aims in mind.

“(B)y far the most destructive force on the planet is power-driven financiers and profit-driven corporations and their cartels backed by military might…”

“(T)he global warming myth is a red herring that contributes to hiding this truth.”

“(T)he atmospheric greenhouse effect is a well known natural phenomenon, mostly caused by atmospheric water vapor…”

It “keeps our planet warm and habitable.”

“(T)he global greenhouse effect gives earthlings a needed and much appreciated base warming of 33 C (degrees Celsius)…”

“(T)he alleged ‘global warming’ would contribute an extra 0.5 to 1 C of warming (a 1 to 5 % increase), on a planet that has seen a dozen or so ice ages since human kind has appeared.”

From millions of years, humans and animals with similar longevity survived in climates ranging from steaming hot to frigid cold, as well as from climate-related disasters.

Humans “adapted to dramatically different regional climates occurring in every corner of the planet and the alleged future global changes are very small compared to these existing variations,” Rancourt explained.

“There are more displaced refugees from wars and from economic aggression than there will ever be displaced inhabitants from rapid climate-induced habitat transformations.”

The global warming myth shifts attention away from issues mattering most.

The same goes for bread and circus distractions, along with manipulating the public mind on virtually all major issues — suppressing what’s most important, focusing exclusively on what ruling elites want people to know.

MSM operate as press agents for powerful interests — fake news mass deception their specialty.

Notably in the US/West and partnered countries, what serves privileged interests comes at the expense of most others worldwide.

The vast majority of people are exploited, otherwise harmed, and now unwanted millions and billions are targeted for elimination.

All things flu/covid is their method of choice — especially by bioweaponized health-destroying jabs.

They work far better than endless wars — accomplishing mass-extermination with jabbing, rejabbing, booster and forever-jabbing ease.

Like lemmings to the slaughter, mind-manipulated millions rolled up their sleeves for health-destroying toxins to be jabbed into their bodies.

Brainwashed by MSM propaganda, they’re none the wiser until serious health issues take their irreversible toll.

Lincoln and others reportedly said that while everyone can’t always be fooled, some people can be fooled at all times, others some of the time.

Everyone jabbed one or more times in the US/West and elsewhere was either fooled to believe what’s harmful is beneficial or succumbed to self-inflicting harm pressure.

With minimal due diligence effort, everyone connected online can learn facts about what’s going on that dispel state-sponsored/media proliferated fake news about all things flu/covid — especially about health-destroying jabs crucial to shun.

Facts over state-approved talking points also explain that the diabolical plot aims to transform free and open societies into ruler/serf ones everywhere.

It’s what full-blown tyranny is all about.

It aims to control our lives, crush our spirit, make us subservient and accept lost freedoms that no one should relinquish voluntarily.

What’s unfolding in plain sight is a brave new world dystopian nightmare.

Deceptive equitable-sounding socioeconomic rhetoric conceals the menace posed to most people everywhere.

Pulling off the scheme requires voluntary consent from the vast majority of ordinary people.

A minority of committed others can defeat the diabolical plot.

Opposition is growing through initiatives like walk out protests in US cities, European ones and elsewhere against what no one should tolerate.

The way to defeat tyranny is for enough mad as hell people refusing to be abused anymore.

The time to fight back against diabolical dark forces is now to keep what’s vital to preserve before it’s banned and lost.

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  1. Bill gates of hell, best buddy of Maxwell Epstein pedovore in chief and Mossad kiddy porn director along with filthy Swi$$ money laundry and spawn of genuine kosher German Nazis, the Hollyweird central casting SS cutout lout aka Satan Klaus Slob, Rothschild bagman geriatric peddler of fellow Jews to Nazis, the inimitable Gyorgi “Soros”, all these demons would have you believe that their Tony Jaws Fauci and his Fort Detrick (debt trick) Wuflu virus has it all sewn up and you are nothing more than a redundant head of tax cattle down on Rancho Goyim, USSA soon to be slaughtered for the greater good of the zero 1% reptilian slime that imagines it has “inherited the earth”.
    he great r€$et my ass. The entire scam is falling apart as quick as you can say Pfizer macht frei and nothing on this Earth is going to save their mountains of fiat filth IOU Saudi Mercan petroscrip toilet paper dollahs and gimp bastard €urodollah or their evil genocidal asses in the coming Nuremberg reloaded. The Wall St shitter is about to blow their Ponzi sewer to hell and all the fake covaids and DARPA mRNA death pricks won’t put Humpty Dumpty together again when the tsunami of toxic derivative shit washes over Slumville and the rest of the anglozionazi empire of filth. Simply by staying unjected we win when the millions of vaxxed sheeple start falling like dominoes in the months ahead; Dark Winter comes with a vengeance. Then guess how long the vertical pigs and uniformed mutts slurping their swill for now at the elitist trough along with rancid politcal swine and craven presstitute hos will cover for the cabal of reptilian scum that unleashed this vile insanity on the planet. These porcine scum will have their own offspring croaking like flies and even pigs and sheeple finally understand the stench of mass slaughter the nearer they come to the slaughterhouse erected by the reptilian alien slime now running planet moron.

    There’s going to be a lot of entitled, hubris bloated elitist garbage dangling from lampposts in the years ahead andnothing is going to stop the stampeding poisoned sheeple from taking grisly revenge when the herd finally grasps the totality of their stupidity and the enormity of their betrayal at the hands of our “Western democratic” kakistocracy. Forget about the ravings of trans slash humanist oddball geriatric retards and their great psychopathic “reset” and get ready for the greatest flush of demented loons that humanity has ever seen in its sorry history of depravity at the hands of gubermint puss and the ghouls that wallow in it.

    YOU are the disease, their covaids death squirt the cure

    PfiZer macht frei
    Same as it ever waZ

    The covaid$ Caper in under 2 minutes


    Comment by planetsheeple | November 8, 2021 | Reply

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