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Thousands More People Are Dying Than Is Normal – What’s Killing Them?

By Richie Allen | November 17, 2021

The latest figures from the Office For National Statistics (ONS) reveal that in the past eighteen weeks, England and Wales registered 20,823 more deaths than the five-year average.

Only 11,531 of those deaths involved covid-19. It means that 9,292 deaths or 45 per cent are not linked to coronavirus.

Now if you bear in mind that covid is only listed as a cause of death if someone dies within 28 days of testing positive for the virus, it stands to reason that the real number of covid deaths is a lot less than 11,531. What’s going on then?

According to The Telegraph :

… Professor Carl Heneghan, director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford, said: “I’m calling for an urgent investigation.

“If you look at where the excess is happening, it’s in conditions like ischemic heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver and diabetes, all which are potentially reversible.

“This goes beyond just looking at the raw numbers and death certificates. We need to go back and find if these deaths have any preventable causes.
“This could be the fallout from the lack of preventable care during the pandemic, and what happens downstream of that.

“We urgently need to understand what’s going wrong and an investigation of the root causes to determine those actions that can prevent further unnecessary deaths.”

Weekly figures for the week ending November 5 showed that there were 1,659 more deaths than would normally be expected at this time of year. Of those, 700 were not caused by Covid.

The UK Health Security Agency’s own data reveals that there have been thousands more deaths than the five-year average in heart failure, heart disease, circulatory conditions and diabetes since the summer. …

Heart failure and circulatory conditions. Hmm.

Waiting times for echocardiograms and other exploratory procedures have increased. I accept that this must account for some excess deaths due to heart failure and circulatory conditions, but not all of them.

What about the vaccines? Are the vaccines playing some part in the upsurge of heart problems and circulatory conditions? Is anyone asking that question this morning? The answer is of course no.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the jabs are playing no part in the excess death rate whatsoever. Maybe it’s a coincidence that we’re seeing tens of thousands more deaths than normal, in the same year that more than 110 million experimental jabs have been injected into the nation’s arms.

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