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how to manufacture a hospital crisis…

… and set off the next round of panic and upheaval so you can keep your emergency powers

el gato malo – bad cattitude – november 27, 2021

kathy hochul has been more or less (to use a technical term of psychiatric art) bonkers since the moment she assumed the mantle of empire state gubernatorial power from andy “let’s lie to the justice department about what happened to grandma” cuomo.

remember her terrifying rant about how the vaccines are from god and that there could be no religious exceptions because all religious leaders agree that you need the jab?

if that did not bring up the hairs on your arms, i shudder to think what would.

(full discussion HERE)

clearly, this woman is more than a few fries short of a happy meal. she seems deeply determined to prove her self to be the “fire” to señor andy’s “frying pan.” so here is the next volley:

the new variant (of which NY currently has zero cases) and that, frankly, looks more like hype than substance, is already a NY emergency.

the goal here is to limit elective procedures and free up hospital capacity. but read that bottom caption closely:

“and staff shortages.”

one might be forgiven for doubting the earnestness of her claims and fears about the covid emergency here for one simple reason: the staffing shortages are of her own making and she could fix them with the stroke of a pen.

this is being driven by vaccine mandates that have forced healthcare workers out of hospitals. (just like so many of us said they would)

leaving aside the literal lunacy of not allowing health care workers to make their own health choices, this is obviously a severe issue for staffing. on the order of 20% of hospital staff have expressed unwillingness to vaccinate. it ramps to more like 30% in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

those are HUGE numbers. crippling numbers. impossible numbers.

no hospital can run 20% short staffed without inviting calamity.

and NY (and NYC in particular) hospitals are basket cases in the best of times. they are inadequate in number and lurch from near crisis to near collapse. it’s their basic operating condition.

and obviously, we’re seeing issues with operational capability already.

and we’re only here:

the seasonal ramp in hospitalization is just starting.

meanwhile, hospital bed capacity has dropped 12% since the beginning of the year (through 11/12, so not yet capturing the effects of some mandates biting). ICU beds are down 18%.

98% of over 65’s in NY have had a covid vaccine. 89% of 12 and up. kathy pushes them as the solution, but clearly does not trust them to save the hospitals that she seems intent on ensuring are short staffed. this seems an odd response to an “emergency.”

in an emergency, you want all hands on deck. you don’t send a big swathe of your experienced professionals home.

nothing in her behavior makes any sense. push a vaxx you don’t trust to save the hospitals you just hamstrung because of an emergency that you do not seem to actually believe in to grab fiat powers over who gets access to medical care? really?

this smacks more of crisis accentuating cosplay than of crisis management.

and NY is FAR from the only place this is going on.

it’s going to be fascinating watching new yorkers flee to florida to get surgery.

there’s a debacle brewing here, and it’s one of government and governance, not epidemiology.

this idiocy has become endemic.

it’s like watching the brandon administration curtail drilling then freak out about high gasoline prices and tap the strategic reserve or mandating unpopular vaccines and wondering why there’s a trucker shortage or paying people more not to work than they could make working and wondering why no one can hire.

it’s like half the leaders in the US have become intent on ramming pumps into the spikes of the world then wondering why we fell down.

either they are world class fools or they are wreckers intent on knocking things down so that they may pretend to “build them back better” in spasm of crony capitalism and cargo cult thinking.

a modest proposal:

November 27, 2021 - Posted by | Aletho News

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  1. Given the recent history of the Corona Virus(about 22 months of this “extremely dangerous virus”), I’d say the Our Governments, all around the World, are doing a “TERRIBLE JOB”, of “Keeping us safe”(a term which has been Done to Death, by the way).
    And, without a completely compliant, and uncritical Mainstream Media, keeping the fear going, the average citizen, has been convinced that THEY are to blame for spreading this “Pandemic”.

    The survival rate for “Joe average citizen” is around 99% you’ve got to stand in awe, of the power of the Media to manipulate what is, literally, a “Campaign of Terror”……..

    In the modern World, “TERRORISM” comes in many different forms.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | November 27, 2021 | Reply

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