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Ukraine stages more ‘killings’ of civilians: Russia

Samizdat | April 5, 2022

Ukrainian security services have staged more ‘killings’ of civilians in several towns and villages to make headlines in the Western media and accuse Moscow of war crimes, Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed on Tuesday.

Moscow insists that the same tactics have been used by Kiev to blame Russian forces for atrocities in the town of Bucha last week.

“The troops of the 72nd Ukrainian Main Center for Psychological Operations conducted another staged filming of civilians allegedly killed by violent actions of the Russian armed forces in order for it to be distributed through the Western media,” the ministry’s spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said during a briefing.

According to “confirmed information,” the filming took place in the village of Moschun some 23km northwest of the Ukrainian capital Kiev on Monday, he stated.

Similar false flag operations have been carried out by the Ukrainian side in the cities of Sumy, Konotop and elsewhere, Konashenkov added.

On Saturday, Ukraine distributed graphic footage of multiple corpses lying in the streets of the suburban town of Bucha northwest of Kiev, saying that they were executed by Russian troops.

Moscow, which insists that it is not targeting civilians during its operation in Ukraine, has rejected those accusations as a provocation and a false flag operation by Kiev.

It pointed out numerous inconsistencies in the Ukrainian story, including the fact that the video emerged several days after the Russian forces withdrew from Bucha, and that the local mayor didn’t mention any killings in his video address declaring the “liberation” of the city.

Despite Russian arguments and Moscow’s attempt to call a UN Security Council session, the West has immediately picked, who to blame for the purported atrocities. US President Joe Biden has demanded a “war crimes trial” for his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and the EU promised to send its experts to aid Ukrainian authorities in collecting evidence at the site.

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  1. As I’ve previously commented elsewhere. Rules of engagement, the Nuremberg trials, attempts to and codify what constitutes a war crime failed to do what was and is impossible to do, reduce the needless savagery of war. For example; Congress delivered on a platter the fate of Vietnam , handing it to that devil’s lieutenant, LBJ. Giving him carte blanche to do whatever he ordered the military to do there. Thus relinquishing the responsibility and guilt much like Pilot of old. In the end, and with the help of President Nixon, more bombs were dropped on Vietnam than in all of World War two and then indebted our tax payers with a one trillion USD, circa 1965 valuation, price tag. At the same time these facts shook the Christian foundations of morality in the Western world, when B-52’s carpet bombed, napalmed, used Agent Orange against a third world and impoverished nation. We began to hear rumors of a phenomena colloquially known as “fragging”, murdering officers on patrol committed by their subordinates. Gradually over time all these atrocities became common knowledge. The one trillion USD did not include long term health care costs or the suffering wounded veterans endure to this day.

    No legal writ, policy or standardization can ever solve the riddle of how to turn war into a series of respectable engagements (killings)

    Another example; prior to the Vietnam conflict, war bonds, war taxes, savings stamps, or other financial instrument(s) used during the Great Wars, were not submitted to legislators for consideration. Consequently, the buying power of the dollar suffered a loss but this was negligible because of a global confidence in our USD coupled with two undeniable facts. The USA was number one in a wide variety of finished product production(s) for domestic and foreign markets and Fort Knox stored most of the worlds gold, with bullion free of Tungsten !

    Somewhere between 1960 and 1970, the House Ways and Means Committee had a closed door session. To deliberate on strategies that could finance future “police or kinetic actions” since a Declaration of War by Congress automatically translated into destroying valuable private properties situated on the soil of the enemy or nonbelligerent. These properties were owned by Western Occident Oligarchs (oddly in this case, Western based corporations have many subsidiaries in Ukraine) . Usually tangible business assets lost at war’s end could not be fully insured for or compensated. During WWII German civilians were astonished by how accurate and destructive allied bombing was of residential areas adjacent to weapons manufacturing facilities yet those factory buildings were left completely unscathed. You may very well ask but why? Factories belonged to the Oligarchs (in the East and West). As Shakespeare once wrote, there’s the rub…in this case, property is always more valuable than life! Along similar lines Switzerland manufactured and delivered, day and night, via rail both guns and munitions to a war torn Germany, yet those factories and transportation systems were never bombed…

    The grumblers at Ways and Means concluded that the only solution to investing in war, regardless of the outcome was to tap into the largest pile of money anywhere around, our Social Security Fund -SSF. This choice was far better than issuing treasury instruments at an enticingly high interest rate for speculators who vested in the dark arts of bloodletting. However a few congressional lobbying efforts had to overcome certain limitations within the SS Act. The fund was in a lock box, could not be borrowed against nor monies withdrawn from it for alternate purposes. FDR saw to it that restrictive protections were built-in. A necessity during promulgation, knowing the greed and rapacity of his very own aristocratic classes. Well, like contracts, any good (corrupt) lawyer can break one. So too the fate of our Social Security Fund by legislators who betrayed the rank-and-file worker, permitting the theft of monies they never intended to replace back into the SSF. Borrowing monies to fiance war. It was so easy, circulating a simple amendment to the original Act. Since 1975, the MIC has ravaged Social Security not to serve national interests but to steal from a retirement fund, that every day workers paid into and was deducted from their weekly employment checks. To add to their sins, the US war machine then insisted on burning the candle at both ends by printing money atop of what they were pilfering from the Fund. Total nihilists and maniacs because the MIC knew what was indeed down the road (financially) and did not give a hoot! With three or more different passports, private jets, ready cash in their strong boxes and dozens of Greek islands to choose from, the Oligarchs could care less what flag was flying on their new overseas estate(s).

    There is a Hell, and every congressman, CEO, war mongering banker who participated in this seventy year long thievery that resulted in a string of murderous sprees throughout the world, will be sent into the eternal sulfur pit. Sadly, the proles must first endure a developing dystopia. Corporatists (fascists) will dismantle all our social safety nets, seize cash from our bank accounts and replace them by issuing speculative stocks (a policy called bail-in), destroy societal obligations to our brothers and sisters aka family welfare and eliminate democracy itself. These well groomed scum are mirrors of Cain. They can be relied on to rework the ancient biblical quotations, in one way or another but will end with the same conclusions…. “am I my brothers keeper?” an arrogant response to the Lord’s question, where is your brother Abel?


    Comment by elmerfudzie | April 5, 2022 | Reply

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