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School shootings. I am sorry but this needs to be said.

By Merly Nass, MD | May 25, 2022

1. Normal people have no interest in killing children, especailly ones they do not know, especially in large numbers.

2. In my view, only people subject to mind control (please investigate Sirhan Sirhan or read about US intelligence agency attempts to create mind controlled assassins beginning in the 1950s) or people taking certain drugs are even capable of carrying out such an act.

3. School shootings are the most provocative and effective way to initiate a change in gun laws, which means taking away the guns from some or all of the people who privately own them.

4. The large number of American gun owners pose a daunting challenge to the globalists who wish to control them. Police and military will not be willing to enter the homes of gun owners to remove their guns or for other purposes.

5. Few Europeans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders own guns, and it is believed by many that the imposition of much harsher lockdowns on the citizens of these nations, compared to the US, was enabled by this fact.

6. There have been shortages of guns and ammunition in the US since the onset of the pandemic. Whether this is due to supply-demand, including increased purchases by the federal government, or to other market forces, is not clear.

7. There has been very little exploration into the past history of those who committed mass murders in the US in recent years, especially in schools. I want to know if any or all of these mass murderers may have been enrolled in black mind control projects.

8. I want a full accounting of the mind control programs paid for with taxpayer dollars in the US and elsewhere.

9. I want an investigation into the many thousands of self-reported “targeted individuals” (TIs) who complain of voices beamed into their heads and other forms of what can only be termed torture.

10. I want an investigation into the implants some of these people claim were introduced into their bodies.

11. We are being attacked in many perverse ways, and we must open our eyes, pull our power back, or the attacks will continue and will destroy us.

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    Dr. Martin Haskell giving a presentation at the 16th Annual Meeting of the National Abortion Federation Conference in 1992 in San Diego. It was a gathering of abortionists — men and women who make their living by killing babies. Haskell was describing to his audience how to do a partial-birth abortion. Listen to his words about how this procedure takes place:

    “The surgeon then introduces large grasping forceps … through the vaginal and cervical canal … He moves the tip of the instrument carefully towards the fetal lower extremities — and pulls the extremity into the vagina …The surgeon then uses his fingers to deliver the opposite lower extremity, then the torso, the shoulders, and the upper extremities. The skull lodges in the internal os. The fetus is oriented … spine up … The surgeon then takes a pair of blunt curved Metzenbaum scissors in the right hand. … the surgeon then forces the scissors into the base of the skull–spreads the scissors to enlarge the opening. The surgeon–surgeon then introduces a suction catheter into this hole and evacuates the skull contents.”

    Haskell, having described these brutal details, shows his audience a video of himself doing one of these procedures. And at the end of the video, after the sound of the suction machine taking the brains out of the baby’s head, the audience applauds.

    “50,000 ON THE WALL, 55,000,000 IN THE DUMPSTER BY THE WALL.”

    There are teddy bears and high school rings
    And old photographs that mamas bring
    That daddies with their young boys, playin’ ball
    There’s combat boots that he used to wear
    When he was sent over there
    There’s 50,000 names carved in the wall
    There’s cigarettes and there’s cans of beer
    And notes that say, I miss you dear
    And children, who don’t say anything at all
    There’s purple hearts and packs of gum
    Fatherless daughters and fatherless sons
    And there’s 50,000 names carved in the wall
    They come from all across this land
    In pickup trucks and mini vans
    Searching for a boy from long ago
    They scan the wall and find his name
    The teardrops fall like pouring rain
    And silently they leave a gift and go
    There’s stars of David and rosary beads
    And crucifixion figurines
    And flowers of all colors large and small
    There’s a boy scout badge and a merit pin
    Little American flags waving in the wind
    And there’s 50,000 names carved in the wall
    There’s 50,000 names carved in the wall
    George Jones – 50000 Names

    “Several years ago, when 17,000 aborted babies were found in a dumpster outside a pathology laboratory in Los, Angeles, California, some 12-15,000 were observed to be Black.”
    –Erma Clardy Craven (deceased)
    Social Worker and Civil Rights Leader

    I saw her from a distance
    As she walked up to the dumpster
    In her hand she held some flowers
    As her tears began to fall
    She took out pen and paper
    As to trace her memories
    She looked up to Heaven
    And the words she said were these
    She said “Lord my boy was special-needs
    And he meant so little to me”
    But oh I’d love to see him
    Just one time You see
    All I have are the miseries
    And the moments to recall
    So Lord could You tell my baby
    He’s more than a baby in a dumpster
    By the wall!
    She said “He never saw his family
    And never celebrated Christmas-time
    And he died in a Godless country
    Who had no room for him.
    She said “Lord my boy was special-needs
    And he meant so little to me”
    But oh I’d love to see him
    But I know it just can’t be
    So I cry in my nightmares
    And the moments of regret
    But Lord could You tell my baby
    He’s more than a baby
    In a dumpster
    by the wall



    Comment by Pip | May 25, 2022 | Reply

    • Terrible … then again, that’s 55 mil American assholes less in a world that is drowning in U.S. Assholery. (Yes, they’re all assholes).
      PS Totally off topic = Spam


      Comment by Pal Joey | May 25, 2022 | Reply

  2. Mind control indeed…


    Comment by orcldba1 | June 3, 2022 | Reply

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