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If Covid isn’t causing soaring deaths, is the jab to blame?

By Guy Hatchard | TCW Defending Freedom | August 12, 2022

EXCESS all-cause mortality in New Zealand is running at record levels. About 100 people are dying each day in a country with a population of five million. A few times during the last couple of months, we have asked a key question: What are people dying of?

Ministry of Health data records that about seven people are dying each day with Covid, but only about a maximum of three of these because of Covid. That is just three per cent of deaths. Occupancy of intensive care beds with Covid hovers around three to five per cent Therefore it is not Covid that is overwhelming our hospitals, so what is?

The Ministry of Health and mainstream media have been talking vaguely about a bad flu season, but a quick check of the FluTracking website reveals that the 2022 flu season is not even as bad as 2019.

My plumber was doing a job for me last week and complained about staff falling ill continuously. Sick leave among teachers in New Zealand is up by 80 per cent. The newspapers are reporting businesses are closing because of staff shortages exacerbated by ‘winter illness’, but as the incidence of flu is not that high, what could be going on?

An article on the Stuff news website contains an important hint: Te Whatu Ora Taranaki hospital emergency department clinical nurse manager Therese Manning said while there had not been much change in the number of presentations to department in the last five years, the patients tend to be more unwell and therefore likely to stay in hospital longer.’

Acute presentations at emergency departments are increasing, but what are the patients ill with? We aren’t being told and may never be, if our health czars are allowed to continue to deny access to information.

This week it has been reported (correctly) that six Canadian doctors died suddenly (at least three of them immediately after receiving their mandatory fourth Covid shot), but hospitals refused to release the cause of death or vaccination status, citing privacy concerns. The authorities have vehemently denied that the deaths could be related to mRNA vaccination. See this article for a summary.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but stories about sudden death incidents seem to have dropped off the mainstream media radar. Three years ago a sudden unexplained death might have made the headlines, but today if they are reported at all, they only remain on the visible online page for a very short time. You might have missed this one.

Yet, as the Taranaki Hospital emergency department data and the all-cause mortality data reveal, acute illness and sudden death are at an all-time high. Life insurance data from the US paints a similar picture.

So have our newspapers ceased to care, or are they, like the hospitals and emergency services, too inundated to cope? Having heavily promoted mRNA vaccination for 18 months, are they too embarrassed to ask questions?

Not everyone is keeping silent. Professor Shmuel C Shapira, longtime head of the Israeli Institute of Biological Research, has been speaking out about the failure of the Israeli mRNA Pfizer vaccination programme, describing it as a house of cards about to come tumbling down.

He tweeted: ‘I am not against vaccines, I am against stupidity, false science and management that is not professional and ignores matters of fact.’

Dr Clare Craig, a former NHS diagnostic pathologist, is also raising her voice. On GB News, she analysed official German government data. This shows that one in every 5,000 doses causes a serious reaction to Covid vaccines. But it doesn’t stop there. The German government conducted a survey of more than half a million vaccine recipients. It found that one in 500 reported a serious adverse reaction after an mRNA dose (more than ten times the underreported official count).

If you are worried that lightly-affected Germans are inflating the figures, don’t be. The definition of a serious adverse reaction requires that a person be hospitalised or suffer a permanently life-changing event.

Dr Craig invited us to step back from the modelling and government guidance about efficacy and safety, and consider that Covid data from around the world does not show that mRNA vaccination leads to any reduction in deaths. Most illustrative are comparisons between comparable countries with high and low vaccination rates.

For example, compare Israel, with close to 100 per cent vaccinated (and most boosted with four doses), with Palestine, with just 40 per cent double-vaccinated.

Israel has 1,204 Covid-related deaths per million population and Palestine 1,182 deaths per million – roughly the same. It thus becomes apparent that mRNA vaccination does not reduce the Covid death rate.

Look at the Covid data from Africa and the picture becomes more concerning. Africa has a vaccination rate of 15 per cent, a population three times larger than Europe, and nine million confirmed Covid cases. Whereas Europe has 240million cases, and a Covid vaccination rate around 90 per cent.

Just remember that analysis of Covid death data does not include rising all-cause deaths unrelated to Covid infection. The evidence points to reduced immunity as a result of mRNA vaccination.

Dr Craig reported that the UK public are voting with their feet and failing to come in for boosters (and they are stopping bringing in their children for this dangerous jab). Aren’t we all in sympathy? We are waiting for our doctors to speak up and our courts to do the math.

The writer is in New Zealand.

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  1. Given the evidence that has emerged, around the World, and just reading the looks on the faces of the main players in this “pandemic”, Gates, Fauci, “Creepy” Claus Schwab, etc etc. None of these people has any credibility left at all.
    If they open their mouths in future, don’t believe a word they say.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | August 12, 2022 | Reply

  2. If you only now have come to this conclusion, where the hell have you been, and what have you been eating or drinking that has made you so stupid? Of course, the clot shot is killing people!


    Comment by papasha408 | August 12, 2022 | Reply

  3. does ersatz yisrael record pal deaths from bullets, bombs, squat’s violence as covid related?
    do we know if the yid vaxx is actually mrna or kosher salt solution?


    Comment by 5 dancing shlomos | August 13, 2022 | Reply

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