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Syria: it is looking ominous

Penny For Your Thoughts | June 11, 2012

There are reports that “Syrian Helicopters have fired on rebel strongholds

The news preceding that was the “US fears another massacre

Addressing the first  linked story. Where is the information coming from? The articles claim the information comes from the UN monitors. But, is it? Or are the UN monitors getting information from the rebels?

U.N. monitors say the Syrian government is using helicopters for air attacks against rebel strongholds, and there are fears that many civilians are trapped in besieged cities.

Exactly where the news is originating from is not being mentioned. Or intentionally omitted?
The use of helicopters gives NATO the justification to launch airstrikes.

The second linked story- Fears another massacre. In conjunction with news of helicopters being used feels a lot like were being prepped for a false flag to justify intervention


“Mr Hague said that Britain was (HAD?) training activists who were monitoring and recording atrocities, including that in Houla last month in which 108 men, women and children were killed.

Was training or had trained activists to monitor and record?? Or create and video?

Mr Hague, does not rule out intervention. Of course.

From Gulf News

Beirut: Six Syrian soldiers were killed and another 26 were buried with official ceremonies, as attacks by rebels across the country increased the pressure on President Bashar Al Assad’s army.

The soldiers died in Deir Al Zor in the country’s eastern oil-producing region, and rebel fighters also attacked a checkpoint in the village of Qusair in Homs, causing several casualties, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in an e-mailed statement on Monday. Four security personnel died when an explosive device hit their vehicle in Idlib in the north, while army helicopters attacked rebels in the city of Al Rastan, the group said. 

So, it is the Syrian Human Rights group reporting the helicopter attacks… via e-mail?

“The government is using helicopters more often now because of major losses to its tanks,” Rami Abdul Rahman, the head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in a phone interview from the UK on Monday.

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Terrorist groups kill 23 Syrian soldiers in Rastan

Press TV – May 14, 2012

Terrorist groups fighting against the Syrian government have killed 23 more security forces in the northern city of Rastan, opposition activists reported.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, dozens of others were also injured in the early morning violence on the outskirts of Rastan, in the crisis-hit Homs Province, on Monday.

Three troop carriers were also destroyed in the fighting, the group added.

Armed groups also killed two officers in the capital, Damascus, and southern city of Dara’a, Syrian official news agency SANA reported.

The latest round of violence comes despite a ceasefire declared by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan a month ago.

There are currently 189 UN observers in Syria to monitor the truce, some two-thirds of the total intended for deployment as part of a six-point peace plan brokered by Annan.

Meanwhile, the European Union has imposed fresh sanctions on Syria in a bid to increase pressure on the government, which includes an assets freeze and visa ban on two companies and three pro-government figures. It is the 15th round of EU sanctions against Damascus since the beginning of unrest in the country.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since mid-March 2011 and many people, including security forces, have been killed in the unrest.

While the West and the Syrian opposition accuse the government of the killings, Damascus blames ”outlaws, saboteurs and armed terrorist groups” for the unrest, insisting that it is being orchestrated from abroad.

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